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Super Jump Suggestions


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In light of the recent change to Radial Blind (requires line of sight now) Super Jump's base height should be buffed so that it can get us high enough to have line of sight with most enemies in most map tiles without needing power strength mods.  Of course, this would make strength-boosted SJ even better, which is not a bad thing (consider Valkyr, Nova, Loki's movement options.)


Super Jump's current animation is also rather inflexible, locking out user interaction until the descent.  Giving us more freedom to act during the ascent (or cancel it into an early descent) would also improve functionality.


Sev7n's thread (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/307932-excalibur-radial-blind/) brought to light that Excalibur might have trouble getting his blinds out at higher levels now that you can no longer cast it from behind cover.  Adding some invincibility or damage reduction to Super Jump's animation could help us cast it and Radial Javelin (hope they fix it soon) without getting ourselves wrecked every time we line up a cast later on.


These changes would make Super Jump much more useful for fighting without radically changing the purpose or mechanics of the ability.

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You cannot cast RB at the apex of the jump which is the big problem.
Giving a "higher jump" can fix that, but that is moar band aid anyway.


Also RB targeting is wonky as it seems that the RB does NOT originate from the tip of the weapon for some reason.

But that is speculation.

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Good intentions but why would I wan't to cast  RB from the ampex of the jump? I was doing an infested mission and got cornered. I threw down a radial blind and it only stunned about half of them while the one that were coming down the hallways just kept charging as it did not affect them. When a pure CC ability cannot even get its caster out a tight spot, how is it supposed to be CC anymore?


Hopefully it is an unintended change and it'll be patched, but until then Excal is dead.


Oh and believe me, I tried and I tried hard to make him a balanced frame before the nerf. Other than the pure blind build I ran, he has his own loadout called "Noob" for the lolz. Sadly there is no other use for him now. 

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