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[Operation: Cornucopia] Fixing The Farming - Masterthread.


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Wow threads get buried so fast in this forum. Any chance to pin this?


Anyway bump! so more people won't miss it. Im still seeing new threads all the time about the same thing, so I do my best to direct them here so they can comment here and find the children threads that is related to it.

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Yesterday, I spent over 5 hours farming Everest for Neurodes.  I got 1.  In every single other run, I got a stupid clan resource.

Then I shifted over and started trying to farm Morphics.  After 20+ runs on Vor, I had recieved 0 Morphics as every run was a Detonite.  So I figured Id'e go kill Anyo a few times just to see if I could get lucky.  Doing 5 full clears, I received 0 Morphics.  In fact, Anyo refused to drop any crafting mats.  He dropped only a Schematic and a Mod every time.

Pre-U8, all it took was a bit of time, and I would get (on average) 2 from every 3 runs, and occasionally I would get lucky and pick up a freebie from a chest/locker/non-boss.  Now I have to spend hours farming for 1 or 2 Rare mats to make normal weapons.

Weird atm I do like 20-30 different boss runs a day and I find a rare material every 4th to 5th run, slightly rarer than before U8 and the clan mats really suck for a boss drop but your statistics sound surreal from my point of view.

Edit: I'd go as far as to say it's probably more like every 3rd to 4th run actually.

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Fair enough. That would be the first mentioning of that, though. And additionally, while I am looking for alternative suggestions, I see none so far. Nevertheless, care to explain "static"? The word stands out a little. What do you mean by that?

Static means unchanging, as in a permanent mission on the star map that allows us to get resources. I would prefer it if the Acquisition mission type was exclusive to alerts. I think this would help make alerts more wanted. I also don't want to trivialize the gathering of materials by giving a specific mission that rewards a certain material. I would rather DE find a way to make the non-defense missions more resource heavy so we don't have to worry about what mission we're doing on a certain planet.


That being said, I've heard a few suggestions of people wanting to add resources as part of the reward for any alert mission. If this happens I would be happy with a static mission because I do think it could be a cool mission style.

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  • Add resource alerts~ reworking the alerts to become meaningful, rather than mere teases/annoyances

In advance, I went on a bit of a rant tangent so I couldn't really split it up to explain better.


I prefer this one because alerts need to actually be alerts, not RNG. so when you see one you actually WANT to do it before you can't until you get it again. no more twitter idling and then booting warframe up for one thing, I hate that. I want alerts to be actively caused by players who play as well as come around so often. kind of like the daily rewards, the more you play the better the alerts, the better the mod drops, better loot and perhaps more loot rooms, smarter enemies, harder enemies and not just over powering you with armor, reasons to try and stealth missions down due to specific alerts and so forth. THIS would make alerts rewarding and give a sense of progression  to uncover these alerts by playing as well as making it where it was like a mission into enemy territory. so that as you did more in that area the alerts increased in difficulty and allowed you to obtain blueprints, materials, mods and so forth like a raid on an experimentation facility. perhaps where once or x times a day specific alerts that granted rarer mods, blueprints or so on, would show with less work. but during the same day if you kept at it you could work up to such an alert again for more loot. not rng loot, but actually finding it as an objective. the loot rooms would even fit right in with an alerts system overhaul. you could have some bosses made into mini-bosses, special grineer squads that have special AI teamwork to focus and try to kill tenno, corpus hyenas roving in packs of 3-5 and having to split them up to solidly deal with one after another; or be godly and kill them all at once.


....it'd just be fun for it to work like that, to me anyway. no more nonsensical farming like an mmo. so we coud actually raid these worlds, ships and stations for what we needed because we are nomads who have awoken into this strange place. let us be the nomads, perhaps mercenaries, that we are  so we may pillage to survive and have fun as a free space ninja.

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