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IGN: LyingKaleidoscope


Time played: 700 hours

Current clan: Remnants of the Void

Hello. My IGN is LyingKaleidoscope and I have been playing warframe about 6 months. I have now rushed to get MR20 with hope to be able to join Quasars. Now I’m planning to take things a bit slower (to polarize the weapons I really like) and enjoy the game.I’m currently in Remnants of the Void clan but don’t feel like I’m serving a purpose there and don’t feel like home. I’m looking for a clan where I could feel like home and invest my time to. It would be really amazing and honor to join your clan.

Looking forward to hear from you.




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IGN: DoubleSamPT,
MR 28,
In-game hours: 1.4k+
Country: Portugal
Languages: Portuguese and English
Want an active clan to play with,since mine is inactive right now,and I think Quasars is one of the best clans out there,interested in Quasars Storm if possible (PM me on discord if you need more info)

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Ign: haryx7
Ingamehours: 950+ 
Country: Germany
Languages: german, english
Discord: oqas#1067
Current clan: a Clan of my friend for dojousage 

Since im playing videogames, I like some hard competitions and competitive gameplay. I'm looking for an active clan to get nice hours of teamplay. Hit me up for everything else 

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IGN: bombslayer123

MR28, 1920 hours

Country: Philippines

Previous clan: Syndicate Synergy

Started: 2015

Discord: bombslayer#7061

Languages: English

When I asked what's the most competitive clan there is, people directed me here. Have always been craving a challenge in this game but I have trouble finding people to go along with me in stuff like 3+ hour kuva survs. I have a large riven collection and am knowledgeable about the market if you guys can find that useful. As for personal hobbies, mostly just anime and a lotta jap music.

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IGN: Muggyx3

MR27 (almost 28) (Time played 1600 ingame hours)

Country: Italy

Previous clan: Eidolon Slayer

Started: February 2018

Discord ID: Mugen#0861 

Interested in Quasars mountain

About me: Im mostly interested in Eidolons hunts and would like to join in --Q-- since i met good mates there. I can play every type of content too and enjoy all them 🙂

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IGN: Rebuffi

MR24, 4150 hours

Country: Ukraine

Previous clan: Phoenix Rangers 

Started: Autumn 2014

Discord: Rebuffi#5289

Phoenix discontinued their existence, so I'm looking up to a structure far frm being dead or failing to identify itself.

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IGN : _Maniyak_

MR: MR26 , I have 1100+ hours in the game

Country: Living in France but from UK

Language: I speak fluent English and some French

Details: Never been in a proper clan before. I have been mainly a solo player for the past 4-5 years i have been playing this game. Interested in joining Quasars/Quasar storm. Want to join due to how i wish to experience a clan that does long arbitration runs and so on, as solo is pretty dull. Recently joined RV to be able to chat with people.

Discord : Sirty#8599



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IGN: -.Ren.-

MR: 27 1.7k hours ingame, 2-7k on steam

Country: Germany

Languages: I speak english and german obiously

Discord: Ren#8462

Have recently been on a break but ive returned a month or two ago. I used to be in a clan with some old ingame friends but theres recently been some drama from which the clan was deleted, or transfered to the leaders alt account. Ive been thinking of joining a bigger clan and found the things ive heard about Quasars very intriguing.

Ty for considering me


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IGN: -HK-Joxeia

MR: 25 (I have 1773 hours in game.) 

Country : Israel (My timezone is GMT+2)

Previous clan: Vie for the void 

I  started playing WF at 2017. 

My discord ID is Leelan#8265 (I don't need an invite, I'm already in the clan's discord as a guest.) 

My name is Ivy. I'm super friendly, hyperactive and I love making new friends and spend time with people.

I play WF steadily and  pretty much every day. I like investing in the communities I partake  in and I like getting fed and get headpats! 

Thankyou for considering me! 




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IGN: Nyashka_Kpolya,

MR 20,

In-game hours: 1,3k+, started playing about 3 years.

Country: Russia

Languages: Russian and English

Discord: Dark(Chaos)#2273

Previos clan: Royal Destiny Academy

Current Clan: unaffiliated

About me: I love do long run missions and a long time i want to join --Q-- , and i think i will get new friends. (PM me in discord for more info)

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IGN : jekznb

MR: 20 

in-game hours : 1.4k according to steam. (Started in late 2016 and left due to lack of content , returned in late 2019)

Country: FR

Languges : English

Discord : jeK#8681

Previous clan : Syndicate sakura

Additonal information : I'm very active , friendly and competitive , i have been looking for an active clan for a while and im hoping to join quasars storm to enjoy warframe more.

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IGN: R4shhu

MR: 27, 2134 in-game

Country: Poland

Started: ~2014

Discord: Rashhu#4662

I've came back to warframe after a break and im looking for people to do longer arbitrations/kuva survi/fissures, maybe some eidolons/spiders. I also want to try to push upcoming operations.

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IGN: RoboStealth

MR: 28, 1566 hours according to game 2904 according to steam

Started: 2014

Discord: TTV.RoboStealth#8691

Warframe is my favourite all time game, i adore grinding for any large in game numbers. Large amounts of loot and long endurance runs. I've done alot of just about everything and always looking for challenges to push the boundaries of what im capable

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It's been 24 hours, and I'm still not in the clan, I'm not gonna waste time with this, and I'm not being toxic, just so much time spent waiting for at least a response, so, have a nice day 😄

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IGN Wambo

MR 24

Country Germany

Languages German and English

Current Clan Quasras

Discord Wambo#6969

im back, new operation is coming so i thought i might as well try. Animan told me that if i behave i have a greater chance of getting accepted and i think ive been doing pretty well these past couple of months. since eidolon hunting is kinda dying with the new arcane changes i have more time to focus on the other parts of the game. i will singlehandedly make Q the greatest polymere and spore farming clan in the world especially with greater resource needs if 100x bp is ACTUALLY 2 min craft time

i hope that my clan name doesnt offend anyone, its a joke and i would think that you guys understand

Ty for considering, hope to hear back before the operation

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IGN: LucasDukas

MR 28, 1995 Profile Hours

Country: United States

Current Clan: Fallen Anomalies

Start Date: December 2015

Discord: Luke Duke#0001

I'm looking to make some friends grinding the upcoming operation, as well as attempt to top the leaderboards on some endless missions. I've had some previous experience in a moon clan, but they weren't as competitive as they advertised, so I'm looking for better here.

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IGN: Iterniam
Mastery Rank: 28
Play-time: 1866 hours according to the in-game profile.
Country: Netherlands
Current clan: Royal Destiny Immortals 
Started playing: 5 years ago
Discord ID: Iterniam#5829
Players known in the clan: Wambo & Cosius
About me:

I am the world record holder for Solo and Co-op Profit-Taker.
I used to run with -GrimmWar-'s discord group but quit hunting after people were getting burned out at that point so the group eventually died. I've never gotten back in to the hunts.
I got my intrinsics to 9/9/9/9 and have 2048 unspent intrinsics and a very good railjack setup.

My reason for applying is to get into a more competitive clan and to make a dent in the leaderboards for the upcoming events.

Edited by Iterniam
Cleaning up + renewing information.
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