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Ship Ideas


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So, I have some ideas that I think would be great, and not that hard to implement.

The ship itself is a great idea, but after a while it gets kind of stale so I think this would help


1. Be able to invite people into your ship

It would be really cool to be able to have the people in your squad be in your ship, you could see each other

and show off warframes before the mission, even plan stuff out.


2. Add more rooms to the ship

Add rooms that you can use with the people in your ship, a room with a trade machine, don't you find it weird that you

have to go to someone elses dojo to trade, or a table where you can all sit and talk /:)


3.Activities and customization

First off all, some skins and decorations for the ship would be awesome, so people could look at your beautiful ship while you load, or see your nice interior before the mission, as for activities this is just a wild suggestion, an armwrestling table where you spam some button and whoever spams faster wins, and you can bet mods, but you get the idea


In conclusion I think these additions would bring a whole feeling to warframe, you can actually call people over to your ship instead of being by yourself in space, and the activities would be really cool especially while your waiting for your party members to ready up for the mission. :)

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Ahha an armwrestling would be sooo awesome, but i don't think it'll fit the lore tough.. but still, if it ever comes to life, it would be hilarious :D


And a trading post in the ship could look pretty sweet while sitting on a table for trading, adding a really good taste ^^


...Only if.. :D

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You'll be able to meet other players in the upcoming planet hubs. I'm assuming that will grow into a place with minigames and other activities eventually.


There's also a mention of adding extra rooms in the orbiter ("basement") section of the Liset.


Ship customization is also coming (slightly late by now already, but it will be there eventually.)

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all ideas awsome, but you could take it even further with ship to station interactions a "docking sequence" if you will, where you park on a hub and invite some peps to your ship and they get on via the airlock and you start to hash it out with your thumb war thing  the idea being adding as much imersion as possible, the other thing you could do in adding rescue missions and changing the loading screen up a bit, after mission sequence you can see the rescue target on you ship hashin it out with ya till you drop him off at a hub or a station to the red veil or apropriate faction. heck id like to see corpus and grineer stations too so you can find resistance hubs hidden on these said stations with colabirators and other tenno friendly factions, and a almost bat man ish sequence to get to the hub, sneeking thru vents and around to get to this "refuge" on station . *HINT HINT DE THIS WOULD BE A GOOD USE FOR CLOTH* you know dressing up as  a bum with some npc traders to sneak on a grineer or corpus station. all lineing back up to how you interact with the ship. and the UI. MORE IMERSION PLOX!?

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The only problems with this are

1) either you wear the warframe, in which case it would be obvious, no amount of cloth is going to cover up those crazy antlers on Oberon, or Loki's screwed up heard.

2) you don't wear the warframe, in which case DE has to make a design for the Tenno, which people would argue and *@##$ about because it doesn't look like the way they think it should. Pretty much defeats the point.

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