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How Do I Oneshot Hunters...

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Put 5 forma into any weapon and watch the stalker die super fast. All of the hunters are really weak.


Try saying that when New Loka shows up with a horde of ancients with over like 30,000 health that kill you in 5 seconds if you're anywhere within 10 meters of them.

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you will need

forma 5 -6

catalyst 1

mods one of each

millions of credits

thousands of cores

a lot of time


Instuctions for this cake.


Take one weapon add forma, a catalyst and hours of leveling.

Then take mods eg split chamber heavy cal serration, mix with elemental mods of your choice (corrosive works well) rank those mods up to maximum using millions of credits and cores.

Wait for stalker to arrive line up a head shot and your done.

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