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  1. Operator Upgrade

    A larger health pool and the ability to run faster and roll would have been an asset.
  2. Chains of harrow

    Enjoy the quest...
  3. imagination?

  4. Who's better, valky or inaros?

    Honestly, they're both really good. Of the two melee weapons, I would say hirudo because of the fact that it heals you.
  5. Hey kiddo

    You mean like this:
  6. Don't you wish you could turn back time..?

    I laughed a little to hard for my own good at this. Gotta wipe the tea from off my laptop now.
  7. Question for Targis set owners!

    If pointing out that a person doesn't understand the meaning of a word is trolling, then yes, I'm here to troll.
  8. Oberon Armor Strip

    At max power strength Reckoning will strip ~ 90% of an enemy's armour. You'll still have to cast it twice at least.
  9. Question for Targis set owners!

  10. Chains of harrow

    Do you scare easy? If so, then yes, it's scary. Is it fun? I enjoyed it, though the final "boss" battle was more of an annoyance than anything else. Interesting lore? I certainly thought so.
  11. The Login Reward Problem In Warframe

    Reading the complaints in this thread has me all:
  12. PS4 Chains of Harrow: Update 21.0.5

    Sorry mate. Enjoy the quest though.
  13. Nope. You had to buy him or the bundle before beginning. Once you've started, it's too late.
  14. Rell's voice Reboot? Is it too soft to be creepy ?