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Are You Stuck On Update? (Fix Inside)



1.) Go to Steam Library and right click on the game.
2.) Click Properties and go to "Local Files" in that.
3.) Click "Verify Integrity" of the game and let it go through that.
4.) It will find any that were not validated and begin downloading them

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This "fix" wont fix Warframe.


Read the words of the almighty Letter13 o3o

(...because i dont want to write this :s..and it should be very easy to understand)


You shouldn't verify through steam. Ever. Because the version of the game on Steam's servers is outdated (but Steam thinks it's the latest) and because of how patches are applied it thinks that every one of your game's files are outdated (when really they're more up to date, but Steam doesn't know this) so it redownloads them all anyway, reverting you to an older version of the game.


You should only ever verify your game cache files through the Warframe launcher.



There are connectivity/stuck in loading screen issues, for more information:


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Steam has outdated files. Verifying Warframe via Steam downgrades it a few updates. Dunno when Warframe appeared on Steam, but probably to that update.


Never, ever verify Warframe files via Steam, use launcher built-in function to do so.

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