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How To Access The New Launcher (Beta, Might Be Bugged)


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DE has discretely introduced a new launcher in the game files, with a brand new UI fitting the current in-game UI.

Note that this is only a good idea for more advanced users. DE is not responsible for any issues/bugs/crashes/hype/exitement caused by the use of this launcher. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. General users should stick to the current laucher.

If you want to use it, simply go in your game installation folder, then open the tools folder, and run the LauncherCEF.exe

(note that you will need to specify a folder, probably to install gamefiles, i'm not quite sure if it will detect old files, so i made a brand new one)





Edit: Added screenshot

Edit 2: i'm not the one that found it, just the guy didn't specify how to use it. if i find the thread i'll post a link here

Edit 3: added path (thanks xIraistlx) 



Profit ???

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can't find the thread, but another guy found it. He made a thread about it but he didn't tell how to use it.


Probably thread was locked and either deleted or hidden, since they would class this as data mined content most likely which they don't like people posting about.

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This is still unreleased,  as such of course not meant to be used at this time. Smart thing to do is just wait for them to officially release the new launcher. Unreleased stuff sneaks into the game every now and then

Does not mean one can not try it for fun... or curiosity.

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i actually got to that launch, and imo works better for certain things.  if you DL warframe from a friend and launch this one, it sometimes will transfer data from those files into its own.  but it doesnt always happens and sometimes it stops half way and goes back to downloading from servers.  it almost saved me 6 days of non-stop downloading.  but alas, still need to take my rig to my friends to do ANY updates, which kinda sucks as im able to play the games just fine on my hotspot but updating is a sad no-go....  cant wait to start my job and making some mula.

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