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  1. Instead of having to hold empty sculptures for this challenge why not have us SELL 3 (full socketed?) ayatan sculptures instead. This way we don't have worry about finding new unsocketed sculptures just for this challenge.
  2. BUG: If Nova casts molecular prime while you are affected by radiation, you get affected by molecular prime.
  3. I think he means, a person versus a whole tent with a comm system. Larger footprint.
  4. I know chilling reload is a nightmare alert, but I didn't know that [Streamlined Form] and [Drifting Contact] were also alerts. I thought the last two were specific planets/tilesets only.
  5. Update on: Hydroid Prime trailer? Ride-able buzzsaw that ghouls on POE use? Kingpin system? Railjack? (not this year, but any updates? is ordis getting a ship toy to play with?) The large Orb Valis spider? Any info on the Lotus? Are we orphans a second time? Fixing that bug where my name never spelled correctly on the twitch picker? 😉
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