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It'd Be Nice If More Planets Had Both High And Low Level Games.


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I like the earth tileset. It's pretty great, however, the highest level of earth games is still bellow 15, and 15 is too low. 



Could we have hard missions? Not 'nightmare' missions, just hard missions. 


Like we could have easy/medium/hard difficulties for every mission. Or we could just have a bigger variety of missions. Maybe an 'outer ring' that is unlocked at a mastery rank or something. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

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Survival missions, how long can you last?

This is earth we are talking about you will either die of boredom or no life support due to rng trolling you long before the enemies become even remotely dangerous.


or you could just unlock a new planet? i dont see the point

The point is that some people want to be able to enjoy the earth tileset without having to equip unranked stuff just to have even a slight hint of difficulty and there are literally no downsides to having optional harder missions on the planets.

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My solution, copy-pasted from my feedback megapost:


Once we reach a particular planet and reach a certain mastery rank (I’m thinking every 3 ranks), we unlock Starchart Difficulty modes. These are like a nightmare option- it creates a different set of sessions than the standard mission. These difficulties would change enemy levels, enemy spawns, and make the game all-around difficult, but challenge is what we want here! This gives incentive to complete the starchart and earn higher mastery. The higher the difficulty, the more credits earned per mission and the better the drops (by up to 25% and 5,000 credits, 5% and 1,000 credits per rank above 0), like on Dark Sectors (no XP bonus here). This would only apply to the Starchart, and not to the Sectors (Set at Difficulty 3), Void(Set at Difficulty 2), or Derelicts (Also set on Difficulty 2). Starchart Difficulty would be an option in gameplay settings. Difficulty could also solve the issue of solo play: The only thing you’re really sacrificing is difficulty, and the credits and mats could be farmed more easily on the Sectors.

Here’s how it works:

Difficulty 0: Mastery 0. Standard starchart levels. Leaders do not spawn. No Single Enemy Buffs. Heavy enemies spawn 20% less frequently. Mobs spawn 10% less frequently.

Difficulty 1: Unlocked at Earth Completion and Mastery 3. Starchart levels +2. Leaders spawn 25% less frequently. Single Enemy Buffs spawn 50% less frequently. Heavy enemies spawn 10% less frequently. Mobs spawn 5% less frequently.

Difficulty 2: Unlocked on Saturn+Jupiter+Mars Completion and Mastery 6. Starchart levels +6. Leaders spawn at current rate. Single Enemy Buffs spawn at whatever rate is set. Heavy enemies spawn at current rate. Mobs spawn at current rate.

Difficulty 3: Unlocked on Europa+Sedna+Uranus Completion and Mastery 9. Starchart levels +10. Leaders spawn 10% more frequently. Single Enemy Buffs spawn 15% more frequently. Heavy enemies spawn 10% more frequently. Mobs spawn 5% more frequently.

Difficulty 4: Unlocked on Eris+Neptune Completion and Mastery 12. Starchart levels +14. Leaders spawn 15% more frequently. Single Enemy Buffs spawn 30% more frequently. Heavy enemies spawn 20% more frequently. Mobs spawn 10% more frequently.

Difficulty 5: Unlocked on Ceres+Pluto Completion and Mastery 15. Starchart levels +20. Leaders spawn 25% more frequently. Single Enemy Buffs spawn 45% more frequently. Heavy enemies spawn 30% more frequently. Mobs spawn 15% more frequently. (Also known as ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?! Mode.)


*As a side note, Single Enemy Buffs are where enemies are given extra shields/health/armor/damage, etc. This makes enemies even more unique, even within the same unit type.


**Spawn frequency would not be negatively affected in Survival mode.

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