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  1. Are there any plans for reworking Phorid? Are there any plans to have former events made into quests for new players to follow the lore?
  2. As someone with high functioning autism, I approve of this.
  3. I have two questions, one that is simple and one that is more complex. 1: Are there plans on reworking Phorid? 2: Based on what I've seen from friends who are relatively new to the game, a lot of the lore is hidden behind events that no longer are around so a lot of important pieces of lore (i.e. The Hunt For Alad V, Operation Tubemen Of Regor, Operation Shadow Debt, etc.) are missing in the main game. Is it possible to reintroduce these past events as quests in the main game for those who haven't done the events for the lore?
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