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Independent Archwing


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Behold, the Archwing has transcended!

No longer burdened by the need of a Tenno to let it roam free.

They are growing smarter, and adapting to new environments.

Even using telekinetic powers to whisk away our precious data masses!

Before long, they will replace Warframes altogether.

We must not let this happen, Tenno.

Fight back against the rebel Archwings.

Remind them of their place: in space, and safely strapped to our waist.

May Lotus/Ordis help us all...






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my reference to The Cap, or his to the paperclip?









captain america reference:




I didn't get the paperclip reference. Wow, that thing is old. I do remember that, now that I think about it, but I changed it to the little robot thing. Heh.

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I'm afraid OP is right. We have a serious issue on our hands. Just the other day I entered a mission and found an Archwing was attempting to replace me!




We must fight this incursion with extreme prejudice. END THE IMPOSTORS! 




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Ha ha.


I had that bug too.


However this actualy makes me wonder if it could be possible to have us run around on foot between two instances of Archwing combat, with the Archwing still attached.


Like for special quest missions.


We attack a ship, taking out turrets and shields. Crush through a window. FIght our way through it on foot (perhaps unable to slide), destroy the main computer or reactor and leave with the nearest airlock. Then again fighting our way through Corpus units in space until we reach the extraction point.

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