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Warframe Concept: Galloglaich the Highborn (Threatening Tank)

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If there are any threats that cannot be reached in time by the tenno, send in Galloglaich. He is quick, both in speeds to reach the threat and in cleaving their heads off.

-Orokin advisor reacting to forgotten enemies reaching behind their lines.

Concept: Originally envisioned as a backup soldier meant to hold the line at home, Galloglaich overperformed at this task by attracting the attention of all would-be threats and destroying them outright, leading him to become a priority threat to all those who would attack the orokin and their vassals.

He died in a battle against the sentient after slaying ten-thousand and fifty-three, two-hundred and seventy-two being with his bare hands due to their adaptability and running out of ammo.

Appearance: Galloglaich is a large frame, rivaling Rhino's stature. His head takes the form of a cone, similar to the Aketon helmets of old. His body is draped in a kilted robe held upon by one strap over the left shoulder. His lower-head is draped in a mail pisane, leaving only a few dots of color above as a focus point for those confronting the warframe. Upon his back is a two-handed war axe easily as tall as its owner; The weapon has been dubbed the Lum-heidcutted.

Idol Animation: Galloglaich pulls his waraxe out, slams the base into the ground, then holds it with both hands and leans forward, imitating a war cry. If a claymore is held, he instead grabs that, puts it over his shoulder, then steps forward with his free arm outstretched in a simulacrum of boasting.


Health 300/650

Shields 200/400

Energy 100/200

Armor: 250


Passive: Dunmaglass: Galloglaich generates threat towards enemies around him in a constant 5 meter radius. Especially effective when around an ally about to fall. Shields become stronger with every attack taken, creating status resistances up to 50% of all resistance types for as long as the warframe is being hit. The effects wear off after 2 seconds that Galloglaich isn't being hit.

First Ability: Over here!: Galloglaich grabs his war axe and swings it in circles above his head, attracting the attention of nearby enemies and pulling in enemies around a 3/4/5/6 meter radius into a whirlwind where he slices them for 250/350/450/550 damage each and afflicts the bleeding status. Enemies shooting at Galloglaich in this state cause his firing speed to increase by 20/28/37/40% for 10 seconds due to the rush of battle the warframe feels. (40 energy)

Second Ability: Raising the land Galloglaich grabs his waraxe and slams the head into the ground, throwing enemies onto the ground in a 4/5/7/8 meter radius and making attacks of any kind towards them boosted by 20% for 8 seconds. Any enemies killed while under this effect are granted a bonus to their damage resistance and armor by 10/12/15/24% and 25/50/65/80 points respectively. Does 200/220/280/300 damage to every affected enemy. (50 energy)

Third Ability: Into death!: Galloglaich raised his waraxe high, makes a warcry that attracts the attention of all enemies around in a 15 meter radius. The more enemies attack him at once, the more his attack and movement speeds increase by 15/25/40/60 respectively. (75 energy)

Fourth Ability: For glory!: Galloglaich grabs his war axe and throws it in a straight, horizontal direction. It will pierce through all enemies, causing 350/500/600/750 damage per enemy hit and with a 40% chance at causing bleeding. When the axe hits a solid object (like a wall or floor), it creates an explosion reaching 5 meters in a sphere for 100/125/175/200 damage. If Galloglaich is caught within the explosion, his passive goes into overtime, granting him 80% damage resistance for ten seconds. He still takes damage from the blast, however. Enemies are startled by the axe and weapon and are prompted to attack the warframe again, leaving allies free to take down all the enemies. The axe takes about 3 seconds to retrieve, leaving all other abilities disabled until the axe returns, but it knocks down any enemies in its path. If the ability is held, the weapon will create  bigger explosion up to 12 meters, but it drains a lot of energy. (100 base. 200 max charge).

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