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  1. So, Ember. Ember is one of our oldest Warframes and her abilities and stats are often a 'hot' discussion item. Her model, powers, stats have received changes in the past, and we find ourselves back again taking a look at what we can tweak. Here are some coming changes to Ember that you'll be able to try out soon, we're hoping to have these shipped in a week or two on PC: Statistic Changes: - Base Stamina increased to 150. - Base armour increased to 100 (125 for Ember Prime) - Movement Speed increase. Ability Changes: - Fire Blast has had a mechanic added. In addition to placing a ring of fire on casting location, it -will now also generate a growing wall of fire (like the Arson Eximus ability). - World On Fire is now a toggle ability with a 50 Energy cost on cast. It will drain energy over time as well as consider your power duration (affected by mods). - World on Fire has had its casting time reduced. As usual... this is all subject to change, this is just a quick look at what the plans are.
  2. Fixes: Fixed event scoring exploits. Added channelling effects to the Prova Vandal.
  3. Here are the skins I promised on the live stream. HEADS UP: Lots o' big images: -Grineeer
  4. "This is just a small set of the stuff that needs a look at for frames – more to come." Sorry I didn't call out Volt specifically but he is part of the bigger list.
  5. Response to workshops: Woah! Ok people seem to like these posts. So let's keep them rolling. I would urge people to make sure they read them before responding. Some of the feedback came from people that clearly didn't read what I had written. This will prevent flame wars in the threads and will keep feedback easier to read. Let's get started! I would like to start by clarifying a few things: Trading: Trading will require a clan with a trading post. A little known feature of the Dojo is that you can invite outside people(non clan members) into your clan’s Dojo, so trading with external people will be possible. You won't be required to join a clan in order to trade, you will just have to be invited to a clan dojo - . *(Currently only the host can invite to the dojo, this will be fixed before trading is live.) New Warframe: The new "non-caster" Warframe doesn't really mean her powers aren't executed in the same manner as the rest of the Warframes. By non-caster I mean more like Rhino, she will be about getting in the enemies face and beating them to death. We are going to try some wackier stuff with her abilities though. I want to use more of the systems from the game in her power design. More info in the coming weeks. Ok let's move on to new stuff! Mission Types: We mentioned on Livestream 10 (?) that we have begun to re-work some of the mission types in the game. You saw the first new mission type (Survival) in Update 10. We are ramping up our efforts to get these re-work/additions out in a faster manner. The goal of the mission re-work is to make the missions less about going to point A, do something and then get to exit. We also want to add a scoring mechanism to each mission type so we can rank and reward players on the weekly leaderboards that have been recently added to the game. Currently we are working on the Sabotage mission type. Improving Sabotage • Your mission is to destroy the reactor as usual, how you accomplish this will be changed. • Fuel rods located through the mission need to be sabotaged and delivered to the reactor. • Carrying the fuel rods depletes your shields, you may need to drop them to recharge or switch between players. • Fuel rods have a health - if you are carrying one you see its health; if you are hit a % of damage goes to the fuel rod. Don't be carrying it when it goes off! • One fuel rod must be delivered to the reactor in order to complete the sabotage mission. • More fuel rods = more points and less time to extract • Spawning will become more intense over the course of the mission. Reaching its height when the reactor blows up. Scoring will be determined by number of rods brought to the reactor, and the reactor itself. • Players have limited time to extract based on number rods used. • Exploding Hazards when extracting the mission: Flame vents, exploding heat, randomly decompressing the last few zones Warframe reviews: So Megan has been harassing me to post the plan for the last set of reviewed Warframes. Currently I am still mulling over the best plan and I don't want to commit to any changes right this second. I would like to thank everyone that posted in Warframe feedback forums, this stuff is gold. A few of the top priorities are: • Fixing Ember and making sure she isn't just four of the same style abilities. • Reviewing Mag’s Pull, pretty sure everyone knows this power is a bit OP. • Trinity: Link needs a damage review. This is just a small set of the stuff that needs a look at for frames – more to come. Ok this post is getting too long, back to work!
  6. So what am I currently working on?... Over the last couple of days I have finished up and planned out the next 4 weekend events. 2 of these will be introduced as events but will become permanent additions to the game. The first will be coming on our first Wednesday update. Been arguing with Steve about damage changes to the game (armor 2.0). We have gone in circles a few times on what we are going to change or do -- anything from a violent rewrite of all the damage systems in the game to simple data changes that fixes a few things. I think we are getting close to settling on a final solution. Hopefully I can share with you guys what that is in the coming days - (maybe I can convince Steve to blast out a post about the coming changes if he’s not too busy implementing them). Work has started on the trade system! I think we have a good solution for this. It will start off small and expand as we measure how the community reacts to it. Clans will be required to create a trading post in their dojo in order to trade. Trades will be like for like, meaning rare items for rare items. Currently trading is locked to Mods, plus weapon and Warframe parts. Blueprints and crafting materials are being considered for addition to the system but may not be in version 1. We are also considering putting a daily limit on the number of trades that can be completed. More details coming as this gets implemented and tested. I think the current plan is to roll this out in Update 11 (this may change!) Started working on the next Warframe, she will be a non-caster type. I know some of you will be mad that your issue with the game hasn't yet been addressed here. In the coming days/weeks/months I plan to give you more insight on the inner workings of the development of Warframe. That's it for now, back to work!
  7. Hi my name is Scott, the bald, fluffy, neck beard guy on the live streams. I am lead designer on Warframe and Design Director at DE. What do all those fancy titles mean? Basically I am the filter. Warframe is a combination of all the ideas here at DE. It's my job to take all those ideas and filter them down to what fits with the core of the game, at least that's what I tell myself. So why the hell am I telling you all of this? Well I am going to start a semi-regular blog(hate that word). The point of this is to give the community some insight into what we do all day. This might end up being daily; this might end up being once a week or longer, it all depends on how crazy things are here at DE. So expect to get a random blast of whatever is going on in my head at the time I write it. This is a look at my workshop, so approach all content with the understanding that it CAN and might change.
  8. Yeah we can add blueprints for the dagger axes as well.
  9. Sorry guys forgot blueprints for the new hammer skin, ran out of time before update had to go out. Will put some in for next update.
  10. Sorry guys we are knee deep in update 7. Friday updates will resume once the update goes out.
  11. I will take a look at the Gram and Heat swords tomorrow when I roll into work. Sorry I missed it.
  12. I can't just keep pushing the top tier of weapons. Not all players are maxed out and this is CB. We need to make sure we have a nice gradiant of weapons as the player progress through the content. We will be adding to all tiers of weapons as the game grows and matures, not just the top tier.
  13. Nerf bat swung alittle hard guys. Thanks for all the feedback. Next hotfix will bring a buff. It needed a nerf(just not that hard)... our internal stats show it out pacing the best weapons in the game.(Hek and Gorgon) The Boltor was ment to fall somewhere between the Braton and the Gorgon.
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