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Warframe concept: Kasaya of the Calming Incense

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A peaceful mind will not wage war. An agitated mind cannot wage war. A calm and collected mind can wage a war both peacefully and aggressively.


Concept: Kasaya is designed to spread various types of incense in the air to calm everyone in an area. He was the one responsible for facilitating meditation during the orokin era, and was thus in direct contact with the most important individuals in Orokin society. The time spent afterwards has not lessened his abilities. Rather, they've improved thanks to the amount of plantlife that has grown in the solar system.

Appearance: Kasaya's body is robed in a loose cloth with many folds laying upon each other in different areas of the body depending on the positioning of the cloth after he has moved. His head is tall, but not straight. From it dangle burning incense ropes, creating a simulacrum of hair and a trail of smoke during movement. His shoulders are incense urns constantly emitting the calming fumes of incense he has put within them. Upon the back of his left hand he keeps several different types of incense sticks and cones for future use.

Idol Animation: Kasaya crosses his legs in mid-air and closes his hands together, entering a meditative state from which a low droning can be heard.


Health: 100/350

Shields: 125/550


Armor: 55


Passive: Incense burner: Basic incense brings 10% speed increase in movement and reloading speed to self and nearby allies. Depending in recipes used to create incense, multiple statuses can be created from the incense, requiring equipping before entering missions. Only one can be equipped per mission. Effects are added to second and fourth abilities.

First Ability: A calm body: Kasaya moves about in slow, calming rythms involving open palm movements and stretching his torso from side-to-side, thus releasing more incense and spreading the smoke to enemies around, calming those caught within the radius. Radius increases the longer the ability is held for a maximum of fifteen meters. Their attack and movement speed are halved for twenty seconds. Allies in the radius are calmed, allowing their bodies to regenerate health for up to 20 points per second for max 10 seconds. Stats increase with the amount of enemies caught in the radius. Cannot stack.

Second Ability: Relaxed spirit  : Kasaya drops to the floor then rises in a spiral, spreading its more 'potent' incense to nearby enemies. A cloud of corrosive ash is released in an 8/9/11/14 meter radius and causing stronger status ailments the longer the enemy is within it. Causes health damage + armor damage + shield damage. If an enemy is stupid enough to stay within long enough and have the health to withstand it, their armor will be completely stripped, and they will start to 'decay', releasing their spirit from their body.

Third Ability: Flattened Turmoil: Enemies attacking Kasaya see their attacks responded in kind to by a cloud of incense, blinding them and locking them in place for 5/6/8/9 seconds. They take 15/18/25/30 points of damage every second for 30 seconds.

Fourth Ability: Effervescence: Kasaya bows and spreads his arms out with palms vertical. A flood of incense smoke comes from his body, engulfing 15/20/25/30 enemies and causing them to pass out from the absolute soothing effects of the incense. Enemies hit in this state will awaken and attack the players, although with a 2 second penalty of -80% damage potential. Enemies that have but a sliver of health will die from the smoke, as their bodies could not handle the duress given to them. The smoke reinforces warframes, giving them a damage resistance buff of 20/37/35/40% damage resistance from all sources for 3/5/6/6 seconds.


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1 hour ago, (PS4)Ghost--00-- said:

Omg you again 😂😂😂

There is no escape! Speaking of, I got two more Warframe ideas :>

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