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  1. Galvinized CO mods still do not work on AOE guns and on certain weapons
  2. Galvanized mods that are intended to be condition overload for guns currently ignore the weapon's lich bonus damage and don't work at all on AOE attacks. Please prioritize fixing this.
  3. I dunno man, something about the katana on my waist, that i crafted in my dojo with statues of Buddha after coming back from buying a tea set from my samurai-caste mentor, in my frame who's based on the protagonist from Journey to the West, while my daikyu finishes building... ... Tells me that this game is no small part inspired by east asian culture.
  4. Simply put, they (like most non-meta companions) are redundant. Companions are only useful for two things- damage, and utility, the former falling off in usefulness within endgame content since companion weapons/damage are poor, and hounds not providing much in the way of the latter because they're pretty clearly designed for combat. Some of the precepts are interesting, but unless the numbers are cranked up to usefulness or they're given some kind of utility that competes, they're mastery fodder like everything not the usual utility suspects.
  5. All AI allies, especially wukong's, shoot the tenet envoy into the ground instead of at enemies because they use the aimed mode, this is a bug that DE seemingly refuses to fix.
  6. The legendary ranks need more rewards (or at least a better icon), but there are so many ephemeras in the game already.
  7. The one strong interaction with the kuva nukor is the elite crewmate with the pistol crit chance buff, but other than that yes, everything dies anyway if you're playing in regular missions, this is a pretty big given.
  8. Am i imagining things or did they say on devstream that elite on call crew would last longer, because that's honestly what they need. Some have minor combat gimmicks, they're still just a specter that is limited to a single weapon with some unique voice lines. Not a massive health pool lich that has abiities, Not a warframe with a customizable loadout, that lasts the entire mission, Just a guy/gal with a gun, and some unique voice lines that lasts for 180 seconds with a punishing TEN MINUTE COOLDOWN (?) That doesn't make any goddamn sense.
  9. Ignoring all the time one has to build, earn through nightwave and farm plat for forma packs, and the completionist mindset which is a self-imposed challenge that's supposed to be difficult- You really only need 3-4 main guns of each loadout slot and a handful of specialist frames to play endgame content. That really isn't all that much forma. Anyone playing for a decent amount of time can get this done, maybe a little more for an ultra-efficient eidolon killing getup or other specific gear, which is... the game? That's the point of the game is to build your loadouts? Not have everything at once instantly?
  10. If aquablades doesn't scale damage wise, it's not going to be useful. When will you guys realize that about basically all caster frames. Enemy stats ramp up but not all of our abilities do.
  11. Rifles, bullet weapons are dead for mob killing. AOE weapons are a straight upgrade in kill times, and that is the only thing that matters in clearing out mobs.
  12. It sounds like you guys need to bow before the altar of Hexis
  13. The faction damage mods don't make a lot of sense and need to be rethought. They're a flat damage increase for your weapon, but their gimmick is... you need to swap them out on every weapon, every mission for them to be useful? Perhaps in the regular star chart where you're going against a planet full of the same enemies at a time, but beyond that high level gameplay is mostly rotating alert-style missions aside from boss hunts that are usually a different faction (like fissures and SP incursions)
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