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Does Scavenge Even Work? (If It Does, Show Me Video Evidence.)


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it works, but it's huge time-suck and is flaky as hell.


slotting it in the top left corner of your mods helps.


generally, i've found, that master thief is a better choice. (time vs. reward)


the kubrow tends to ignore more than half of the lockers, regardless of if it has energy or not.


i cleared an entire ceres extermination mission and tried to get every locker, some the kubrow wouldn't ever even attempt to open, others it would, but only after walking around near it for upwards to 5 minutes trying to find the perfect spot for it to trigger.


if this ability worked as advertised it would be superb, but, unfortunately, it doesn't.

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It does work, but in my experience even when it is maxed it seems to rarely ever happen.



  • In order for this skill to activate your Kubrow has to be within 2 meters in front of the locker you are trying to open. Having your Kubrow on the side of the locker will not trigger the skill.
  • Your Kubrow will never try to re-open a locker that it has tried (and failed) to open before.
  • The skill will not trigger if there is an enemy within 100 meters radius of the targeted locker. The enemy does not have to be aware of your presence or have a line of sight in order to prevent your Kubrow from using the skill. Static enemies such as Security Cameras and Corpus Turrets are taken into account when calculating if it's possible or not for your Kubrow to activate the skill
    • This is especially troublesome if there is a turret in the vicinity of the locker but the camera that triggers them has already been taken care of, rendering the turret invincible.

(straight from the wiki)

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