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  1. Riven as seen in the arsenal do not match what is seen in the mod station. The same Ogris riven gives different stats. I only have one Ogris riven so same riven
  2. If you hold the pickup key (enter in my case) and move (momentum slide?) towards the ayatan star, you will sometimes hear the pickup sound but it will still be one the ground. This creates a false sense, that the star was picked up when, in fact, it has not been. This happens alot since I anticipate the pickup so I bang on the enter key, but I can't trust that the sounds to tell me if I have successfully picked it up. I have to check the mini map or look twice to see if it is still on the ground. I can take a video if it helps.
  3. Update broke the Fulmin. On semi-mode, if you fully empty the clip, the ammo will very slowly regenerate one round at a time and play the recharge sounds each round that gets re-added back to your reserves.
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