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  1. A bit of LoL and Heavy Rain atm.
  2. Double-check your mods. I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to damage their heads with any bullet-shooting weapon without AP mods.
  3. And just to put in my 5 cents - dat bloom in Excalibur Prime color picker.
  4. Well, that's why I posted this in "UI Bugs" xD It's probably already been posted though, but checking all topics is kinda long, and better be safe than sorry.
  5. When I tried to enter this alert screen just turned black.
  6. And just to clarify, where have you seen +X% HP mods?
  7. Probably supercharging will increase maximum amount of "energy" in guns/frames, so you'll get stronger upgrading options.
  8. Osprey boss is neat. Should be some way to restore ammo (like in Jackal's room) or a way to knockdown him (a thought about using his own grenades and a Fragor had slipped into my mind, lol...)
  9. Please, just please, stop using google translate and learn AT LEAST Russian if not English. Для перевода верхней фразы google translate использовать все же можно.
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