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Sentinels To Have Weapon Of Our Choice


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so sentinels die there underpowered why bother to put guns on sentinel weapons


wouldnt it be awesome if we could

like integrate primary weapons into sentinels


how the system would work


buy the base sentinel gun for carrier its shotgun 

then build a primary shotgun 

then integrate it into the sentinel

then that sentinel gun part is used


to integrate another weapon you buy another sentinel shotgun gun base

and then integrate it with the required weapon of your choice


ba dum tiss


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Guest Tehnoobshow

My sentinal can one shot lvl80's, your argument is invalid lol.

Yeah, they have mad aimbot and only get headshots for some reason.

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honestly sentinel weapons should be locked to their specifc sentinel


IMHO it was a bad move letting you put sweeper on anything, it made the sentinels less unique


of course that would just be MORE reason to only use Carrier, but DE's previous solution by freeing up the weapons was not well thought out IMHO


they should have just removed/changed vacuum and given Carrier another unique precept, make a weaker version of vacuum a generic precept

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