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Have You Ever Trolled Or Been Trolled?


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I think i trolled someone unintenionally.


So i was playing T2 def i was using saryn with miasma build. The host using mag and he always jumped to the center of the enemy and use crush, obviously miasma is quicker than crush so i ended up stealing his kill.


After a while when the enemy spawn and i was about to use miasma he used pull then use his crush. I'm fine with that, the problem was he used pull and pull the enemy toward the cryopod, it's fine when the enemy is lower level but then he keep using that method when enemy reach lvl 60.


Long story short the cryopod dieded..

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I remember recently trolling someone by mistake as frost. 


Lets just say... Snow globe + Angstrum dont really work well together.

Especially you happen to be outside of the globe when it appears, and that the wall just so happens to appear right infront of your face.


It was funny, though

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I gathered 6-7 Fire Hyenas in front of an elevator so they can raep this low lvled rusher (whom I think was a player using a 2nd account for event rewards cuz he was coptering like crazy without hitting anything) the second he gets out of the elevator. I had to make sure that the fire hyenas put fire everywhere so he could die instantly so I used my decoys for that. I also went "SURPRISE MOTHAFKR" the second he got off the elevator. he then proceeded to lose all 4 of his lives. This was during the stratos event and I was tired of players using multiple accounts to reap event rewards (even tho it wasn't much).

It was my best work yet! I was lucky that the other two players were using low dmg weapons to give me 2-3mins of setting it up. Also note worthy is that I was using a Loki with invis, decoy and fully modded brakk so I was able to kill them all after he lost all of his revives.

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Orokin defense. 


My friend was shooting with Ogris in  the top of the phase just to level up his nekros...

Well i just waited for the next shoot to use rip line to make him to kill himself. =]


Another time we combine ours Loki Prime to troll a random player. He used the switch teleport (overextended + scratch) in the guy and i just waited to do the same thing afeter the first teleport. 


I don't like to be a troll but some times we wanna laught doing things like that. =P

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Yes; but my sister was in the same session at the time and we were on our own with this one guy who started trolling with Vauban.

He soon regretted it as we sent him face planting into his own ogris rocket; immediately tea bagging as he waited helplessly for a revive.


The 2nd time it happened I pressed x a few times to "revive" him... then immediately continued to tea bag his corpse.

It's fine though it's not like I cared much about the cryopod I can do both at the same time.

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The worst thing I did was actually quite tame;


During the survival event, you got a Strun wraith as reward. But back then, you had to wait a while till your received your reward. usually after the event was over.

And when it was over, people started spamming the region chat .." WHERE IS MAH STRUN WRAITH????" "WHEN WILL I GET IT" "HAVE YOU GOT YOURS YET???" despite devs saying that it will take a while till everyone got theirs.


So I started telling everyone that I have got mine already, so does everyone else,

and if you do not have your Strun wraith yet, you failed the event and you will never get the reward.


Funny thing was, that people actually believed me.


Some were really desperate.... "BUT I HIT ThE 20 MINUTE MARK....Why DON'T I GET THE STRUN WRAITH???!!!"

"No.... they changed it to 40 minutes,.... you have to do a 40 minute run in order to get the Strun wraith"




Wouldn't do it again. As funny as it was... It was also pretty mean.







get trolled?

hmm.. no, I don't think so.

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can't recall being trolled directly by someone and lastly my own "trolling" was not using main weapon on invasion but running everywhere around the map to pickup loot and kill through the walls actidential mobs with link+castanas.....



but once when we were doing clan run for a boss [don't remmeber which one - probably derp anyo] and me and one of the teammates skipped elevator by wall running and third clanmate accidentally started elevator to early so forth could not enter so what he have done? called it back in the middle of the run - till the end of mission they where runing that elevator back and forth



oh and that reminded me that actually I did troleld once my clanmates - they were rushing mission and by rushing I mean running like mad straitgh forward so basically it was hard to make up after them - when we were heading to extraction after mission well done I was late by a seconds for the elevator (they went up without me) so I called it back - when the doors opened they rushed outside all being sure that they arrived to its destination and before they realised what happened I exiting elevator on the right side - this time I arrived to the extraction first and waited for them :)


[i had slowest frame in team with ash and zephyr in team...... so basically everytime they were waiting on extraction even before I've manage to get to the actuall mission objective.... - I was running mag back then]

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