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  1. I think it would've be a much better choice to make a script to turn the players score to the leaderboards.
  2. Clan name: GentleManzTier: MoonPlatform: PCRole: Architect Featured Image Full album HERE Video A very big thanks to @Vash for the amazing work on the video!
  3. Again, If the Wolf has, lets say, 1% to spawn in any mission, even in 10 weeks, you might just have 2 parts for him, the spawn rate needs buffing 100%
  4. Nora could sell them for Wolf creds, but in my honest opinion should be like 10 creds per beacon, so you get 5 per wolf cred tier
  5. By fear of me crossing a rule of spoilers or what not, , reddit has images of it if you want.
  6. Look, Nightwave is amazing yes, but the Wolf spawn rate is beyond low... For all the missions i've done right now, i only managed to get 2 Prisoners squads... tahts all! With Wolf having a new weapon and with the abismal spawn rate, how are we suppost to farm a 30%~ ish drop 4 times ? It really needs a garateed way to spawn him or buffed rates
  7. Going straight to the point here: - Let us build more than 1 hall type per dojo (Add a penalty of extra energy if you must, but let us do this) [By hall type i mean more than 1 grand hall for example] - Remove or at least increase the Cap of rooms. (Maybe too much, but If someday we can build more than 1 hall type then this can be skipped) - Rooms that have only 1 door that the soul purpose is to decorate (So we can close off hallways and such while still making them fancy, and no, gardens dont count cuz they have 4) - Please, for the love of god, remove the restrictions of trying to
  8. But it was driven by emotions, Since ballas took Lotus. Still, yes, i could have taken better words, but its just my take, Emotion vs Logic (or indiferent, cuz neutral is a thing XD)
  9. To me it feels more like Sun = Emotional / Merciful / Softer Driven Moon = Logical / Revengeful / Cold Driven Neutral. Indeferent In DE (heh get it?) end, its not good or bad imo, but more what drives your choices
  10. I dont disagree at all, after the Oberon rework "nerf", they made a pretty good rework and made Oberon from trash to actualy viable choice. Just wished they would listen more :/
  11. Alright lets see: Kuva survival Ember Nerfs Ash rework Scalling reworks Mag Rework (even tho they kinda buffed her a bit, but took them a while. like.. since Viver) Pretty much what comes to mind (This is the "Community gave plently of feedback and suggestion and DE "heard it"")
  12. shes a glass cannon, so prob 70%~ would be enough, and dont forget that overheat actualy scalled. sad times for ember rn :((
  13. How about, and hear me out, Remove the range nerf keep the increased drain remove fireblast for overheat.
  14. I am a huge fan of the assassins pistols. I absolutely love Detron, since it got a good buff and Mara Detron is a thing. But that's the only Mara weapon (so makes you wonder for what kind of weapons will get this tag), so can we have a Mara Brakk so it gets some love too? :D
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