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  1. Welcome to Warframe's equivalent of the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.
  2. Banned for not being able to pronounce my very easily pronounceable name.
  3. Banned for banning the wrong person and not following the rules.
  4. Granted. The utter paradoxical nature of this, however, causes the universe to collapse into a singularity, wiping out all of existence. I wish I had a good reason to get back into Warframe.
  5. This thread has been thoroughly entertaining, especially when one considers that there are actual "adults" posting in here upset over an event in a video game.
  6. HOW DARE YOU! I HAVE PLAYED FOR [insert irrelevant number here] HOURS AND SPENT [insert another irrelevant number here] DOLLARS ON THIS GAME. I DEMAND SATISFACTION.
  7. As I understand it, it's Endurance mode and has to be accumulated all in one run.
  8. Banned for confusing Sweet Home Alabama with Take Me Home, Country Roads.
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