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Easiest Mission Ever.


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Okay, it's a pain in the butt sabatoge mission and no one else is around, better be stealthy...

*Loki sneaks around for about 2 min, dreading every bit and wondering where everyone is when the doors suddenly pop open and he's spotted*


"Change of plans. Ignore your original objective. Leave nothing alive on this ship. Exterminate all life."

Enemy count: 2


*doors open to reveal a single normal Grineer and a Grineer Commander*

*Loki cackles maniacly and pops fully ranked Invisibility and takes his time shoving Kunai into their skulls before casually walking off to the extraction point*

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Easy, but not the easiest:

- Spawn

- Hack 0 terminals, objective completed

- Walk through 2 rooms

- Extraction

That actually happened to me twice.



My easiest mission was a spy mission and as soon as I get into the map Lotus chimes in and says, "Good work, Tenno, head to extraction." Easiest mission ever.


Aren't beta bugs so fun sometimes? :D

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I've had a similar case one. Was to kill Sargas Ruk but the whole ship was just empty, like something had happened there before I arrived. Eery.

We should have more of these special situations (just as rare of course) with a bit of explanation rather than just being bugged.

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Awesome lol :)


Something similar, not so fast, happened to me on Kappa... changed from mobile defense to extermination right before the computer's rooms... counter showed less than 20 enemies then we went back to extraction... not exactly what we wanted since we were there for xp XD

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Wow you guys are so lucky... I had a intel pickup mission requiring TWELVE datamasses... it went blue to green to red colored on each set of 4... D:< then again i did have a artifact pickup triple, each 1 room apart and the extraction another room over.

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