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  1. Explosive ledgermain falls off eventually, even in eso, so something else you can do with mirage is to turn her into a weapons platform. Umbral/adaptation/tank + max dur/str and a subsumed roar/gloom or other no-range buff lets you turn mirage into a dakka barrage, especially with powerful gun.
  2. There has to be some reason to do it, especially if difficult versions of the same thing exist
  3. If radiant relics also weren't available from other popular content (namely sanctuary onslaught) it would be a much better reward.
  4. I know people like their brainless AoE kaboom power fantasy, but you may actually have to aim for once in the mission 🤔
  5. Not exactly, it adds time to railjack missions that, if you've already beaten are going to be unrewarding to go back to them just for the void storm when again, you could be playing a fissure for faster rewards.
  6. Simply put, there's little reason to do them outside acquiring sevagoth. -Standard relics missions are 200% faster, with more spawns and reactant. DE should know by now that quick capture/exterminate runs are the most popular missions. -Void storms offer no additional rewards for doing high level, post-quest content that requires more investment than the much faster star chart fissures. Without faster completion times, the ability to open multiple relics, or anything at all to incentivize doing these beyond the one-off warframe parts, this content is dead on arrival.
  7. Yeah its really dumb that to host there has to be absolutely nobody already there first
  8. I want to use the railjack i built for missions. Select mission from railjack tab? Someone else's squad and ship. Board railjack from orbiter, select mission? Someone else's squad and ship. Board railjack in dry dock and select mission? Someone else's squad and ship. Why am i not able to host.
  9. You know there's a mod called sure footed designed for this exact complaint in mind. It even has a primed version that provides complete knockdown immunity. If rolling when visually identifying knockdown hazards isn't your thing, check those out for some extra advantage.
  10. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact railjack armor was nerfed into irrelevance last patch, so that you take hull breaches from being even tickled by a single. saturn proxima fighter.
  11. This already exists, it's a perk of the rank 10 gunnery intrinsic. I don't think the game needs to be any easier than it already is. Using guns to destroy fighters is irrelevant anyway, seeing as battle avionics can be used to wipe out entire squadrons at once.
  12. After the most recent changs to railjack hazards and damage, armor values and damage expectations are all over the place. -I tested this with a railjack with maximized hull/armor in the veil proxima -Taking any hull/health damage from even a Saturn proxima and up fighter will result in a nearly instant hull rupture hazard, even at > 90% health, however: -These hazards are practically ignorable, some occasionally dealing minimal damage with the meta being to let the hull rupture persist and save revolite. Is this actually intended, it feels like even a maxed out railjack
  13. The real problem with railjack is that a few patches ago, armor values were reduced to practically nothing by a still-unfixed bug, meaning a lone fighter can tickle your railjack's health and make you take hull breaches at maximum armor, and > 95% hull.
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