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  1. So I've been juggling with my settings trying to find the right balance and almost most of what I do always results in lower frame rate. Is it possible to add an auto-detect option like some games do?
  2. So I have an odd bug where my melee weapon is still in my hands and not holstered even though I have my Primary/Secondary equipped. It also happens while in the Orbiter outside of a mission. Is it possible to fix this?
  3. Is there any reason why the normal Grineer Heavy Gunners have Arid colors? After some time they haven't been reverted back.
  4. Photos revamp when? When are we getting enemy weapons we don't have yet? (Nox goo gun, Machinist Flamethrower, etc.) Any plans on implementing past events (Hunt for Alad V, Shadow Debt, Etc.) As story quests for new players?
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