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  1. (PS4)abbacephas

    [PS4] Warframe App kicks me out of game...

    I've used the PS4 second screen app without issue. Have you synced your phone to your PS4? You'll need to for it to recognize you are using the app.
  2. (PS4)abbacephas

    Need to settle a debate

  3. (PS4)abbacephas

    Anyone with KNOWLEDGE

    Just as an FYI: the drops are not guaranteed.
  4. (PS4)abbacephas

    Anyone with KNOWLEDGE

    Most likely, yes. If you get any drops, they'll show up as inbox messages, so you should be fine.
  5. (PS4)abbacephas

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    Can confirm that you have the potential for drops. I've gotten a few. I think RNG is just being unkind.
  6. (PS4)abbacephas

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Do you want to know why?
  7. (PS4)abbacephas

    Warframe Chat Moderation: Assessment and Renovation

    it is my understanding that the entire purpose of this thread is not that DE is responsible to ensure everyone knows what words are or are not allowed, but to provide greater transparency to those who have been suspended by informing them the reason for their suspension as well as the duration, as well as possibly giving a firm reminder that their particular word choice is not welcome in Region.
  8. (PS4)abbacephas

    Warframe Chat Moderation: Assessment and Renovation

    Perhaps tell yourself then, seeing as how you contributed to the thread getting derailed in such a fashion. Man, you have got to love the hypocrisy that runs rampant in these types of threads.
  9. (PS4)abbacephas

    How to Provide Good Constructive Feedback: A Dev’s Story

    Is there a way to make this pop up every time someone hits "Submit Reply" in the Feedback section of the forum?
  10. (PS4)abbacephas

    Stolen Grind

    If you take the shady, dishonest route, I suppose you're right.
  11. (PS4)abbacephas

    Stolen Grind

    You can only do that once. So, if you want all the items, you have to pay for it.
  12. (PS4)abbacephas

    Stolen Grind

    You are aware that the "free" items from Twitch Prime aren't free, right?
  13. (PS4)abbacephas


    So you've got nothing. Thought as much.
  14. (PS4)abbacephas

    Solaris United Discord invite

    No expiry time either: Share this link far and wide. https://discord.gg/lifttogether
  15. (PS4)abbacephas

    my only issue with warframe 5th anniversary gifts

    Because it will be the 6th year anniversary on PC next year.