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In This Thread Lame Warframe Related Jokes.


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What is the name of the Tenno's favorite T.V. station?




















































Melee Channel

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Yo rhino is so fat that when he finally got to extraction, all three Vauban alerts passed by.


Yo Loki is so ugly that he doesn't need to use decoy to draw enemy fire

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Mission started as Sabotage, destroy ship's reactor.

Objective completed.

Lotus gives a new objective: Reroute ship.




TTTTTuna was a funny guy, he made me laugh a lot during that run.

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A Grineer walks into a Cafe and makes an order. Later in the waitress walks up to him and asks:


Nyx: "Excuse me, did you order the LATO Macchiato with a the dish of KRAKEN or the BOAR-Steak?"

(Pretty bad, I know)

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