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To properly introduce myself.. Hi, my name is Jandrew (or jandrewcepticon to most). I've almost been playing Warframe exclusively for a few months now, and have been browsing the forums since but only decided to actually introduce myself today. I'm from the Philippines, but you will rarely see me in my own timezone because.. reasons.


A friend introduced me to the game around it's earlier days, I liked it but I wasn't really used to playing with the good ol mouse and keyboard so it felt awkward. Played some more of it with a few pals after, but left and went back to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on PS3. Then I came back to trying it for the "2nd time" a few months ago and haven't left since.


I just reached my 600+ hours of Warframe according to my in-game profile, but Steam says 1000+ so... yeah. I'm also in a small clan with 3 other people, but they haven't really played in a while, last was 20+ days ago and the longest being 70+. That being said, I have no plans on leaving as two of them are friends, and I talk to them on a regular basis on Steam and such.


My favorite frame is Ash because of that "Smoke Bomb, Teleport, and melee all teh things build", but I've been playing as Frost Prime a lot lately. Not really built around Snow Globe, but rather Ice Wave and pew pew pew or slash slash slash because wynaut?


Ok, this is getting too long. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'll see you guys around. :)

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