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  1. For P2P it's really good network wise.


    The problem though starts to manifest on nights where you end up with a few bad hosts in a row.  One night I disconnected from 3 random missions in a row (it's not me as I have great reliable Internet) late into the mission which basically wasted my entire evening of play time.  Disconnecting from the mission at wave 19-20 sucks, but it sucks worse that you get nothing for your time/effort.  I'm not asking for the 20 reward for disconnecting on wave 20 before it's over, but we should at least be able to keep what we've acquired up to that point (wave 15) if we didnt alt F4 or abort the mission.  Otherwise it just becomes a waste of time / effort and more incentive to bail on a group at the slightest hint there may be some lag.

  2. You can work around the finisher animation locks on sleep by using a weapon with good reach such as the Atterax / Tonbo and attacking from a few steps back.  You'll still do the damage, but will not get locked in teh animation.  it will also hit multiple targets if you slept an area

  3. I think the Mesa change was extremely poorly done.


    I would have taken advantage of the alt fire and:


    Normal Fire = Fire like normal pistols with a normal aimed targeting recticle.  Never reloads.  Can move while firing.  Has a combo counter which increases the firing speed and punchthrough.  Drains like EB.



    Alt Fire = Old Gun Kata.  Rooted in place and chooses the closest target.  Has a combo counter where max range starts at 5 and ends at around 25 and punchthrough increases per the regular fire.

  4. I would like to see:


    Tailwind resetting the aimglide / doublejump timer.  It should also ragdoll anything you hit with it horizontally given that it already knocks them over vertically


    Divebomb auto shattering enemy nullifer / frost bubbles.


    Turbulence left exactly as it is.


    Tornadoes turned into sharknadoes.

  5. I agree. Poor excalibur, frost, valkyr and rhino...all got butchered. I can't have fun with these warframes anymore :/


    *cough* Mesa and Saryn.


    Odds are on your side though that they would get it right, provided they dont read forums.


    You can probably lump Ash into that group too being as how its bladestorm2win.



    I would be sad tho if they reworked Zephyr before Trollimbo.

  6. You all who have been quoting me misunderstand my agenda here.

    If Zephyr remains the same, I win.

    If Zephyr gets buffed.......I win.

    It's only you who loses if Zephyr doesn't get reworked because my fellow Zephyrs and I find her fantastic.


    You might lose if the rework totally butchers the warframe and it's incredible fun factor, which is my main concern with these threads.  But I agree with this statement.

  7. And I'm sure people said the same thing about saryn and frost..,. I hope Zephyr gets reworked just to spite you



    Your tailwind makes you fly forward too?!?! These forums made my think my zephyr was the only that was sent hurdling forwards uncontrollably


    You lack imagination.  You also lack experience if you are unaware that you can cancel the forward dash of tailwind.  You also apparently cannot shoot and tailwind while for some reason I can.


    My tailwind allows me to blast upwards knocking everything down around me while unloading 4-6 grenades on everything below me before landing.  Your inferior bullet jump does not.  You can hover at the zenith of tailwind, reset your aimglide by tapping double jump and hover twice as long.  My grenades detonate on impact and do not bounce.  Do you have any idea how much more destructive the already boosted Tonker can be when you have a bird's eye view of everything below you?  And just to cut you off now Dr. Evil style, You can't bullet jump upwards while looking downwards and shooting at the same time so dont tell me you can accomplish this bullet jumping.


    I can also fire a grenade while tailwinding forward, and land right behind the impact which better positions subsequent grenades.  Can you shoot while bullet jumping?


    I can use tailwind to travel from point A to point B, stopping percisely at any time/point in between.  Can you stop your bullet jump once you begin it?  It dumbfounds me how you haven't figured out yet how to stop tailwind on a dime cause there's several ways to do it


    I can combine tailwind with other parkour moves for > mobility.  can you.. oh wait you cant that's right you only have parkour 2.0 moves.  I can use wall latch, bullet jump, double jump, aimglide and tailwind together to never touch the ground on smaller maps like Void Def.  If I had unlimited ammo, i would never have to land aside from continue votes and loot.  You'de be a bit surprised I think at how angry enemies get when you are in the air and how much fire you can draw away from everybody else.  Fire which will never hit you because of turbulence.


    I can really go on and on and on about ways you can make stuff work, but there's no point because none of your posts add anything of value to this conversation.  You base your information on things which are clearly false (not being able to kill tailwind, not being able to shoot while in tailwind etc).  The volume of blatant misinformation you are spreading in the thread is not helping your cause.  Tailwind certainly isnt the coolest thing since sliced bread, but you are not doing it any justice by spreading false information about it's capabilities.  The gist of what I get from  your misinformed posts are that you want to play a mobility frame without taking the time to learn mobility.  Skills like shooting accurately carry over from other games.  Warframe (the game) specific parkour/mobility does not and takes a lot longer to get good at / learn.


