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How Strong Do I Need To Be For T3 And 4 Void Missions



Like what frames and weapons do I need for t3 and t4 missions? I'm mastery rank 5 and I have Ember, Rhino and Loki prime for frames and I have Boltor Dread and Grakata for primaries. Secondary and melee I have Lex Cronus and Scindo. Any tips?

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Depending on missions, with your existing frames/weapons:


With non-endless ones, Loki P can probably solo all of them as long as you can do both duration and range build, depending on what the mission is. The only non endless that would use a range/disarm build would be MD. The rest is duration/invis build. Do take a weapon that can fire rapidly though, you'll need it to take down nullifiers, so Boltor would be the best choice. Rhino can probably do T4 as well, with the proper modding, but Ember is probably not a good idea for T4, maybe T3 is alright.


Endless though.... Loki P would again be your best bet, Irradiating disarm does give you a lot of breathing space. Dread would a good choice as long as it has a decent amount of forma.


Your options are quite limited though, so maybe consider making more frames before venturing into T3+. Some frames I would recommend are Nova, Mesa, Trinity, Ash, and Frost. All these frames have something that helps them survive, and everyone wants Frost for defense. Mesa is the most forgiving in terms of run n gun, with Shattered Shield tanking every shot. The rest have to be constantly using abilities to survive, or at least a decent amount of ability management to make it work.

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If nothing you have has a Catalyst or Reactor in it and if you're not familiar with enemy elemental weaknesses, then I'd say probably T2 non-endless missions.


If your elemental mods are max rank and you know to equip Corrosive/Cold or Corrosive/Heat, then you should be fine with any T3 mission and at least up to wave/minute 20 on T3 endless missions.


If you decide to Forma your weapons a few times and have a strong mod loadout, then you can do T3/T4 endless missions with the above equipment. Note that T4 is basically just T3 where enemies do a lot more damage.


However, bear in mind that enemies will definitely feel like a health sponge in endless missions, so don't expect a Boltor with just Corrosive/Cold to be able to hit 60 minutes/waves.


Honestly, as far as frames go, my personal opinion is to take something that you know you can survive with or are comfortable with. If you're constantly being downed, it's a bit annoying for your teammates but also your entire team will get overrun very quickly while they're reviving you.

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Is there any good weapons that I should get?

Your focus should be more on mods. With the right mods and some forma even mediocre weapons can be taken to t3/4. 


Make sure you've got base damage mods maxed, as well as any corrupted mods like heavy caliber, and make sure you have crit and damage/status mods for the weapons that need them.


As for specific weapons I'd say braton prime and boltor prime are both solid.

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To be honest depends a lot on the kind of T3/4 we are looking at.

I mean, non endless you can usually do when you have a potatoed weapon, maybe with one/two formas, and a decent potatoed frame with some mods ranked up nicely.

For short endless, pretty much the same, you might want a group for Interception and Defense though because soloing them requires specific frames/loadouts and it's (imho) EXTREMELY boring.

For long endless you need top minmax builds with multiple formas and good weapons.

For your basic T3/4 short endless and non endless missions your Loki/Rhino and the Dread can carry you pretty well if you have the mods.

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Your gear strenght depends on the mods you have, and the level they are.
So first thing is to get good mods and level them up. Check the wiki for the mods you need.
As stated by someone in this comments before. for exemple Loki, build up his strong points duration and range..Get the mods you need for exemple narrowminded for duration,  overextended for range... Ajust it to your playstyle.Same for the other warframes you have.
For your weapons the same.. get the mods that benefict them most.. and level them up.
If you can't fit enough mods to make them viable use forma to reduce the cost of the mods..

and use reactors and catalists.
Then you can do those missions with almost any weapon and with any warframe if mod them wel.
About the gear if you are not happy with it... I can tell straight foward that, in my opinion dread is one of the best weapons in the game...
Secondary, any one from any sindicate,then you have some more good ones, I dind't use the lex as beginer i used the magnus, and akmagnus,and they were pretty good, but i guess you can always build another one, or do the aklex wich probably is better than just a single one... but all really depends on the mods and strong points of the weapon.. more critical, status or raw damage oriented... and you should do your build towards that... 
As for melee you probably wont use them very much... so your damage shouldn't depend on them,because the damage those weapons deal is inferior to secondaries and primaries and you ll need to get close and expose yourself more to damage from the enemy... But the same applies to all weapons its all about mods, and the strenght of the weapon as I mention.
Good luck for your runs!

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Personally, I view these milestones as a good measure:


If you can fight on Saturn or Jupiter reasonably, you can do T1 reasonably. They're roughly the same level.

If you can fight on Phobos or Neptune reasonably, you can do T2 reasonably. Again, roughly the same level.

If you can fight on Pluto or Ceres reasonably, you can do T3 reasonably. Once again, roughly the same level (though highest-level Ceres and Pluto do go a cut above T3 levels).

If you can fight on Pluto or Ceres well and feel you can take 3x more damage than normal, you should be able to do T4 reasonably. (T4 has same levels as T3, but enemies do 3x more damage).


Just note that T1, T2, and T3 each have their own spawn sets based on how long an endless mission has been going and some towers have enemies completely excluded. You won't get any Corrupted Nullifiers whatsoever in T1 missions, even if you're 2 hours into a survival and are living on the bootstraps of Shield Polarize and a well-built Mirage, but you will begin to get Corrupted MOAs at wave 5 on a Tower 1 Defense, then Gunners and Ancients around wave 10 if I recall correctly.

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