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Eh How Do I Clean My Laptop


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if it can't be open compressed air or compressor and blow under the laptop where the fan is  or the side (depending what kind the laptop is) if it can be open then open it if you know what you are doing or take it to the PC store to clean it

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cleaning the outside is easy. you can just take a damp paper towel and wipe it down.

Windex or something like it is fine for cleaning the viewing display. just don't use a lot. enough to dampen the paper towel or whatever you want to use(probably a microfiber cloth), but not so much that it starts dripping.

for cleaning the inside, cans of compressed air (ones labeled for electronics are a good idea since the gases are 0% humidity) are sufficient.

use a small screwdriver or something to hold fans in place when dusting, having them spin up can be a problem if they spin up high enough, so just be safe and don't let them spin up.

disassembling your notebook to get to some other areas can also be worthwhile, but this usually Voids Warranties, and you need to be confident enough in your own abilities to be able to put it back together (which is a lot easier if you take pictures and organize the screws, Et Cetera).

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dis is my laptop


toshiba satellite l775d s7304 (no image bc im pro)


now tell me, how do i clean it



Psha! you bought it, NOT our responsibility to make sure it's running smoothly and clean.


Figure it out yourself >:O !


(PS- try a "please" next time, it's the magic word for a reason)

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