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Moa With A Prova


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Wasn't sure which topic to post this under but...


Loki's Radial Disarm is interesting to say the least. Suddenly everyone, including Fusion MOAs, are carrying a Prova! For the MOA is just sticks out of their "head".

While this is funny, it's also irritating. A Prova makes sense for Corpus crewmen and techs, but it definitely shouldn't be showing up on the MOAs. It's not like they use it anyway, they just kick you.

It doesn't make sense for the Grineer either. If anything, they should be slightly modified to show that they are carrying a melee as well as their primary. For the regular Lancers, Troopers, Scorchers, and Seekers, equip them with either Machetes or Cleavers. Keep it consistent. And give the heavy units the Amphis (since it is supposedly a Grineer weapon but NONE of them use it...) or maybe the basic Fragor.


Just please don't introduce new melee weapons to do this...we need to catch up in the other weapons first.

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Yeah, this is truly annoying especially for the Grineers to be holding corpus weapon.

Captain vor is using it. Also grineer used it as well long before clan weapons were announced. So it's not corpus only just because we can craft corpus stun baton.

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