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  1. Has anyone gotten to try out the limbo strategy post-patch in scarlet spear?
  2. I've been wielding the bramma since the change and don't have a problem at all with the stagger. Because you don't shoot it at your feet like soldier in team fortress 2- if you really need to get enemies out of your face, there's a whole bunch of sidearms meant just for that. I use the kuva brakk for this.
  3. Or maybe this event and the past three major updates have been objectively bad and overpromised with near-universal negative feedback as a result. For example: they hyped railjack forever as a game changing experience and when we finally face the sentients with it, its a glorified tugboat that gets used for maybe 40 seconds before being parked- that is a plain and simple failure. But nah, all the fixes and changes they had to make afterwards was just the mindset of the players eh? DE's problem is that they are incapable of shipping technically complex content, and we end up with rushed poo like this event, liches, railjack, etc. You are somehow wronger than wrong.
  4. I mean yes, we already know scarlet spear is terrible, but has it always been like this? Have there been events that people have actually enjoyed playing?
  5. I got around that much in about 45 minutes, what must you be doing differently?
  6. The comically low earnings of 90-110 credits every 10-15 minutes means that just to afford the new weapons (35,000 total) plus max rank of even these common arcane arcanes released at the start (the popular ones that were nerfed into inferior stats at triple the max rank like grace and energize are almost certainly going to be exponentially more expensive) means days solid of gameplay, and to afford everything would be an absolutely astronomical time sink. This is by far the worst grind of any event, ever, and it's only on for four weeks! How do you expect the average player to no-life that?
  7. Video games are meant to be an escape from reality, which currently sucks right now for a lot of people. If you are sitting in your orbiter reading the region chat, you probably aren't focused on getting quality medical or disaster advice.
  8. This is basically every out of touch game dev in history. >look at equip rates >see popular guns outpacing niche ones >nerf popular guns but niche guns still remain niche >no effect on loadout diversity, players are just angry and having less fun. Its almost as if you're a dev team these days, you're required by some unwritten law to do this or something.
  9. You realize him talking a lot is because your railjack is constantly falling apart, and he's reminding you to fix it? Try upgrading your avionics, or not flying into minefield, after i did that i noticed cy was much more quiet.
  10. That depends on how long the event runs for and what the arcanes everyone wants (grace, energize) are worth. I mean i expect it to be a grind but people have lives too.
  11. This game has been around for the better part of a decade, baro's bi-monthly visit with 90% of his inventory being existing items that most people have is not going to make a difference lmao
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