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  1. Clan name: GentleManz Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Architect After almost 2 months of rebuilding the dojo from scratch, we bring you a whole new dojo from past entries, we thank everyone in the clan that helped fund our dojo ❤️ While we dont have massive sculpures, we do have a solid theme through all the dojo, very detailed rooms and corridors with secrets , references and even lore (Our Dojo energy is made by pobbers running on a hamster wheel 😄). While some rooms are sadly not fully funded, I hope that people can apreciate the architectual intent behind it 😄 Thanks to @-Qamo- and @
  2. Alright i think i know why this is happening. Though remember It's mostly a theory as something similar happend to me. I belive the elevator that you are unable to delete is the "primary one" Most likely the first built to get down to the floor (the red one) is seen as the main link between floors. A Tl:dr is: The 2nd (blue elevator) is merely a loop, and thus freely destroyable, the main one (red) is the main connector between floorsand thus unabled to be deleted via loop There's no real good solution here - If the Hall Entrace was placed / was there BEFORE the Hall Inspiration
  3. A image of the layout would be helpful, but it's most likely either connected to one of your oldest halls or you have rooms in that floor that u can't disconnect Looping rooms to connect them in another side doesn't work as a fix
  4. Increase the drop rate of Steel Essence, the shop is way overly expensive for its drop rate
  5. Please increase the Steel Essence drop rate, its abissmally low
  6. The drop rate of Steel Essence is far far too low Fully completed Earth, already reached Sedna, only 1 riven sliver and 0 Steel essence drops. It needs to be raised a lot to justify the prices on the shop
  7. Give us Auto exposure setting back, the light flickering hurts my eyes, and everything is either too dark or too bright
  8. Even with low brightness everything is too bright, the light auto balacing hurts my eyes, makes bright rooms even brighter, its horrible on vallis and even worse on Europa tilesets
  9. Please for the love of God, whatever you did with the lighting settings, go back Everything looks so bright, even with high contrast and low brightness, orokin decorations have lost transperancy. It actually hurts to see
  10. Welp, it was nice while it lasted, time to shelf it and pick up tonkor i guess
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