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Ninja Legend Recruiting For Rail Wars! Over 90 Clans & Over 30 Rails! Active Clans Shadow, Ghost, Storm Only!


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seems legit if you want a clan/alliance because they actually made an Ad for a clan without requirements :)


I agree with that! =)


P.S. I also forgot to mention. You may also leave me a private message within the forums, fill out the contact form on our website or even msg me directly in game for an invite to the alliance. Thanks

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Sorry about the delay everyone. I just read my inbox messages. I wanted to apologize to most of you as you all mentioned the picture I uploaded does not show the alliance emblem clearly. I went and got a better picture just for all of you =D. Thank you for your understanding.



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Hey everyone,


I have received many requests from many clans and I am grateful. I just want to mention one thing. Please leave your existing clan if you are in one before requesting for an invite lol. This will accelerate the process. Thank you =)

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                                      Who are wejjl2.png

      A competitive clan with experienced players that help each other and search to grow.




Clan Tier?  - Moon Clan (500+ members)


Leaders - AlexCrytek ; soul69.


Our objective in Warframe? - To bring the best Youtube Montages from the entire game.


Our objective in this alliance? - Helping as much as possible in the dark sectors to become a very strong alliance.



More info about us here: 




I'm looking forward to hear from you Death_Troll.



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Well then I am the Master (warlord) of a clan name: sword in arms


you can see my profile name but if for some reason you can't it's prodavit


we are a max out ghost clan with a max member cap of 10, we enjoy being a ghost clan and all the benefits that comes with it


We would like to join!!

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