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The Infamous Ceres Extraction Kuria

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I cannot find the specific tileset which can spawn the rarest extraction tile. I've playing for almost a year now, but I've never encountered this tileset (except the tutorial misson I think), and I play Ceres a lot (survival and spy especially). I've read about the best locations which can spawn the extraction tile but I don't believe it.....I've completed around 300+ runs (mostly on Ludi and Vedic) to get it, but there is no hope for me. This is the last kuria I need but I think I'll never be able to get the statue because it is bugged. You can show me pictures but I don't believe you, unless I see the tile myself. If you inv me to the specific tileset which has the extraction tile I give you a mod of your choice (if I have it) or 20p. I like statue decorations on my ship that is why I want this so badly....


Why can't be it a common tile? Please DE....

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Dunno, you say you've never found the tile. I, for one, have encountered it many many times before Kurias and two times after their release. I actually have found the Kuria there w/o any people spoiling me where it is :P I accidentally extracted, so I decided to spam the same mission for it since I knew it's there. Took me about 15 runs to find the tile again. RNG hates you I guess...

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