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Good Melee Warframes


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Melee... is focusing on 1 hit ko... and since u are gonna get close u need somthing to protect ur self, also doing melee only have 1 adv... STEALTH... melee kill wont draw atention from mobs... so i gues the best one is not ash... Is loki, 150 base energy, 225 at lvl 30... place some flow with 100% energy and u will have 375 energy add streamline... and u can go invisible all the lvl killing everything without been detected... but however toxic ancietns will kill you so u have to get somthing for them (kunai shall do the work) ash is great but dont get me wrong... 100 base energy and loki has 150... yeah trade hp and shields for energy but lets be honest... why do u want HP when u are gonna get invisible all the time and ur team8 will be taking the dmg for u... 375 with a 40~ energy cost move... that can long for 7s i think, thats 9 times in a row that u can cast it 9*7 = 63s  or

1min and 3 secs OMG!!! Even iron skin cant be better than 1min 3 secs of invisibility... stealth + 150% or 200% to normal/charge melee atk bonus + no one will be trying to shot u... thats all u need.

Oh also loki is the fastest warframe in game so yeah ash thats 1 more point to loki over ash,


just go loki EASY to get i mean just create an acc and there u go, no farming time no NOTHING!!! ash,ember,rhino,nyx, etc... cant beat loki in melee.

sell ur chiken frame AKA ember and get loki or if u have one use it!!

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Loki and Ash are two of the best melee focused frames in the game. To some degree you can also use the tanky frames like ember, rhino and frost (and maybe trinity).


Loki and Ash have huge bonuses to melee when they are invisible, while also being kind of invulnerable. This allows you to close distance, kill and move on without beeing hurt, while also doing more damage than a gun would do. The tanky frames have the benefit of drawing more enemys to them (because they are simply NOT invisible) so you can hit more targets with one swing. But they dont get the huge damage bonuses Ash and Loki get.

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Ash is a good Warframe for close combat. Thanks to his invisibility he can hit and run away. He has defence, a good quantity of health and schields and he's the most quick Warframe till now.

I used it and I have to say: it's a very bad guy. His damage skills need to be fixed, but however hes fine.

Loki is the fastest frame.....

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have to say ash and loki.


You can play Ember and have 13 seconds of damage reduction but you can still be knocked down and you need 50 energy every 13 seconds to keep it running, and if you are on the floor when your damage reduction runs out, your on a pretty poorly shielded and armored frame, thats quite slow.

While leveling having a constant supply of energy is rare.


Rhino and Frost work if you want to Wade on in with a 2 hander and auto-attack which is very fun, and both have good aoe which Loki and in some ways ash lack.


But loki and Ash will  outdamage these frames in melee, loki's speed is ... so much fun

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My vote is for the lovely lady Saryn, here's why:

1) good inherent health and armor for close quarters damage, 3rd tankiest in base stats of all frames (Rhino and Frost being the top 2). She trades those stats in exchange for damage and offensive utility which makes her more devastating in terms of dps, especially melee.

2) her #2 ability, Molt, drops a decoy to quickly evade damage and can be used to gather up enemies too so you can leap in and do a nice AoE ground attack or Miasma or just swing away.

3) deals great melee damage with Contagion, her #3 ability. She's definitely meant to melee.

4) her #1 allows you to melee shielded bosses because it drains shields for you while you focus on melee

5) Miasma is one of the fastest AoE damage abilities and also ignores armor - excellent for "oh crap" moments when you're overwhelmed. The small radius means that it's meant for melee range.

Give her a fast 2H weapon like the Gram or Orthos and she's one of the top melee oriented frames with all 4 skills being useful and supportive of the melee role. I prefer the Gram because of the large AoE ground attack but that's personal preference. Throw in a solid sprint speed mod and/or get the Hemlock helmet and she's a poisonous whirlwind of death. I also use a Shade pet to help reposition myself a lot for melee strikes and cloaked charged attacks.

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Besides the obvious Ember/Loki/Ash and Saryn, I find Volt to be good in melee when paired with a shade simply because of his high shields and his #2 and 3.


Initiate combat from the shadows, do damage, speed away when **** gets hairy or drop a shield to hide behind while shields recharge.

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