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  1. Description: Armor values for all railjacks have been drastically reduced, resulting in the durability of an unmodded railjack at maximized stats. This is noticeable, even in the Saturn proxima. Reproducibility: Equip any railjack for combat and enter missions- defensive stats do not accurately reflect gameplay compared to a few months ago, and you will find yourself taking much more damage despite a lack of documented buffs to enemy weapons, or a nerf to armor Suggest solutions: Revert whatever unintended changes were made to railjack combat and restore old ship durab
  2. Yeah, they made even maxed out railjacks weaker than cardboard for some reason, which mandates a 4th crew member repairing at all times even when at > 90% health when your shields go down. That's utterly ridiculous.
  3. I'm guessing it's this. @OP, you should know by now that this forum is primarily used by people who show up to complain or want something different out of the game- its the official forum, and negativity bias means that content players have much less reason to be posting, because they're busy playing the game or reading up on it.
  4. Nobody says you have to play only one game. I'm in a comfortable threesome with team fortress 2 and warframe, and it's great because each game meets my PvP and PvE needs.
  5. Tl;dr, the game is dead because i got bored with it.
  6. This. You bless the relay and nothing happens, none of the people even know they've been buffed until they leave
  7. A good idea, but not very efficient. Once you cast your 3, you're resigned to the remaining cooldowns and nerfed, and other frames accomplish the things his skills do much faster, with much less forced waiting. Lavos is also is held back because they decided to tie duration to the status of his abilities and for some reason, his weapons. That weapons part alone limits build combos and defeats the purpose. Tl;dr a unique, but not competitive warframe.
  8. Nobody is asking for infinite survivability, but really? Basic quality of life things like the rejuvenation aura getting the axe too? Is a *couple* of health per second too game breaking? Apparently so.
  9. I couldn't help but notice that they removed- with extreme prejudice, describing them as having "slipped through the cracks"(!)- the last few things that could possibly restore health to the nechramech. Why. What all-important purpose is there in having zero healing options whatsoever available to the nechramech, aside from a single (really quite weak) mod that requires you to be near destruction to activate, and also has a cooldown. I don't get it. I'm honestly stumped by the sheer level of disdain DE has for mech healing, especially since it's clear they want us to utilize the
  10. Yeah? There was nothing in the patch notes about updating the nightwave craft, and this looks far too large, and absolutely atrocious when compared to the flowing lines of the rest of the craft.
  11. For some reason, every time i bless a relay, nothing happens on my side. Someone else blessed it minutes after, and i got the notification, saw the statue change and all that, but on the client side, nada.
  12. In an automatic auction house, trading becomes a race to the bottom, in which the sheer volume of sellers just looking to undercut each other for the quickest payout from a much smaller number of buyers means the competitive price of items bottoms out, making the items not worth farming in the first place for trading purposes, therefore meaning less items, and plat moving in the market. The devs make money by selling plat. The less plat items are worth, the less incentive people have to buy large amounts, and also the less profit people who do merchant the items can rake in. We get i
  13. Your build must be suboptimal, the thing outperforms bramma against pretty much everything
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