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  1. I'm sorry, these changes look beyond bad: For what purpace is this gigantic set back ? even being affected by mods means you lose all of your progress in increased damage in 1 attack... that might miss Why for the Ungodly reason is this even a thing. Why remove the only scaleable damage we get in game ? This needs to be re-thought Now, my big question is, these questionable nerfs are not only uncalled, but kill a lot of damage: And before i speak about the biggest nerf of it all: Why would i use a dagger now? You remove an insta kill for 1 enemy, from a stance for every Dagger weapon, But you keep abilities that insta kill enemies ? This honestly reminds me of why Ember was originally nerfed for. Now Daggers literally have no use in the game if i can just pick up an actual damage melee and kill more enemies at once. If anything this whole Nerf makes people directed to Either Heavy weapons or polearms, since low range weapons have less reason to exist because of the dmg nerf. I will give my thoughts simply here: The damage needs to be boosted by A LOT, simply giving 3x the damage isn't enough, combo gave bonus damage AFTER MODS, adding + base dmg can't reach that at all. We are talking about 5-6~ digits base numbers to reach old dmg with combo In the end this is a MASS nerf to melee, If melee now made people go for Heavy Blades and Polearms, now it makes it REQUIRED to even deal relayable damage Please don't go through with this
  2. Merle Mrf one is a bulky one ? the ss feels kinda weird I'm interested in that one
  3. Clan name: GentleManz Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Architect We participated on the Winter 2019 Competition as a Mountain, and we won 3rd place. We never imagined we would! With it, we expanded to Moon with the amount of new people so we decided to do a soft reboot of the dojo. While most room were left intact, we decided to bring it up to better fit with the other amazing clans! And so we decided to enter again to show our improvements! Featured Video: Feature Picture and Album: Notes:
  4. Rip Defy I'm sorry but reflected damage is horrible since armor is a thing. Rather have the Old Defy, there was no need to change his only good ability to a weaker one that removes his survivability, even if the new Defy gives armor.
  5. My feedback is only in 2 points -Ayatans needs to be 1 and not 3 -Guilding a modular item needs to go That is all
  6. Moon / 100% Weapon research + Ignis W research / Youtuber Clan We have around 270~ slots left. Readying up for The Upcoming event! Post your sexy IGN in this post or send me a friend request, and I will send an invite! Some Notes: -We have a 31 day system where, if you don't login for over 31 days you will be kicked* -*We do however know sometimes there is computer problems and school can be very taxing for a month. You avoid by asking a Wraith (Clan rank) to add you to a vacation list. -Our only rule is to not be rude. .
  7. So all of our feedback was completly ignored ? We all showed disliked with the revive mechanic, we all hate that arbitrations are still long, boring and unrewarding. And now we have a more toxic Arbitration experience...
  8. This doesn't fix Arbitrations in any way. They take too long to get rewarded, and the rewards aren't the best either. Being able to revive now only takes challenge off whats a good fight. Remove the double rotation to get rewarded, and then it will get 100x times better
  9. PLEASE just use the Acolyte mechanic on the Wolf and future minibosses for Nightwave. It's a much simpleer way to have him and still ahve the terrible drop rates he has
  10. Clan: GentleManz This course was created by me ( An8rchy ), It's suppose to work as a Seek and Destroy game mode. Inspired by things like Boku no Hero Entry Exam Challenge or most training locations (If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about ). It should resemble a small city, with small labyrinths and traps and contains 13 Targets in total with average completion time being 3:40 mins, while on the video is a bit faster to show all locations. Hope everyone likes it. If anyone wants to try and you see me online, you can always pm me in game o/
  11. How will this work with the Dye research for Codrols ?
  12. Can we get the (spoiler) to stop appearing in the fortuna Elevator ? Please, i got one by accident and i don't want to touch it :((
  13. Press F for my potato, can't run fortuna since every update makes it more unstable for some reason 😞 My shiny opticor, i have to wait for a year for it to appear on baro
  14. Can we please get buffed spawn rates for Wolf ? Its so low its really annoying, not even the squad spawns reliably
  15. Can we please get a buffed Wolf spawn rate ❤️ It refuses to spawn after so many missions played, not even the prisoners squad spawn...
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