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Potential Exploit: 1M+ damage Riven Mod Interation


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I got my hands on a wonderful Paracyst Riven Mod with the following stats: +134.5% Critical Chance, +116% Impact, +114.8% Slash, -120.6% Damage. While using it with Mag, I can deal damage that will blow a Tigris Prime that shoots Tonkors out of the water.

Essentially, with Mag's Magnetize the negative damage interacts weirdly and causes what i can best describe as an integer underflow, allowing it to literately deal millions of damage to the target Magnetized and giving it a DoT of roughly the same damage. The only enemies I tested and couldn't kill in one damage tick at lvl 140 were the Juggernaut and the Occulysts and Conculyts. the Occulysts and Conculyts would still die but the Juggernaut used Withdraw and would only take 200 damage from the combo in the 1.4s Juggernaut allows Magnetize to affect him.

As I feel might be an Exploit in game mechanics, so I say use it at your own risk.

Images of Damage testing and the mod in the Simulacrum: http://imgur.com/a/JA83D

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1 hour ago, Kyryo said:

Thx, you destroyed something useful ! Kudos.

Again, like I already said, fixing a bug isn't nerfing something, and it shouldn't have existed in the first place.

You all need to calm down and stop harassing this guy for doing the right thing and reporting a bug.

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remember, kids: a bug fix = a nerf! ugh! Everyone knows decreasing your damage by 120% is supposed to make you deal millions of damage. damn DE and their nerfs! making magnetize AND the paracyst useless in one bug f- I mean one nerf!!!1 UGH! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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