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  1. (PS4)abbacephas

    Super Blood Wolf Moon - Sunday Night

    For those interested, there will be a super blood wolf moon (total lunar eclipse) this Sunday night: https://www.livescience.com/64539-watch-super-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse.html Fingers crossed the skies aren't cloudy.
  2. (PS4)abbacephas

    *Spoilers* Lotus Replacement

  3. (PS4)abbacephas

    On Giving Feedback

    Darest thou speaketh ill of the magnificent Norg?! A pox upon thee and thine!!
  4. (PS4)abbacephas

    Need help waframe got deleted

  5. (PS4)abbacephas

    On Giving Feedback

    All hail the Norg!
  6. (PS4)abbacephas

    On Giving Feedback

    IOW, this:
  7. (PS4)abbacephas

    What to do next as an experienced player

    Come to the forum and complain. It's the new endgame.
  8. (PS4)abbacephas

    Yes or No

  9. (PS4)abbacephas

    Elemental awareness, chemical reactions.

    That moment when you think this forum is your own personal Facebook wall.
  10. (PS4)abbacephas

    Elemental awareness, chemical reactions.

    You're doing it wrong.
  11. (PS4)abbacephas


  12. (PS4)abbacephas

    Elemental awareness, chemical reactions.

    Periods, capitalization and paragraphs are a thing.
  13. (PS4)abbacephas

    Platinum disappeared

    Conducted any shady trades recently?
  14. (PS4)abbacephas

    Forum icon changed?

    Your forum icon is linked to your in game glyph. Change the in game glyph to whatever you want, log out of the forum and log back in. For the record, I don't see Mesa but a cartoonish kubrow(?) with its paws on its cheeks and mouth open.