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  1. standard spires standing tall nerve wracked bodies stuck in free fall survival of the fittest, one for all women and men turn to run soldiers gun on gun all beneath the violet sun starstruck children turn west a prismatic dragon laid to rest surrounded by the best continuing on at our behest they all turn to run in this blasted landscape beneath the violet sun looking for safe harbour pity weighed down like an anchor lost in our stupor forced to steal and pilfer all the worlds hopes and dreams went up like so much smoke and steam questioning gazes, like a beam Tenno, where have you been There you go, another one for you all. lets see if you can decode this one.
  2. I always liked poetic authors like shakespear and hp.lovecraft. I noticed there are some poems in warframe lore and I think warframe needs more of stuff like this.
  3. I believe I heard it off of shadiversity or skalligrim, but I could be wrong.
  4. notching an arrow on the floor was used to stockpile arrows during sieges. and we deplore our enemies, so we fight them.
  5. The new war has begun strike your back out to the sun the past is gone now, whats done is done notch your arrow to the floor defeating enemies, we deplore seeking answers to questions, finding more correcting errors from before what was old is new honor the few for there is much to do the new war has begun... I was bored so I made this
  6. Darn, almost... I won for a day.
  7. random wiki put through markov text generator [21] Henry Yesler, emerged as the coal-rich terrain of Western Washington, preceded only the successor, the Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad Company.[6] Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad was extended by Henry Villard's Oregon, mainly extended similar commencing October 15.[3] In 1909, though the link to major railways to its south with the first proper railroad to ship and renamed it took halfway Company (C&PSRR), successor Columbia and S. and 1.65 miles (36.2 km) of Seattle's concern for the city of which Seattle and straights from Seattle to look at this would take it anywhere the connecting trestle to ship and Walla Walla from Maple Valley, it connected the native year, entirely the line's owners, but also extending to nearby Coal cars, and their fate, Seattle and Walla Railway east. At Maple Valley, it connect Seattle to construction" became they were nearby Tacoma, but the Northern Pacific Coast Railroad.[17] The most of the very short haul from Black Diamond was the first track.[17] The Columbia and 236 coal track, and transportation grid.[5] In 1916, that sum.[8] Colman, and from Henry's (NP) Seattle to nearby Coast Railroad Company [ vte ] Pacific Coast Railroad Legend Source: [16] By 1950 Black River Junction" became all too apt.[5] "ervice was initially built.[14] Despite its western.[20] The Pacific Coast Railroad was the enterprise. He staked US$20,000 of his own money—a for the coal cars.[17] The Seattle ran south to Argo allowed the pilington via Black Diamond to lay transport to Portland, a line owned by the Pacific's main those near the most of that year, entirely though Snoqualmie Pass to the Duwamish River Junction access to the Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad was closed in 1936. In 1945 the Great Northern Pacific Coast Railroad and was the first proposed a railway entrepreneur in his native China.)[9] vte ] Contents History Seattle to Taylor Summit trestle to the flats, using October 19, 1873.[3] Despite profitable from Renton Seattle and sometimes absent altogether," charges were high, and no break bulk cars and sixty freight cars.[17] J. M. Colman, owner of built from the south to ship and Puget Sound Shore Railroad network.[5] In 1916.[17] Like it anywhere near the first proper railroad. The sale was a subsidiary of E. Marginal short lines south and east from the county of which terrain of Western Washington Northern Pacif I win!
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