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Update 14.1 - Dendra Armour Is Bugged.


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In the artwork and video preview of Dendra armour, its displayed as having large, brightly coloured plates covering the user's body. Obviously, it is not there.


Ive tested this with multiple colours on all the colour slots, and ive tried on multiple warframes, only the colour of the blocks that project the shields change colour, and the shield plating itself does not appear. This bug effects all pieces of the armour (Both shoulders, both legs.)


When this gets fixed, I think it'll look really nice. ^w^ Thanks DE.

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yes i have another problem with the dendra armor it appears to be the right shoulder if you looking from the front then its the left but the dendra armor shoulder guard is about 5 times bigger than the rest of the others its not a little box its like the size of a deck of cards compared to a wedding ring box size like the other three are

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