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  1. Passive: Somaphage Effect: When affected by a status proc: BW gains 10% resistance to that status proc for 20s, stacking up to 90%. Additionally status procs against BW have their status duration reduced by 30%. (Effectively Adaptation, but rather than damage resistance, its resistance against status procs) Notes The status proc resistance granted by Somaphage stacks with Arcanes up to a max of 100%. Somaphage's status duration resistance does not stack additively with Rapid Resilience. It is applied to the remaining 25% status duration, 25 - 30% = 25 - 7.5 = 17.5%. 1st Ability: Ebb Description: BW reaches out and draws a tide of void energy toward itself leeching enemy movement speed. Effect: BW siphons a wave of void energy from a distant point, enemies struck by the wave are slowed by 30% for 12 seconds and BW’s movement speed is increased for 24 seconds. Energy Cost: 25 (Scales with ability efficiency) Cast Time: 0.5s (Scales with cast speed) Cone Angle: 45° (Scales with 50% of ability range) Cone Range: 18.0 meters (Scales with ability range) Ebb Capacity: 20 stacks Damage: 150 Void damage (Scales with ability strength) Slow Duration: 12 seconds (Scales with ability duration) Slow Strength: 30% (Scales with power strength, caps at 75%) Speed Duration: 24 seconds (Scales with ability duration) Speed Strength: 15 + (2.25 × Stack Count) (Scales with ability strength) Speed Strength Range: 17.25% 🡘 60.0% Notes The wave is inverted, like a receding tide, and thus starts at the farthest point, moving back toward BW while narrowing. This means that enemies closer are hit last. Upon hitting enemies with Ebb, BW gains a stack for each enemy hit up to a cap of 20. The slow is refreshable on enemies. The speed buff is refreshable, with new enemies hit adding to the total bonus speed (similar to Berserker stacks). Power strength increases the initial speed strength, and the multiplier. Bonus speed applies to walking, sprinting, and parkour speeds. Ebb is cast with BW’s left arm, and is considered a one-handed action. 2nd Ability: Sunder Description: BW launches a lance of void energy which incinerates foes in a field of void fire. Effect: BW summons a lance and launches it at the target location, the lance explodes and creates an AoE which deals void and heat damage to enemies within it for 24 seconds. Energy Cost: 50 (Scales with ability efficiency) Cast Time: 1.0s (Scales with cast speed) Spear Range: Line of Sight Lance Damage: 600 Void damage (Direct hit only) (Scales with power strength) Status: Forces target to be knocked down and pinned for the duration. Explosion Damage: 150 Void and 150 Heat damage. (Scales with power strength) Status: Forces an impact stagger and heat proc. Explosion Radius: 18.0 meters (Scales with ability range) AoE Radius: 18.0 meters (Scales with ability range) DoT Damage: 150 Void and 150 Heat damage per second. (Scales with power strength) Status Chance: 100% (Heat procs only) AoE Duration: 24 seconds. (Scales with ability duration) Notes The lance when thrown is hit-scan, but leaves an energy trail, much like the Ferrox. The shape of the AoE is a column rather than a pad or a sphere. Column height is equal to its radius. An enemy directly struck by a lance becomes knocked down and immobilized until the duration ends. If the pinned enemy is killed their body will remain until the duration ends. An enemy need not be hit by the lance for the AoE to be placed, but the lance will remain lodged in the terrain for the duration. The explosion damage dealt by Sunder does not have falloff. Eximi and other units which buff enemies lose their aura when pinned. Enemies in the field suffer a heat proc, and thus have their armor reduced by 50%. Sunder is cast with BW’s right arm, and is considered a two-handed action. If an enemy 'adapts' or 'resists' the ability, the lance falls into the ground beneath them when they break free, but the placement and duration of the AoE are not hampered by this. If an enemy who