    Zephyr needs some small QoL changes to update her to the current generation of warframes running around, but not an entire rework.  My biggest problem with Zephyr is that the weapons that synergize with her abilities are so limited, and dive bomb sucks.

  8. I do not have a problem with Draco.  I did not begin levelling stuff there for well after 700 hours into the game, and always PUG it with the random matchmaker.


    It saves a lot of time.  While its probably not ideal for new players, it's fantastic for players who dont want to waste time leveling an item again after the 4th forma.  Some good, some bad, but ultimately I do not see it as a huge problem for the game.


    I think the bigger issue are the frames and abilities that are capable of nuking the entire map, which make the scale of farming much larger and less interactive.

  9. Nyx seems kinda off there... is there a reason why? Chaosed enemys attack each other. See a globe? Shoot at it for a MASSIVE ae. And controlled enemys are kinda visible when the nyx chooses a visible color...


    The reason I dont like Nyx in the group is because players tend to cc when its not needed which slows down the mission.  A good Nyx player is great, much like a good Limbo, Zephyr or any other frame people usually complain about.  A bad Nyx can make the mission take alot longer than needed.  The last 3 or 4 Nyx i have grouped with have been time wasters.  There's also the Nyx who mind controls the last monster you need to kill to advance and doesnt know how to break it.


    I would take a bad Nyx anyday over a bad Limbo though.  They could delete Limbo from the game and I would be thrilled never to have to group with another Limbad ever again.

  10. I dont mind it honestly.  I kinda like it.  I always PUG it also on the random matchmaker.

    It's a good place to go to level.  Almost all games with a leveling mechanic have a good place for exp.  You can pug it to 20 and level a weapon from 0-30 in one run with an affinity booster on.  The nice thing about it is that it saves time, which makes it very valuable to people who have limited playtime.   When i'm on, I dont want to waste my time leveling something for the 5th time after formaing it again.  Draco enables me to quickly relevel items after applying a forma, and get back to progression.


    It is tedious though, but so is most of the game at this point.

  11. If the scenario was that bad, why in the world would you stay for 40 minutes?  You set yourself up for that failure, if you knew that "the host sucks" and "the game lags".  If you could carry the entire team like that, you could have saved yourself trouble by running the mission in solo mode.


    I stayed so as not to be a jerk and abandon the team on a 3/4 vote to stay.  Regardless of whatever reason you can possibly think of, there's no good reason not to give people their just due for being disconnected 10 seconds before the end of the mission. 


    Quit trying to make up weak reasons to justify why DE should waste our time and focus on the real issue.  I'm sure you would be thrilled if you picked up an ash prime bp only to be disconnected from the mission while voting to extract on wave 20 and get nothing for your effort.

  12. Scenario:


    Join T3S.  Go 40 minutes.  Carry group.  Get disconnected at 39:50 cause the host sucks and the game lags.  Get nothing for my effort and time.  This happens way too often.


    Stop punishing the other 3 group members because this game relies on P2P connections and some people inside on playing using two cans connected by a string for a modem.  If you disconnect 75%+ to the next objective, you should be allowed to keep the rewards you have earned up till that point.  Plain and simple.


    I'm soo tired of putting in effort only to be rewarded with wasting my time.  #1 thing that sucks about this game.

  13. Not on console you can't


    Then that is a bug.


    You can do it on PC quite easily.  It creates a number of interesting things you can do with Tailwind that you cannot do with basic parkour 2.0 moves.  It's too bad you dont have this option.  They really should fix that.

  14. You cannot shoot enemies while using tailwind xD Maybe after you use and bullet gliding but you are zooming too fast to do anything with that.

    And tailwind only has 1 application, Moving in a straightline in whatever direction you choose. So you either jump up around the same height of a bullet jump for 25 energy or you zoom forwards ( into a wall most likely ) for 25 energy. You are unlikely to hit any enemies with it and besides jumping straight up it won't help you kill anything. 


    Any good player can use parkour 2.0 to do everything that tailwind can, except better for 0 energy


    Again you are wrong.  You can shoot enemies while tailwinding.  This is a well known fact, and I do this all the time.  You can also control the distance that tailwind travels so you are not confined to launching yourself 50 feet each time.


    You have no idea what you are talking about.  Everything you have posted is far utter rubbish and extremely uninformed if not outright false.


    You are making arguements with people who actually play Zephyr and can do the things you claim they cant.  Next thing you are going to tell is Ivara can quick melee with her artemis bow out?  Please keep the jokes coming...

