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  1. This doesn't fix Arbitrations in any way. They take too long to get rewarded, and the rewards aren't the best either. Being able to revive now only takes challenge off whats a good fight. Remove the double rotation to get rewarded, and then it will get 100x times better
  2. PLEASE just use the Acolyte mechanic on the Wolf and future minibosses for Nightwave. It's a much simpleer way to have him and still ahve the terrible drop rates he has
  3. Clan: GentleManz This course was created by me ( An8rchy ), It's suppose to work as a Seek and Destroy game mode. Inspired by things like Boku no Hero Entry Exam Challenge or most training locations (If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about ). It should resemble a small city, with small labyrinths and traps and contains 13 Targets in total with average completion time being 3:40 mins, while on the video is a bit faster to show all locations. Hope everyone likes it. If anyone wants to try and you see me online, you can always pm me in game o/
  4. How will this work with the Dye research for Codrols ?
  5. Can we get the (spoiler) to stop appearing in the fortuna Elevator ? Please, i got one by accident and i don't want to touch it :((
  6. Press F for my potato, can't run fortuna since every update makes it more unstable for some reason 😞 My shiny opticor, i have to wait for a year for it to appear on baro
  7. Can we please get buffed spawn rates for Wolf ? Its so low its really annoying, not even the squad spawns reliably
  8. Range and eff, Try staying at positive strgh so your dmg scales sorta fast. After you infected enemies wait till you are at like 5 to 10 to cast miasma to spread the spores for more, repeat until toyr spore dmg is too high, then start over
  9. I have another suggestion, Re-use the Accolite system for the Wolf. I mean, he just busted out from a max sec prision, hes on the run, makes sense we would have to find him
  10. Onslaught. literally the only place you can do it w/o giving it a 2nd thought Prob 4 to 5 waves needed if you are a nuke Saryn
  11. I sure hope so.... i dont want time limited mr again...
  12. The spawn rate for the wolf is so low i dout i will even finish the Sledge
  13. Again, If the Wolf has, lets say, 1% to spawn in any mission, even in 10 weeks, you might just have 2 parts for him, the spawn rate needs buffing 100%
  14. Can we please get a buffed Wolf spawn rate ❤️ It refuses to spawn after so many missions played, not even the prisoners squad spawn...
  15. Nora could sell them for Wolf creds, but in my honest opinion should be like 10 creds per beacon, so you get 5 per wolf cred tier
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