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  1. WTB Fatal Teleport

    Getting online now. How does 12p sound?
  2. WTB Fatal Teleport

    Are you still looking?
  3. Moderator in chat banning all people to chat?

    Without evidence to the contrary, you almost certainly said something that warranted you getting banned.
  4. Don’t answer long,just say YES or NO!

  5. Don’t answer long,just say YES or NO!

  6. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    No I am not. There are systems in place in the game at a player's disposal to aid in avoiding leechers. They're not perfect, but they exist.
  7. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    So, because the behaviour of some players allows them to exploit the system, the problem is the system itself and not the individual?
  8. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    Please enlighten me as to how the "system" is the cause.
  9. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    The cause (to use your words) is player behaviour. Now, unless you wish to take the Clockwork Orange route and re-program player behaviour to suit your wants, there is no way to solve the cause.
  10. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    I have no idea what you're trying to say.
  11. Also because the author wanted it that way.
  12. You find out that Batman has a contingency plan to neutralize every member of the Justice League should they go rogue. R'as al Ghul steals these plans and goes from "neutralizing" to "lethal".
  13. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    Another one, eh? I'm just gonna leave this here:
  14. Such an awesome story arc. People think it's just fanboys being fanboys when they say Batman can (with prep) defeat pretty much anyone, but it's true. That is how he is depicted in the comics.
  15. free loaders

    Well, if I have lowered myself, it was to get more to your level. That being said, there already exist a number of features (which have already been enumerated) in the game that will satisfy your particular itch. The fact that you are not happy with them is more a statement on the sort of person you are than anything else. Dictating the behaviour of randoms in your squad is beyond laughable.