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  1. nice rime rap. I want kittieskittieskittieskittieskitties! KkkkkkkkkkkkkkkITTIES!
  2. Just an update this happened in eris the enemies where dying on their own for some reason? Completed the challenge though.
  3. The challenge is to survive level 30 survival without killing anyone, that's doable. Breaking crates counts as killing, making this challenge impossible. how dare you kill those loot crates!
  4. well the style itself is really old, but I didn't know the name of the art style, so I just said old.
  5. it looks like those old Japanese paintings of kitsune
  6. I already got everything on the first try. the game probably saw me retrying the mssion repeatedly due to various issues, while using a stealth frame and just decided to give me everything I needed to get me out of their hair.
  7. -Ivara prime -crit rattleguts kitgun with pax charge -kuva nukor -crit and speed nikana zaw
  8. my first solo! I finally beat the exploiter orb, with a stealth frame too! and I got to end it all off by watching a stream. either way the orb itself is not that bad, its just the usain bolt rachnoids at the last part that caused me to tear my hair out. those guys are fairly easy to kill, they just spawn a lot more then a can physically engage, and they run like usain bolt. I was right at the last part and the coolant rachnoids where practically spawning on top of him. I kept shouting: die faster! die faster! I'm going to cool down from my victory now...
  9. Is this a bug? This has to be a bug, right? I have never seen a 40kilo fish before.
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