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  1. Completely put me off fishing until they fix this.
  2. Yeah, leading them doesn't exactly work when they change direction the second you throw. I've had the most luck cornering them against solid surfaces (unless of course they swim through the ground because DE never fixed that problem). Still, fishing shouldn't suddenly be this hard.
  3. Tried using pharoma, it didn't do jack.
  4. You need an infested spear to pierce the exocrine fluid.
  5. Okay, ignoring for a moment that the Flagellocanth isn't highlighted by dye, I am thoroughly annoyed with the new Lobotriscids. They are 10 times more skittish than any other fish I've seen before. If you move, or so much as look at them, they'll start swimming in wide circles; Hell, half the time, they start running the split second the spear leaves my hand! What's more, their tiny hitbox guarantees 3/4 of the time you'll miss anyway. I have spent three times as much time chasing them relative to any other fish I've encountered on the Cambion Drift. Meanwhile, these ridiculously hard-to-catch
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