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Launcher Unable To Update [Resolved]

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I'm having the same problem since the 8

tried verifying cache of the game with steam and the launcher, uninstalled and re-installed the game, unchecked the boxes of the launcher and deleted-downloaded the appcache of steam

but it keeps getting stuck at "Verifying download cache"

and if I try to close it just crashes

getting really bothering

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I like how the ticket is still "Resolved" when there is still a problem. I've re-installed from Steam 3x now and nothing changes, so I download from site and it does the same thing, either crashes and says "Update failed" or it gets stuck at "Verifying download cache."

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List of things that don't work:
Verify cache
Uninstall and reinstall
Restart PC
Run as admin

I'll keep adding to this list as I try other things

Got it to update and put me to the login screen.
I added Internet explorer to the allowed programmes on my firewall settings and it updated.
However now I can't login. I told my friend my login details and he got into it but I can't. It just spins for ages and says "Login failed. Check your information"



The above fix allowed me to get to the login screen ONCE. After I closed and opened it again I got stuck on the updating screen in the launcher.

Whoever set this thread to resolved is a @(*()$ moron.

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Same for me, for several days off and on. got sick of it, so i downloaded directly from the warframe site.  worked for about 5 minutes, then crashed when i joined a map. now their launcher gets stuck on verifiication, then crashes, every time. This is an habitually broken game, i know, but come on..maybe fix the cracks rather than add another layer of bricks?  BTW, I've already re-installed a couple times, disabled dx10/11 and 64-bit mode, etc. I might just have to go back to SWTOR.  At least their launcher usually works.

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