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Potential New Game Mode To Address The Rarity Of Prime Frames And Drop Rates.


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Hi all, 


I've been thinking about random game modes and how we could look at expanding the current world we play in, with such vast arrays of tilesets there's tremendous opportunities that can be presented and so I came up with an Idea for a Prime Warframe farm that would also produce an interesting challenge. 


As we know, the Orokin void is hostile even to Tenno, with everything that goes there being "Orokinned" into something new. 

One thing I've never quite understood was how we obtain prime frames despite never seeing them. 


My idea is for a hunt type of Game mode where a rogue or lost tenno is of "Rhino, Nyx, Frost etc" of a prime variant needs to be hunted down, similar to assassination, however with the Tenno "Honour" system, perhaps it's a 1v1.


You could tier these with keys with the frames difficulty varying, maybe even have a T4 Hunt with multiple Tenno. The AI would be complicated from a development point I guess, having a Loki P running next to Rhino P who then switch teleports you only to get pummeled by rhino as your team mate now faces Loki with his Bo Prime. 


This way we could leave Tiered Void missions for Prime Weapons and have Prime Frames a challenging experience, as RNG can get a bit frustrating at times with Blueprints. 

Plus Duels with Orokin converted Tenno would show more about the casualties of war as well as showing the hostility of the void and reinforcing how feebly we exist within the area. 


Imagine it. 


Valkyr enters a room with Saryn and Hydroid in tow, all of a sudden almost blending in with his surrounding as he falls from the ceiling, Frost prime descends upon Hydroid with a Reaper prime. Valkyr goes to intervent before a Loki Prime uncloaks before her and strikes her down with his Bo Prime. Saryn raises her weapon to Valkyr, almost unnoticed in the background a Nyx Prime uses her puppet Saryin to cast Miasma. 

By this point Hydroid is up and has jumped off to the side beside Valkyr, Loki has vanished and all 3 primes stand together on the other side of the room, both Trios face off. 


If this was to be implemented I'd imagine that there'd have to be no enemies, you'd be responding to an old distress beacon, lotus wants you to put the newly created tenno out of their misery so they may be laid to rest.

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Remember that freakishly rare/irregular drops are a part of how Warframe is monetized. They have to entice people into purchasing platinum and Prime Access by keeping farming rather unfavorable.


I'm all for a new game mode though.


By no means would I expect a Tenno Duel to be easy for this gametype, I was thinking you'd need at least a rank 25+ frame. They'd also have their full abilities, some like Rhino Prime with his stomp might need to be withheld for obvious reasons. Maybe even Iron skin, there would have to be a Lot of work. 

I wouldn't want it to be run in with 4 people and demolish some poor Loki. wouldn't want it as hard as the Stalker either, but in some game modes with multiple players we've killed the Stalker in a matter of seconds just because of the level calibre of weapons we were wielding at the time. 

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