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  1. (PS4)abbacephas

    Devstream 113, why it was a disappointment

    Devstream 113 - 3/10 Too much water.
  2. (PS4)abbacephas


    No. He's 100% correct. At this point, however, you are.
  3. (PS4)abbacephas


    Try it out and report back.
  4. (PS4)abbacephas

    I think you have to change your Chat Bot's rules, DE

    I get the sense that they are confusing the letter "J" with the letter "G".
  5. (PS4)abbacephas

    Is it socially acceptable to...

    No. In fact, it's so socially unacceptable that this will happen:
  6. Just as an fyi, yes there is. It's tennogen and hasn't come to console yet:
  7. If I'm not mistaken, it is the Mag Ferro skin: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1328282882&searchtext= Part of Tennogen round 12.
  8. (PS4)abbacephas

    I have 116 plat but when i go to trade only says 16

    Did you grab the PS4 plus free pack when you started the game? It came with 100 plat. If so, that plat is not tradeable. You can only use it to purchase items from the in-game market.
  9. (PS4)abbacephas

    Justify the prices

    Threads like this irritate me. You are not owed any justification whatsoever when it comes to the prices DE chooses to charge for its products. With the exception of the accessories, there is nothing in these packs that cannot be acquired in-game. So, it seems, the crux of the issue is around the high price for the accessories. If you feel like your Warframe experience will not be complete because you don't have a particular syandana, armour set or sugatra, then you had better be prepared to pay for it, without any expectation of the developers providing you with some sort of justification. If you feel that the prices are too high, don't purchase the product. You are under no obligation to pay a single red cent in this game. Don't come here and say you want to "contribute to DE" and then turn around and question the costs they have put in place for particular products. These are their products, they are within their right to set how much value and cost these items have.
  10. (PS4)abbacephas

    I'm trying, I really am...

    Might i suggest a beginner's guide on YouTube: These helped me a lot when I started (a long time ago).
  11. (PS4)abbacephas

    Do Sentient Mimics exist outside of the Sacrifice?

    I feel like there's an "In Soviet Russia..." joke here.
  12. (PS4)abbacephas

    Console/Pc Community Differences

  13. (PS4)abbacephas

    Console/Pc Community Differences

    I've played Warframe exclusively on PS4. While I know people have encountered toxic players on PS4, I have not (or have never noticed). Granted, 99% of the time I play solo, but during that 1% I have not encountered anything that I would consider overtly toxic.
  14. (PS4)abbacephas

    Apostasy prologue

    Then you should probably get on that.