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Devstream #67 Overview


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Rebecca said in passing that it's high on the list of things they want to do.


Interestingly, there was a recent post from Drew claiming that they have no plans at the moment to offer another migration, which - in my opinion - runs contrary to what they've been saying in the past few Devstreams. I suppose perhaps he's just saying they still haven't motivated themselves to begin talks with Sony and Microsoft.

Aww crud, well at least they want to do it at least lol. Been trying to play with my GF but my computer can't handle Warframe and she doesn't want to start over, account migration is our only hope lol. Appreciate the response.

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im really touched about the new ak-weapon and the corpus coscmetics


as well as i cant believe i should buy this mix of a zephyr-pony-skin with gargoyle wings, no way, no chance with me ^^)

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New Prime Access
• The reason the new one is taking longer than usual is because Trinity stretched over the holidays while the devs weren't working
• New Prime Access should be available in February
New Event: Shadow Debt
• Coming as soon as this Monday
• This event was supposed to launch last year, but it has grown a lot since then 
• The lore behind the Quest is related to some elements from Second Dream
• There is a community-based goal
• There is a new persistent VIP system that this Event is introducing (perhaps similar to Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system?)
• The new enemies are not related to Umbra
Umbra Excalibur
• There is a new system being worked on for Umbra's introduction which is the reason for his delay
• Umbra is hopefully going to be something special, and they don't want to just release him frivolously
• Unfortunately, the devs are still in 'recovery mode' after The Second Dream update, so there hasn't been as much time devoted to this new system as there would be ideally


Sweet! Cannot wait! :D

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