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Dojo Firing Range / Training Room.


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Not sure if this would be too difficult to implement.

But a firing range + training room with dummies you bash with abilities and melee would be nice.


Also maybe add a panel to the side where you can change the mods your sentinel / frame / weapons use. (hard part)

And a DPS meter and Damage per hit meter to show your damage dealt so you can change mods accordingly.


Also have a pad which recharges ammo and energy immediately. And reloads too cus why not.


Edit: Maybe even have all weapons and warframes for free trial there. Including Dark Sword, Frost Prime etc.

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I agree. The weapon cache would need all enemy type to see what is proficent with cerrtain mods. The trainning room could also have mini missions, with players choice of enemy level and difficulty. An added bonus would be daily/weekly/monthly marksman or speed trial bonus.

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