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Is It Just Me Or Some Warframes Are Missing From The Syndicates Favorite Warframes?



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All Warframes are represented with Syndicates.  What has been shared is only a small sample.  Like a dinner mint!


taken from this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/328413-syndicates-alliances-values-and-rewards/?p=3710597#entry3710597


And i failed, thought i was editing my other post:/

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Here's something else...


Why isn't other warframes listed in the favorites?




Gonna bet Oberon syndicate is New Loka


As mentioned above, this has been asked by many people already, and they all have got same answers (syndicates favor more than just 2 warframes).


But I bet New Loka favors Oberon.

I guess it works with logic

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