  15. Ivara needs bug fixes badly.


    You can build out for range and its great until the quiver toggle bug limits you to a single arrow type.


    You can build out for power and efficiency, only to summon your artemis bow and have it bug out and leave your weaponless and abilityless until you die/revive.


    You can make a nice build that lets you use all of your abilities together, and suffer from both bugs + arrows sticking to teammates out of range of the effect.


    It's really annoying to the point where at least once or twice a night I run into one of these bugs.  I honestly want my plat back because this is as good of a bug ridden broken product as anything.

  16. You have no control while you are using tailwind. I can bullet jump then jump again to switch directions,  and bullet glide to wherever i want to go. I can bullet jump forward while moving towards an objective without snagging on a small side of a door. You use tailwind and you are set on a straight line to wherever you were looking last. You can't turn or really even maneuver while you tailwind, unlike Parkour 2.0. Tailwind has only 1 application. You want to travel in a straight line. And 99% of the tilesets are too small to make any kind of use of it.


    If you need to use tailwind to hit life support. You might wanna... you know... pay attention? Lotus tells you like 5 times whenever you are about to run low on life support. Tailwind is only kinda useful in interception cause the maps are so large but anywhere else I'd prefer normal parkour 2.0.

    Parkour is superior in every way cause you always have control. You aren't forced to go 50 meters in straight-line when your objective required you to turn left 30 meters ago. 


    Tell me, Can you shoot enemies while you use tailwind? Can use abilities effectively while using tailwind? Cause at this point the only thing i can use is dive-bomb and its too easy to use it too late or too early. 


    You can pretend tailwind is good, But it really isn't. Volts Speed or even wormhole are more useful then tailwind

    Yes you shoot enemies while using tailwind.  You also have control of it


    Every point you've made about tailwind is rather uneducated thus far.  You do not know how to use it properly or to its potential based on the information you are posting.


    **Tailwind has only 1 application. You want to travel in a straight line. And 99% of the tilesets are too small to make any kind of use of it.



    see this why you are fail.  tailwind has MANY MANY more uses than this.  You just dont have enough experience with Zephyr to realize them.


    Furthermore, anything you can do with Parkour 2.0, Zephyr can do better and still has the option for tailwind which you do not.

  17. This is exactly the answer I was expecting.


    I've tried this and yes, while effective, pigeon holes you into using a single weapon to bring the best out of her. A weapon I don't particularly care for. Also it may just be me but I find it hard to control myself in flight when moving at those ludicrous speeds. I want Zephyr to be the master of the skies, not Sonic with a grenade launcher.


    Don't get me wrong, I think Zephyr is a good frame and is one of favorites to use. But between the various bugs/oversights with her powers and the dumb map height limits that seriously hamper my ability to fly around freely, she needs a bit of love from the developers. Not a complete overhaul, just some tweaks here and there.


    Zephyr is not and never ever ever was intended to be able to fly around freely like an airplane.  It's not an archwing and nor should it ever be.  You could give Zephyr free unlimited flight right now and it would not matter one bit because it's not going to do anything for her actual problems.  No serious group is going to care if Zephyr can fly or factor that into whether or not they actually want her for their mission.  It doesnt even break her vs infested because there are plenty of ledges and places you can find already that break infested.  There's just no benefit to this other than being able to say "look at me i'm cool cause I can fly!!".  It's actually more detrimental to the other 3 players because if you're flying around you're not deflecting anything, and even with a tiny turbulence bubble you would be surprised how much crap you bounce away from the rest of your group if you are positioned correctly.


    If you have difficulty controlling yourself at higher speed that's quite frankly your problem, and fortunately it's very solvable.  There's no valid reason you should not be able to control your Warframe even if you stack Zephyr speed with Volt speed unless maybe your internet runs on two cans and a string, and you're playing with a Voodoo 2 graphics card.  That's not to say that it's "easy", because as I mentioned earlier Zephyr requires work to succeed.  Mastering mobility at any speed is important for a mobility frame. 


    The people who say "but but but bullet jump and aim glide makes mobility frames useless" are uninformed plain and simple.  You should automatically ignore anything they post because they have no idea what they are doing with regards to mobility.  They are like mobility equivalent of badfrosts who place bubbles everywhere and convince themselves that they are helping instead of just clogging up fire lanes.  Embrace the speed - be mobility.


