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Let's Talk Grineer Interception


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Hey guys,
There are some issues I have with certain Grineer tiles:
Draco, Ceres
Hole in the floor (bug)


That hole is not something you fall into easily but it can happen
The AI almost never seems to go for objective A which I mean I won't complain it makes it easier, 1 less point to cover/re-take but it is very odd. Sometimes they would ignore it completely and go for other points instead.
Stephano, Uranus
So, this map is really the main thing that needs the changes done. Initially playing a very squishy frame here was incredibly horrible without spamming abilities due to the immense lack of cover and the fact that the enemies are hitscan.
My suggestion is to add lots more cover to the map that you can use in-between points. Earth is a great tileset because you can change your vertical position in a matter of seconds, however in this one it is simply too open for its own sake.
So let's start with an underground sub-way type system:


^All of these could be made into stairs leading to a simple underground corridor that connects all of these points which
1. Allow you to travel across the map better without being seen constantly
2. Allows for additional enemy spawns
Then all of these can lead to the centre of the map where a circular platform going up along-side the generator can be present:


Additionally could we have Grineer coming down from the top?


There could be entry ways accessible to us but the enemies could come down from there too.
Like I said, there needs to be a lot more cover and possibly verticality on this map, it is fine the way it is for defending but for interception it really needs some work.
Maybe on one side you can have a huge long rock resting against the wall which we can use to see around the map easily as well as providing more boxes around the map so you can take cover really easily. Most rocks are long standing which means you are always vulnerable from a side regardless of where you stand :/
I will edit this further if I have any more concerns. Have a nice day! :D
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