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Kogake Is A Good Weapon For Rhino?



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To some extent, yes it's a viable weapon but really lacks range which is it flaw. Although you are I'm assuming from the topic using Rhino, I think the Kogake is very useable for him seeing as you can use Iron skin in conjunction insulating your self from any harm whilst getting up close and personal to the enemy.


High attack rate.

Greater range than the Furax and Ankyros.

You look awesome

Deals mostly impact damage


Short range.

Low base damage.

Single target weapon.

Although there are better alternative like the Dragon Nikana, the Kogake is very good weapon and can be used in late game void missions to full extent.

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I just finished crafting kogake then used orokin cat on it with stance mod brutal tide and its so freaking awesome. Down side is if ur not using it on rhino or ash or loki its somewhat difficult as the range is quite short . Which means that ull be taking a lot of damage.

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Fist/sparring weapons are generally not that great because of their one flaw - their range is almost non-existent, which makes it hard to hit both single enemies in motion and large groups of enemies in general.


They are, however, as mentioned some of the most fun and ninja-like weapons in the game. When/if Kogake Prime gets made, I'm getting it ASAP.

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They're pretty great fun regardless of your 'frame choice :) As Brimir says their crit chance is pretty good, so Berserker builds can work well and are super fun.


Ankyros Prime are like a supercharged version, and would certainly recommend if you like sparring weapons.

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