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  1. For some time now, the Grineer Heavy Gunner has had the same colors as it's Arid counterpart which I know isn't correct. This seems to have gone unnoticed for some time now these past few updates. For proof, here's an image of both a standard and Arid Heavy Gunner next to One another. The Arid version is on the left while the standard is on the right. (Notice the different colored Gorgons)
  2. While I do enjoy the music in Warframe, I do like the idea that bosses should have their own music when fighting them. The standard Corpus combat music while fighting the Ropalolyst doesn't fit. When I was fighting it I put on Rinzler Recompiled from KHDDD which was a much better fit.
  3. This is honestly very good and think it might work.
  4. Not a bad idea honestly.
  5. Not bad ideas, and that last part regarding his passive: I think EVERYONE forgets about his passive because of how useless it is. XD
  6. Just got another Tenet melee weapon with the same thing happening.
  7. For many of us wanting The New War for so long: It's about time.
  8. Type: In-Game Description: The color of the energy for the Tenet Agendus (and possibly other similar weapons) can't be changed from the standard blue. Visual: Reproduction: color the energy of the Tenet Agendus to any other color than the standard. Expected result: be able to change the color to be anything lese besides the standard blue. Reproduction Rate: supposedly happens with the other Tenet Melee weapons.
  9. I too just finished two missions where I got both the BP and the barrel and neither are in my inventory.
  10. Considering they've been slowly updating a lot of the other frames, Loki could use a little makeover in some areas.
  11. I honestly couldn't agree more here.
  12. Problem is: Warframe is not a PVP oriented game. There's really no place for the Conclave (or even Lunaro) to exist. They originally got rid of raids because "people hardly played them." and yet look at Conclave and Lunaro. Rarely anyone plays Conclave and not a single person plays Lunaro. Both modes are completely pointless. It's not like in some other games where both PVE and PVP are integrated in ways that actually work/make sense.
  13. Originally it was supposed to be kept behind MR15, but lowered it to MR8 for unknown reasons, despite it being labeled as being "for advanced players." Not only is getting to MR8 really easy, but these players will also have a hard time since most of us long time players have mountains of resource to put into it. New players? Don't have that.
  14. Or at least that's what DE claims to be the case. Yet this has been proven false, and now look at Conclave and Lunaro.
  15. I certainly can take it either way, though the idea of a "zephyr style" rework could be a good idea.
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