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Have You Ever Trolled Or Been Trolled?


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I just got trolled by this cheeky mofo. We were playing a defense mission to wave 35, he said to go for 40. We were all okay with it... then he left. We all got slaughtered because we were using Frost Prime, Trinity, and Loki. He was our main attacker. That evil guy, him!!


Tell your stories!



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once, I was doing a vault run with a clan mate and his friend. When we arrived at an elevator, the "friend" would continuously activate the elevator up and down barely giving us time to reach the door. It was funny the first 2 times, but after...pff.


And to top it off: I jokingly said to my clan mate, "Why are you friends with this dude again?"


And then the friend said: "cuz I have a vagina, fk off". It turned out it was actually his gf. 


Well that shut me up :x 


First time i've met a girl on WF, first time I've been trolled by one.

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I usually play a Vauban, the only time I ever did something unbecoming was once when - after the mission was already over - I land mined the entire extraction point with Bounces before my other Clan-mates arrived (these days I have a survival and max Bastille only build).


The worst thing I have ever seen - however - either has to be one of these two, and I'll let you decide which one was worse:


1) Clan-member A and Clan-member B - whom are married in real life - are now having a domestic dispute, so in the middle of a beacon farming run the guy's wife spends an entire night doing nothing but Switch teleporting with him to mess up every single shot he is trying to take (not helping the other two people there at all).


2) A friend and I were hosting a Xini Defense where two PUGs joined, one of them was a Vauban that literally lined every single square inch of the stage with Bounces... I think it took over thirty minutes just to reach the end of wave ten. The pod wasn't taking any damage, but - Oh God - the bouncing horror. Eventually the Trollban got tired of being there and left, after which point things finally started to become playable again.

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Back when laser doors would kill you I had a lot of trouble with them.

I used to wait for a teammate to go through and then switch tp with them.

When I was leveling booben some guy said he was afking for a minute, I stuck so many teslas and vortexs in front of him that he crashed.

A booben teammate I was in an alert mission with would stick bounce pads in front of consoles and then blow out the windows from outside the room.

A Grineer commander once switch teleported me into my own ogris missile.

I went through a phase of ruining odd runs after 40 waves by switch tping penta vaubans into their grenades and vortexes.

I got Valkyr to level 30 soley based on the exp I received from riplining teammates.

I have left a number of defence missions at the last second, condemning my team to failure.

I like using the Supra on Mirage.

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Doing ODD


Using Hydroid


Repeatedly using my 70 second (when it was limited timer) Hydroid's Puddle on the last mob of the wave from 25-30. Making team wait minuites just for it to be killed.


To say the least, it wasn't appreciated.

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Well, it was mostly for fun.

On the last level that my team was going to stay in a defense mission, I stuck Bounce pads everywhere on the cryo pad.

Lots of 0s started appearing with magnetic procs when the enemy came to it.

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I once was challenged by a friend to get the highest accuracy in a mission.

I shot once and switched to my melee weapon. My friend did the same.

Except my melee was Kestrel back when we had charge attacks, and I don't know if it still happens but for some reason hitting enemies with a thrown Kestrel counted towards your accuracy, but missing didn't penalize it.


By the end of the mission I had something like 22xx% fire accuracy.


Not -exactly- a troll, I guess. Still, was funny.

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a loki switch teleported me several times in a defense mission. At the end of wave 10 i clicked "Claim & Exit" in the last second,

Filthy casual trolls...



But actually i kill trolls by accident. Jump into their rockets, castanas, etc. Or proc radiation on myself. both works fine.

Then the troll's life is in your hands. you can save him or let him bleed out.

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I "trolled" one guy.


We were on survival and I noticed we were on low life support, so I went around and picked up the small modules and there were TONS in one area. Turns out one person was just stood in one area killing loads of enemies and not picking them up, just killing for XP miles away from the rest of the group.


So as Ash I smoke bombed and started to kill all the enemies (and picking up the modules). Then the guy got MAD, like REALLY mad, started calling me every name under the sun because I was "stealing his kills", saying he wish I die, all sorts of crap, I just carried on killing and the guy eventually DC'd (he probably broke something).

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