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  1. Have you lost your goddamn minds? This is one of THE BEST games in terms of monetization, as not only is nothing mandatory to gameplay MTX-only, but you can earn the premium currency through trading items earned in-game. Warframe does it really well compared to other games, I'm MR28 and I've never once felt shafted for not buying something. The riven hoarding situation is one thing, but in terms of general monetization this game is really forgiving.
  2. It's a platform for improved archgun combat. It's fantastic for that.
  3. "Just look in the isolation vaults" -No guaranteed spawns "Its flying around" -Doesnt show up on loot radar or minimap "Its a rare bounty reward!" -One single piece, when it's required in every other father token bundle and nechramech construction It's time to put this stuff in the uncommon rewards for high level bounties. It straight up does not exist, and is cetus wisp farming 2.0: needed for important things, scarcely available, if at all period. DE has learned NOTHING from the past two open worlds.
  4. That was the one reason to slog through that mess. But apparently more difficulty = similar rewards? Now it's just dead content.
  5. Screenshots or it didn't happen 🤔
  6. Did you miss that big box in the OP that literally was a screencap of "GREATER REWARDS" in the promo vid?
  7. Do tencent games have some kind of chineese spyware disclaimer or something? Why are people freaking out about this, and the forums of league of legends and PoE not on fire with this too? Or is this fearmongering?
  8. My drop rate? Too low. The only ones ive gotten are from clearing the 3 planets.
  9. The rewards don't have to be exclusive. In fact, making it a better way to gain normal resources would be a common sense way to not force anybody to do it, but still incentivize playing through the entire star map again.
  10. Releasing content that nobody ends up playing is a waste of dev time. In fact, that was the whole point of this update, was to get us to not consider the star chart nodes dead content anymore outside void fissures/sorties, by upping the challenge, and reward. They even ADVERTISED greater reward in the promo video, but that was another DE_ception lie, because the exp's the same, the rewards shop has less content than even a 2nd rank syndicate shop, and the only thing new is that operator outfit and some planet noggles/emotes. Come on now.
  11. Boy i sure do love not bothering with new updates because they're not worth the dev time they took. What a great perspective.
  12. Not to spoil it, but its an operator dax cosmetic set, kuva, and a random relic pack. Oh yeah, and that useless stance forma from SS. .... That's it? You serious DE? Doing the ENTIRE STAR MAP over for... relics and kuva? Christ, even arbitrations have more rewards than this, just look at vox Solaris or any of the syndicate reward offerings, and this is pathetic compared to them. So much for...
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