    I don't care for being pigeon holed into one weapon either and I agree that this is an issue.  You can branch out to some other weapons and succeed, but still results are results and the Tonkor is king.  The synergy is very natural here so it does make sense for this to be like a Zephyr weapon, but I do not really like the Tonkor much either.  It's just very hard to justify saying _________ weapon is a better fit for Zephyr when you've got something on hand which:

    A)  Benefits enormously from the +projectile speed, more so than any other projectile weapon

    B)  Is considered strong enough of a weapon in general to take anywhere

    C)  Adds even MORE mobility options by allowing you to freely rocket jump.

    D)  Has insignificant damage on explosions


    I don't like it though.  I would rather see some other weapons come out with these properties to give some more options.  I'm also not opposed to change as long as change doesn't break the already proven results.  I am opposed though to about 99% of the ideas that get posted for Zephyr because people play the frame, level it / maybe forma it, get nowhere and come whining because it wasn't easy enough and they think they know it all after a few days/weeks.  If i had more time I would compile a list of the horrible suggestions these people have made on these forums, but meh most of them are buried where they should be.

  18. I think it's likely they will (yeah wishfull thinking...) fix the quiver toggle and the bow summoning bugs prior to this.  I agree though this is a nuisance especially when you are on the positive end of +range and it still occurs.

  19. Would you care to explain how to use her properly then? I would love to know how a Zephyr prodigy makes her one of the stronest frames in the game.


    It's been explained in a lot of other Zephyr threads how to make her super powerful, and gets a little tiresome rewriting the book on it each time a new whine thread comes out.  It also requires a good bit of WORK - both in that you'll need lots of formas and lots of gameplay effort.  I'll summarize, and if you're interested i'll explain further:


    Ingredients for Super Zephyr:


    Zephyr with sufficient formas to stack highly ranked corrupted and primed mods.  I use 6.

    Tonkor with 4 or so formas to maximize the powerful mods



    +++ Power strength

    ++ Duration

    Occasional energy pizza when needed


    How it works:


    So it looks kinda stupid on paper stacking power strength on a Zephyr given that she is not a nuker frame.  What actually happens is that the power strength boosts the bonuses you get from Jetstream to obscene levels.


    At a certain % +projectile speed (hence +power str), the tonkor will no longer bounce and delay it's explosion.  It will detonate on impact like the Ogris.  This makes what is already considered a somewhat powerful weapon much much more powerful.  You'll also receive an enormous boost to movement speed which will counteract the -range you get from stacking str/duration.


    Basically, you end up with an ultra-mobile warframe running around at close to the speed of light with a super-charged Tonkor that's for the most part unhittable unless you make mistakes.  As an added bonus, if you can get all tonkor's in your group, you'll boost them too provided they are capable of teamwork.

  20. My problem is as many pointed out, Warframes are overshadowed by weapons.... And that is my gripe. While many frames are complemented by their weapons (ie, Vauban using blast weapon to nuke masses that he packed in a place) many are without an angle. So why not rename the game into Warweapons, cus the design is strongly pushing the power of a weapon and therefore any point of playing a frame cus you like it is void. It makes many frames obsolete. And that is bad.


    I disagree with this unless you can provide some good example of how weapons make the base warframe void.  Zephyr is not a good example of this idea.

  21. I think Ivara needs bug fixes more than QoL or Balance tweaks.  Most of the stuff listed as complaints about her tend to be pretty trivial, unless you run into one of the horrible horrible bugs she suffers from such as when quiver breaks, or Artemis bow doesnt summon correctly and breaks.


    also a Artemis bow build is really easy and wins life if you do str and effeciency and use a random rifle with 6 or so formas.


    I feel that being able to punch or kick stuff would be pretty useless given that it's likely if you are punching and kicking:

    You're only going to hit one target because of your abysmal range.  Look at the MASSIVE AE POWER of the current selection of fist and sparring weapons, and ask yourself is that what you really want?  Since you're probably only going to be kicking one or two things at a time at most, you're better off just tapping them with the bow fire and obliterating them and everything in a line behind them.

  22. You didn't actually read the opening post, did you?


    I was going to comment on this same post till I got to the part about thunderbolt and realized he got the moral of the story without actually reading the book.


    Ivara has no need for "breathing room" because she has:

    A)  Stealth Arrow - shoot at your feet for glorious effect


    B)  Sleep Arrow - Shoot at your feet for glorious effect, and then 1 shot everything around you.


    C)  Prowl - Go invisible and then 1 shot everything around you.


    D)  The ability to use both A B and C without having to sacrifice any major utility such as range, power, or duration.


    and breaking crates?  Really?  REALLY?  people are complaining about not being able to break crates as an issue with this warframe?  Is this really happening?  Can't us players of Ivara just be grateful that we are not bound to running around with short meaty claws like Valkyr?  Seriously, if that's Ivara's main issue with #4 then I think she's pretty well off compared to many frames.

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