is under the effects of Ebb is struck by the lance, the explosion deals an additional 1050 Void and 1050 Heat damage. [Synergy] 3rd Ability: Enervation Description: BW drains the energy from surrounding corpses to suffuse and reinforce their body. Effect: BW channels energy from surrounding corpses which bolsters BW's HP and infuses their Armor. Energy Cost: 50 (Scales with ability efficiency) Energy Drain: 1 + (0.25 × Stack count) = Total Drain / s (Scales with ability efficiency) Energy Drain Range: 1.0 🡘 6.0 per second (Scales with ability efficiency) Cast Time: 0.5 second (Scales with cast speed) Effect Radius: 18.0 meters (Scales with ability range) Enervation Capacity: 20 stacks Health Boost: 50 + (75 × Stack count) = Health Boost (Scales with power strength) Health Boost Range: +50 🡘 1550 Health Regeneration: 1 + (0.1 × Stack count) = HP Regen (Scales with power strength) Health Regen Range: 1% 🡘 3% per second Armor Boost: 50 + (75 × Stack count) = Armor Boost (Scales with power strength) Armor Boost Range: +50 🡘 1550 Notes Power strength increases the initial boosts, and the multiplier. Corpses which have been affected by Enervation are highlighted in BW’s energy colors, but their bodies can still be ‘consumed’ by looting abilities such as desecrate. Only new corpses count toward building to Enervation's cap. Enervation is cast by stomping with BW’s right foot, sending out an energy wave which visibly marks the radius in BW’s energy colors. Stacks will not continue to accumulate if AFK. If an enemy under the effect of Ebb is killed within Enervation's range, it has a 25% chance to drop an energy Orb in addition to its normal drops. [Synergy] 4th Ability: Wyrd Description: BW Overloads their systems by fully utilizing the energy from enervation, greatly boosting its abilities. Effect: BW utilizes Enervate stacks to grant its other abilities additional benefits. Prerequisite: Enervation’s stack count must be maxed in order to cast. Energy Cost: 75 (Scales with ability efficiency) Enervate Stack Cost: 1 every 2.4 seconds (Scales with power duration) Effective Duration: 2.4 x 20 = 48 seconds Cast Time: 1.0 second (Scales with cast speed) Wyrd Ebb Effect: Adds reload speed and attack speed to Ebb. Additionally the duration of Ebb’s slow and speed effects are increased by 50%. Reload Speed: 5.0 + (1.25 × Stack Count) (Scales with power strength) Reload Speed Range: 5.0% 🡘 30.0% Attack Speed: 5 + (0.75 × Stack Count) (Scales with power strength) Attack Speed Range: 5.0% 🡘 20.0% Wyrd Sunder Effect: Enemies killed within the radius of Sunder grant armor to allies in range. Additionally the duration of Sunder is increased by 50%. Sunder Capacity: 20 stacks Armor Boost: 50 + (27.5 × Stack Count) = Ally Armor Boost (Scales with power strength) Armor Boost Range: +50 Armor 🡘 600 Armor Wyrd Enervate Effect: Allies including sentinels and companions benefit from the HP regeneration granted by Enervate. If an enemy under the effect of Sunder is killed within Enervation's range, it has a 25% chance to drop an energy Orb in addition to its normal drops. Notes Wyrd consumes one stack of Enervate every 2.4 seconds, this delay is affected by power duration. The number of stacks consumed per tick is not affected by mods. Wyrd Sunder's armor bonus does not apply to BW, but does apply to their equipped sentinel or companion. The duration bonus provided to Ebb and Sunder are applied to their base duration. Mods then apply. The energy orb drop chance provided by Ebb or Wyrd Sunder do not stack. Wyrd is cast by BW raising their hands into the air at which point an energy pulse emanates from them, similar to Enervate but instead uses BW’s emissive colors. Wyrd is considered a two-handed action. Stacks will not continue to accumulate if AFK.
  2. Considering Mizar's scale was fixed, could the Suprema's scale be fixed too? Seems a bit too short compared to the workshop preview. Additionally it appears to be held backwards, as the hand-guard is pointing toward the shoulder instead of forward when idle.
