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Mysterious Assassin On The Mars



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I was killed on the Mars mission Gradivus by mysterious assassin, he is appear from nowhere and kill me in hth by one hit who is he ?

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Don't worry about dying to him, especially at low levels. You'll fight him again eventually, and he tends to target you when you've defeated a number of bosses.


Advice: If you see him and you're alone, either run to the exit or quickly find a wide open place. When he appears to fight you, continuously strafe in a circle around him while shooting him. You should be able to dodge -most- of his heaviest hitting abilities.


As stated, you CAN run from him and if you get far enough away he won't be able to attack you. However you gotta be extremely fast, and he CAN teleport towards you.


Either way, good luck. He drops some epic blueprints too.

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