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Coloring And Sigils Stuffs


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I am bad in writing so I will just list out what I want

-Coloring Helmet, armor plates and syadana separately
It may be clumsy to have so many options but sometimes the colors just don't match each others design,
and I want to have different colors on my left my shoulder armor and my right shoulder armor
(I want to paint my rhino into Space Marine)

-new positioning sigils system
Please give us more position to place the sigil,
not simply front or back

Add an option at the top of the menu where we adjust the position of sigil to open a menu that can let us choose the position of placing the sigil.
e.g. on the chest, the back, L/R arms, L/R legs, waist
or even different armor plates and syadana (like the one we use in choosing idle animation sets)


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