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The Armaros Apocalypse (Never Forget)


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That excited moment when you just need the guard to build the Silva and Aegis Prime!

…that disappointing moment when it’s the rarest item from a whopping one source.

So I make my Neo S6 flawless (I only had 52 Void Traces at the time) and see which Neo Fissures are available. I saw one that I like: Armaros, Europa. It was a Crossfire Exterminate, a low-stress mission where a lot of the work is already being done for me. Perfect.

I loaded into that mess of an ex-Corpus ship and I was immediately greeted by Infested. Not unusual. Within moments, a fissure erupted, turning every one of them into a Corrupted and adding several Crewmen and Lancers to the mix. Also not unusual. Using my freshly built Boltor Prime, I carved a path through the flesh and metal, easily making it to the door leading out of this first room. It is at this point, however, that I heard a noise that I was not expecting.

“A Juggernaut nearby? It will only attack when it senses high concentrations of Infested blood.”

Well shoot. I was not equipped to handle this. I was a Limbo with a freshly-baked Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime. The only good source of damage I had was my Twin Rogga, which itself had been recently forma’d. Thus, I made the only rational decision: hide.

Unfortunately, all my opposition in the area was fighting under one banner; their Crossfire had ceased, and they all only wanted one thing: me. I tore open an interface between the Rift and reality. By my estimates, it wouldn’t even last a minute. Maybe that would be enough, if I just huddled and waited it out.

The enemies were not interested in waiting.

They funneled into my makeshift abode one or two at a time. Simple enough to deal with, one shot from the Rogga and they fall. The rate at which they arrived was concerning, though. They weren’t giving me a chance to hold back. I decided that I would close the Rift after this final group fell and duck into the Rift on my own. The Rogga’s shrapnel bore its way into a Heavy Gunner’s armor, punctuated by the metallic thunk of her immediate collapse onto the floor. I thought that sound was satisfying. I was wrong.


Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

I walked into the next room to find an entire platoon waiting, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the shockwave signature of a Juggernaut’s charge. I doubled back into the room prior, intent on drawing the Juggernaut out into the open, away from its support. This only partially succeeded, as the door did not close behind it when it charged in. Even worse, it was summoning in more Infested; more fodder for the fissures. I knew I had to think of something, and fast. If I focused, maybe I would find a solution…

It dawned on me. Focus! That was how I could turn this around! I erupted forward, emitting waves of Naramon energy towards anything in my path: the Juggernaut, its lackeys, a couple Bombards, a Bursa…

…a Bursa? This just kept getting better.

Fortunately, the Blue Bursa had been caught in the crossfire of my confusion technique, ensuring that I wouldn’t be its only priority. After a period of trying to manage the crowd, I decided to let those things sort themselves out while I continue on. I open the doors into the third room, ignoring the utter carnage behind me. Instead, I see organization ahead: No less than 3 Ancient Healers, 4 Nullifiers of various origin, a firing squad of Bombards, Gunners, and Techs lined up together, and an entire pit of weaker units in the backline. Once again, I made the rational choice: turn back around. If I could funnel these enemies into the room with all the confused enemies, I could take out the priority targets one at a time while they were distracted. It was a good plan in concept. In practice, I had other things to concern myself with.

“You are part of the corruption, and we are forced to act.”


Immediately I found myself swarmed by the Red Veil’s energy-sapping Chargers. I retreated even more, into a supply room. I hoped that the Chargers would be distracted by all the chaos around them, but to no avail. They wanted my blood, and my blood alone. With what little energy I had left, I ripped the planes asunder in that supply room, ensuring an isolated arena in which to fight the Veil. One by one they ran towards me, and one by one they fell to the Roggas.

The ship was filled with noise by this point. The Juggernaut fighting its former allies in the large atrium from which I had entered the ship, the Bursa singlehandedly taking on entire waves of contenders from the third room, and me shredding apart the Red Veil’s finest war-beasts in the supply closet. I found it hard to focus, but once the Veil had once again been easily defeated by my foolproof tactic of shooting them, I found myself once again almost ready to unleash waves of confusion. However, I knew that the Nullifiers of the third room would be an issue. I had an obstacle to overcome for my plan to work, and I intended to deal with that obstacle.

In the time I spent wasting the Red Veil’s training budget, two of the Nullifiers must have entered the Bursa’s territory and been defeated. With only two Nullifiers remaining, I ran straight into their domes and executed them. With the Healers around, each one took two shots from point blank, but I managed to get the job done without taking major damage. With my only obstacles dispatched, I once again unleashed my built-up focus, turning an entire organized army against itself. I walked out of that room knowing that soon enough, the population would dwindle to a manageable level. A few potshots on the way certainly helped.

I also figured that the time had come for me to clean up what remained in the first and second rooms: a grand total of the Juggernaut, the Bursa, two Lancers, a Gunner, and a Bombard. The Juggernaut had been severely weakened by all the action it had been forced to endure. Within a few shots, the creature fell. The Lancers, likewise, took little effort: a shot apiece. The Gunner and the Bombard fared no differently.

With all but one enemy in the room eliminated, I prepared for a difficult fight with the Bursa.

…it took two shots and died. Normally I would have named the Bursa for its service, but that was just pathetic.

With the Bursa on its knees, I received another transmission. “The enemy is broken. Well done.” Evidently the carnage in the first three rooms was so great that almost 100 enemies had been slain there alone. I hacked the Bursa to give me some cover in the remains of the third room, which turned out to not be a bad idea. A fair population remained, but between me and my Bursa, they were swiftly cut down.

The opposition between the third room and my ship was minimal. Aside from one small group of stragglers, only one individual dared to show me their face at any given time. Rightly so; I had survived an attack by a Juggernaut, a Bursa, several organized platoons, and the Red Veil, simultaneously. I had emerged from the chaos, effectively no worse from the wear. Anything between me and the exit was a formality.

I exited into the vacuum of space, walking along structures made of Infested flesh with nothing to stop me. I called in my ship and left that place, amazed that I had made it out in one piece.

And then I got a Tigris Prime Receiver. rip.

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so you fought off a truckload of enemies with low-ranked gear and then got done over by RNGsus in the end? isn't that what Warframe's all about? XD

it is a great story though. missions where the game decides to throw everything but the Kitchen Sink at you are some of the most fun IMO.


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