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Psa: Blocking


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(Caps lock totally worth it in this case)

Edit: Just realized, disruptors are weak to the dance element. That's why this works.

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Blocking 3/4 of the way during reload cancels it but gives you full ammo.


Blocking a Disruptor makes him unable to take away shields or energy.


You can also dance with it. 

Thanks for bringing out those facts, as a player who strives to become better in warframe I think this is very useful to know.

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April fools trolly hardmode:

They can give disruptor power to railgun moas, leaper power to runners and grineer elites (the ones with the gorgons and radial blast). They can also give grineer sawmen back their saws, but increase the volume of their saws tenfold. Sentinels can no longer fly, and instead have hostage AI. This includes mission fail when they die. Seekers get back their nervos, they are 30% smaller and 30% faster. Also, they fly. Fusion moas have ambulas AI: they kick you in the face while lasering you, also their drones are shield ospreys that fire leeches and drop mines. Crawlers, rather than crawling, swim. On land. Quickly. Also they all vomit. 

Chargers give hugs and ride on your back. This attack does no damage and is adorable. (Anyone seen yuikami's rendition of chargers? D'aww)

Corpus snipers get Paris/Dread, prod crewmen get fragors (with flying ragdoll effects for all that they hit). All other crewmen get supras. 

Grineer lancers get heks, and Tyl Regor gets a lightsaber. Because that sword is pathetic.

Stalker now uses Unicorn Frame.

That april fool's day would be a good one. Next year, fingers crossed.

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 No. That is an AMAZING thing to say.


 In fact, I just had a cruel and extremely fun thought.



They should give every enemy in the game the Disruptor effect for an April Fools event.


For a community moderator you sure are off topic.

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