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[Warframe Concept] Macadam: Ensnaring Tar

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Black tar was all that was left of our patrol. The bodies of our former comrades and some infested were partially sunken into the ground in a variety of positions, but all were reaching for the sky to the best of their abilities. They never managed to free themselves.


-Grineer report on the loss of a patrol upon Mars.

Concept: Macadam engulfs her enemies in the tar perpetually oozing from her body. Her deranged, uneven movements and erratic spurts of energy make her a disturbing foe to navigate around as she throws tar everywhere in a fight. Enemies are coated and stuck together, forcing them to try and remove the grime from their bodies.

Design: Macadam is covered in permanently oozing tar, making it difficult to see her proper form. Her right arm is a swollen mass of tar with spikes poking out from beneath the layers of sludge. Her head is adorned with three spikes pointing towards the back, although the right spike is bent to Macadam's right. Several white dots creating a small beam of light permeate through the flowing sludge at uneven positions, the cones of light preventing the tar from blinding Macadam. The fingers of her right hand are long, wide, and curved, allowing her to easily hold a ball of tar and throw it at her enemies. Her spine is accentuated by several spikes, like those on her arm, protruding outwards, but they don't lean in the same direction. Some go right, some go left, and others bend back down.

Idle Animation: Macadam twitches violently, her head vibrating towards the right as she stands up higher, then to the left as her whole body lowers. She shakes her head and wipes some of the tar off of her body and readjusts herself.


Stats: Shields: 200 (400 max)

Health 150 (325 max)

Armor 100 base. 400 max (Dependent on passive)

Sprint: 0.90



Passive: Sweat and Stone: The longer Macadam goes without using an ability, the more tar she builds up upon her body, leading to large piles of tar dropping from her body every five seconds (Max 3 puddles) that trap an enemy who steps upon them, and increasing her armor values. It takes 15 seconds for the puddles to form and 30 seconds for the armor to increase to 400.


First: Black Orb: Macadam scrapes a blob of tar off her left arm and throws it at her enemies. Chargeable. Regular blob hits enemies in 2 meters at the impact point sticking them in place for 3/5/6/7 seconds. Chargeable can go to a max of 7 meters after 10 seconds of charging with an added second of stick time for every two seconds passed.

25 energy for base. 60 max charge. 10 second cooldown base/ 20 after full charge.

Second: Shedding Tears: Macadam jettisons herself forward with slight elevation, creating a line of tar behind her. The line acts like Black Orb. However, when she falls down and hits the ground, she explodes in the ground, knocking enemies 2 meters near her on the ground and coating enemies that are 3/4/5/6 meters in corrosive tar. The tar eats away at 50/60/70/80 points of armor and causes a 'Black Tar' proc that deals 12/15/18/22 points of damage for each second for 10/15/18/25 seconds. She gradually reforms after the impact. 50 energy

Third: Messy Road: Macadam waves her left arm forward, creating a wave of tar that grabs enemies and pushes them away. The wave goes for 4/5/6/8 meters in distance and is 2/3/4/5 meters in width. The residue it leaves behind procs an enemy with a corrosive status ailment. It does not stack. Enemies caught up by the wave take 100 base damage +50 for every subsequent enemy caught up as they're crashing into each other during the wave's flow. Victims are slowed for 10/15/18/22% of their max speed and receive corrosive proc. Can be charge up for a 'crash' at the end, adding +30 damage to the max threshold and knocking down the survivors for 4 seconds. 75 energy base/ 90 charge.

Fourth: Tar Pit: Macadam erupts outwards, creating a 5/8/10/12 meter wide, immobile pit of tar that ensnares enemies the moment they touch it. The enemies take 100 points of damage for every second they are trapped in the tar and gradually sink within it. Basic enemies will die once they've sunk fully into the tar. Heavy enemies, like Ancients and Bombards will take increased damage for every second they are engulfed. It takes 10 seconds for basic enemies to fully sink into the tar and die, but there are no limits as to how many enemies can be ensnared by the tar pit. 50 energy to start. 5en/s to maintain. Enemies killed in the tar pit will emerge as frozen black statues.

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