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  1. Hunting for Stalker for Payback

  2. Talk about...

  3. Frost rhino ember giveaway

    Bro, you are far too kind. Are you on now?
  4. I am very curious to find some that has a faster volt than me

    Because this is just to beautiful not to share:
  5. Frost rhino ember giveaway

    Back at it again, eh bro? And just as I'm getting into Destiny. lol Maybe I'll catch you on sometime and I'll bring Batman to our relic runs.
  6. I am very curious to find some that has a faster volt than me

    Yes, but can your Volt run so fast as to create a Flashpoint Paradox?
  7. How do i get dragon keys?

    Ah. TIme to jump ship to PS4 then. lol
  8. How do i get dragon keys?

    Well, you could join a clan.
  9. What should I do??

    Claim one and leave the other in the foundry until you've made enough plat to get more slots.
  10. How do i get dragon keys?

    Unfortunately, that's the only place to get the blueprints to build them: in the Orokin lab in the dojo.
  11. Warframe Book

    It is digitally physical.
  12. How do i reset my acount

    Short you creating a new PSN ID, there's no way of resetting your account.
  13. How to mod Nekros Prime for Shadow build??

    As an alternative to the above, you could swap out Primed Flow for Streamline and Stretch for Equilibrium. Then you wouldn't have a significant energy issue if you lack the arcanes. That's how I run my hybrid (and I don't have arcanes).
  14. Warframe Call of the Wild

    I bow before your photoshopping skills.