  3. Titania Prime Access, I bought it. I did this because I want to support you guys through this pandemic. A lot of local businesses have had to shutter their doors, and many people I know are currently unemployed for the foreseeable future things are going to be rough for a while. However, as someone who has supported this game for years I feel I need to comment on the 'quality' of this Prime Access. Titania Prime - Looks great, her primary color channel seems a bit too 'primary' so I'd suggest making sure more color channel separation is used on future prime frames. No one likes being unable to use a color scheme because one color channel controls 85% of a frame. Dex Pixia - Looks fine. Though I must say one of the main reasons I dislike Titania is because her pistols are rather lacking in the sustained firepower department. They're hybrid pistols, which is ok, but when you understand that getting through enemy defenses, and killing a target takes a bit of time, and typically a lot of your magazine, it feels rather bad to constantly be waiting for a reload, instead of just continuing to fire. Obviously Peacemaker is given infinite ammo because Mesa (at least without her Waltz) is incapable of moving while using it, and its meant to be a shoot and scoot style ability. However both Razorwing and Peacemaker burn through energy regardless of if you're firing. So if at all possible could you test Dex Pixia with unlimited ammo? I think you'll find its not 'overpowered' considering you have to aim manually. Diwata Prime - Looks fine, however Diwata has always left me wondering what the point of it is. Its an exalted melee on a tiny frame, which has to get very close to hit anything. Despite being an exalted melee it has no stance, and its stats are simply 'OK'. Now since I don't play Titania much I'm not sure what could be done for this. Perhaps a more mobile moveset? Or better 'hit' range instead of burying your face into an enemies armpit? Pangolin Prime - I am very impressed by the design, and it also has very good stats. This is fine. Corinth Prime - I've been looking forward to this prime ever since the original Corinth was released. Though I didn't think it would come with Titania of all things. The model is excellent, the reload animation is crisp and neat. Though I freely admit I am saddened by the loss of the shell reload. John Wick has given me an appreciation for the aesthetic of pump-action shotguns and having to load each shell. I had hoped the prime would have 'quad loading' where you load 2 shells twice in a short period, this would allow for a larger magazine without extending the reload time. The issue I have with the Corinth Prime is very simple, the stats seem like a side-grade, like a simple-variant of a Corinth, not a prime and certainly not a weapon I'd expect to see placed at MR 14. Prime's lore-wise are supposed to be the epitome of that warframe or weapon design, the best possible iteration. What does the Corinth Prime offer compared to the Corinth? Requires 6 additional MR, making it officially the highest MR shotgun in the game. Primary fire gains 0.25 additional fire rate. Very Minor Buff - Additional fire rate is always appreciated, however 0.25 is negligible for a semi-auto. Magazine carries 15 additional rounds. Good Buff - While a significant buff on paper, the only statistic this increases is the weapons sustained damage. Its damage per shot remains exactly the same. Reload time increased to 3.0s (sustained damage buff compensated by worse reload) Compensation Nerf - Directly decreases that same potential sustained damage. Remember that shotguns at best have access to a 40% reload speed mod, which isn't something you'd use on the normal Corinth because as a crit shotgun, you need all the mod space you can get. Primary fire gains 3.0% status chance. Neutral - Unfortunately the Corinth and Corinth Prime both have a fairly low pellet count which means marginal status chance increases are ultimately negligible, as crit shotgun users don't typically use a slot for status chance mods. Alt-fire grenade can be remotely detonated. Neutral - Considering the alt-fire for the Corinth was recently nerfed rather significantly with the self-damage changes (falloff), it seems rather odd to make the Prime's alt-fire have a remote detonation feature. However it is useful for some niche situations. Alt-fire explosion diameter increased by 0.4 meters -> 9.8m Very Minor Buff - As stated before due to the falloff changes the alt-fire is not very useful currently, and increasing the explosion range only really serves to increase the chance the player will stun themselves. Alt-fire status chance is increased by 22% -> 50% Good Buff - Yet another odd choice, as a crit shotgun Corinth does not have space for status chance mods, thus this buff is effectively minor. Slow firing weapons are currently suffering in terms of proc rate, as the new status mechanics work best with multiple procs to stack their respective debuffs/buffs. Effectively unless you're outright killing an enemy, slow firing weapons currently do not feel good to use. Alt-fire grenade explosion deals 1796 more damage.Good Buff - Once again a case of good news, bad news. The good news is this is a significant damage buff compared to the normal Corinth's alt-fire, the bad news is that this is also compensated by two rather large detrimental effects (highlighted below). Alt-fire grenade consumes 4 ammo. Compensation Nerf Alt-fire loses 0.503 fire rate. Compensation Nerf - It seems rather strange to focus so much on the alt-fire when an alt-fire is typically supposed to be a ribbon capability of a weapon, not its main purpose. Whats stranger still is having buffs to that alt-fire heavily compensated with penalties like increase ammo usage. Overall you took a reliable shotgun and made a side-grade which offers nothing really new for the primary method the weapon is used, whilst also introducing compensation nerfs that take away from the good parts of the original weapon. Here are my suggestions to improve the Corinth Prime make it feel more like a superior version of its normal counterpart, and fit right in at MR 14. Increase primary fire Crit Multiplier from 2.8x to 3.5x Increase pellet count from 6 to 9 (same total base damage) Decrease magazine from 20 to 15 rounds Improve reload speed from 3.0 seconds to 2.3 seconds Improve alt-fire fire rate from 0.667 to 1.0 Reduce alt-fire grenade cost to 3 rounds Allow alt-fire grenade to detonate on impact in addition to remote detonation. None of these changes would make the weapon broken, and would also keep the same quirkiness it currently has.
