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  1. So... -No decrease on the overpriced arcanes (bronze are 1k per arcane....) -RJ is not only buffed, but still the better option -It has been so long after Limbo was useful for something other than defence and md, soooo he gets tactical nerfed on the operation ? Why ? Decrease shop costs, double ground payouts to make it SIMILAR to Rj, Stop balacing items through bonuses
  2. Pretty sure you still have to adress the horrendous high cost of the shop items aswell
  3. Are we getting a buff to intrinsic farming ? Current rates on the Veil feels very unrewarding
  4. This is nice and all but, when are we getting a RJ update where farming intrinsics isn't a drag and actually rewarding? I want to play RJ but cant justify it since it barely progresses me in the farm
  5. Clan name: GentleManz Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Architect Our Dojo is full of nice sceneary and hidden places to discover, caves and natural rooms are what we mostly do, while also doing orokin or themed rooms like our stargate or Oriental Architecture room. While not filled with grand statues, we have a strong and consistent design all throughout the dojo, so please comevisit and take a walk in it 😄 And again, thank you to Fluffy Demon and Fabasilis for helping me with the video, and PurpleColour and Qamo for help me building the dojo with me. (And Hellmanz for allowing me to do so 😛 ) Feature Video: (Video was reused from a past entry, only a few rooms were changed and wasn't enough to rework the video while it shows a lot from our dojo) Feature Picture: For full Album click here (Imgur Album)
  6. But why not have it instantly awarded when smashing *spoiler* with *spoiler* ? No need to be a grind, why not just be a bonus to the start of the *spoiler* quest. Ephemeras dont have to be grindy, weren't them meant to be earned as an achivement of something? Completing a set number of anomalies isn't an achivement, is tedious work that fluffs the rewards
  7. I get the why behind this, everyone does. But theres 2 big problems with this -People that get host migrated, instead of just losing loot but keeping their points at least, now they get nothing -You mean to tell us that, 7mins for 4-5 points is fair ? (w/o a booster) at least increase this, i know that the intrisics lvls are meant to be a long goal, but tieing to mr just defeats that.
  8. An8rchy


    I offer Zekti Hyper strike / Tether or both for Void hole
  9. Then why are wreackages so expensive to repair ? That isn't challenging, thats punishing and annoying. The 2% drop chance for a good reactor is also at play here, It's beyond annoying, it's too low of a % for something that is so important for a railjack. (and even a good Avionic based reactor, we can't even fit all the good mods)
  10. I offer 200plt on the 58 toxin shildeg, 300plt is too much for <60%
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