  4. Shattering Justice is already +20% multiplicative. This was a change that was not in the patch notes, so I'm assuming you don't know it was already changed or perhaps it was an error when status numbers were changed. As for the planned change, 90% of 16.2% is less than a flat 20% bonus. Shotgun Savvy is much easier to get than Shattering Justice, and the syndicate proc isn't really going to sell that grind. I'd suggest making the Augment do something more interesting.
  5. As was stated already. Overall Conclusion Pure status shotguns = Generally nerfed (Kohm/Kohmak are the only exceptions due to sheer proc rate) Hybrids = Generally buffed Crit shotguns = Generally buffed as Hunter Munitions is better status proc consistency than most status shotguns now (on top of being a speific status). Tigris Prime performs markedly better with an HM/Viral build than it does with a pure status build, but the Sancti beats it in that regard and thus it has lost its purpose. TL:DR Most of the shotguns need further improvements. In the case of the Plasmor they should just give it the Catchmoon treatment and have it be a raw crit shotgun. 34 CC, 2.2 CD, 2.5s Reload, and then Plasmor becomes solid weapon again (without needing to add headshot damage back in). Also just as an aside Its not really wise to use rivens in testing for balance changes as their variability (disposition, roll variation) make them inaccurate for judging the changes in weapon balance.
  6. In the case of pure status weapons, slash was indeed nerfed by a reduction of proc consistency. In the case of hybrids (which use Hunter Munitions), and crit weapons (which use Hunter Munitions), slash was not nerfed. If you can't notice the difference in consistency, that's fine I suppose, but that doesn't change reality.
  7. The Akbronco is the only shotgun in the bronco series to not receive 3x status per pellet. Even the prime and its akimbo variant received this change, so it is obvious it should have been increased. The Arca Plasmor is a pump action shotgun, regardless of what kind of projectile it fires. Whereas the Astilla is an automatic shotgun in the same vein. While both fire slugs it is important to realize they use shotgun mods, unlike the Fulmin which uses rifle mods, and has an SMG alt-fire mode.
  8. Akbronco's status chance is currently not modified beyond dividing its status chance by pellets. Fusilai's alt-fire, which uses shotgun status calculation received boost to its status chance. Arca Plasmor, despite being nerfed twice, received no status improvements. Unlike most hybrids the Arca Plasmor cannot headshot, fires relatively slowly, has a limited range, and a long reload. It also has a fairly low crit multiplier despite being a hybrid. Astilla, which is already an okay shotgun, received no status improvements. Lastly why were these status changes not at least listed in the patch notes? It would've made it much easier to see what actually changed statistically.
  9. The Sobek has never been a meta or high-end shotgun even at the best of times. So when the status changes were discussed I thought the Sobek may finally find purpose by offering a higher level of consistency in proc rates. Instead the augment, Shattering Justice, was changed to be a multiplicative status mod with a status chance bonus that is only marginally better than the pre-buff version of Shotgun Savvy. It is now the weakest status mod for shotguns overall, why? What does the Sobek offer? Its an automatic shotgun, but has a very slow fire rate. Despite this low fire rate it has low crit chance. Despite this low fire rate it has average status chance. It has a deep magazine for a shotgun, but reloads rather slowly. Despite this low fire rate, and long reload time, its base damage is mediocre. Despite its mediocre base damage, slow fire rate, and slow reload time, its an Impact focused shotgun. A status type which has effectively been turned into old blast which is a nerf. Despite its mediocre base damage, slow fire rate, and slow reload time, its an impact focused shotgun that fires only 5 pellets. Which is 2nd lowest for pellet counts tied with the Tigris-a slash focused shotgun, and the Exergis-another Slash focused shotgun. Both of those shotguns also have much higher base damage. So I have to ask what was the reasoning behind choosing to downgrade Shattering Justice? The Sobek is frankly in need of buffs, not nerfs. Shotgun Savvy prior to the status update gave +15% status chance, and thus had virtually no purpose as a mod. So you buffed it to +90% which makes it viable in some niche use-case situations. Shattering Justice prior to the status update gave +20 base status chance, which was equivalent to 74.7% Status Chance back when the Sobek had '27%' Status chance. Following the update this was definitively nerfed to +20% status chance, which is equivalent to 3.24% Status chance for the Sobek currently. Why was this done? This augment is now in the same exact position as Shotgun Savvy was before the update, and I would like to know why. Is this intended?
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