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  1. There are some discrepancies in the damage granted by elemental bonuses for Kuva Weapons. The issue appears to be how the 'bonus' is applied. For some of the Kuva Weapons it applies normally. For example [Kuva Kohm] Linked Base Damage: 20.0 - This is the damage seen when looking at the Kuva Kohm's link in the in-game chat. This is done by typing [Kuva Kohm] in the in-game chat. Midakk Fenn Kuva Kohm: 56.0 (+32% Heat) 20.0 +32.0% = 20.0 +6.4 = 56.4 = 56.0 (Losing 0.4 damage here is probably just rounding for pellet math, not a big deal.) As you can see the bonus applies normal for the Kuva Kohm. Likewise it applies correctly to the Kuva Kraken, Kuva Quartakk, Kuva Shildeg, and Kuva Twin Stubbas. However this does not apply correctly to the rest of the Kuva Weapons. At first I thought it was specifically affecting Kuva Weapons with AoE projectile properties, but it became clear that it was affecting other weapons as well, just not to the same extent. Going from least affected to most affected. [Kuva Karak] Linked Base Damage: 23.0 Vogg Mud' Kuva Karak: 28.0 (+26% Heat) 23.0 +26.0% = 28.98 = 29.0 (Missing 1 base damage) [Kuva Brakk] Linked Base Damage: 130.0 Kuva Brakk: 160.2 (+29% Heat) This is data from a friends Kuva Brakk 130.0 +29.0% = 130.0 +37.7 = 167.7 = 167.7 or 168.0 (Missing 5.5 base damage) [Kuva Drakgoon] Linked Base Damage: 460.0 Kuva Drakgoon: 570.0 (+26% Radiation) This is data from a friends Kuva Drakgoon 460.0 +26.0% = 460.0 +119.6 = 579.6 (Missing 9.6 base damage) [Kuva Seer] Linked Base Damage: 200.0 Rukk Kalob Kuva Seer: 236.0 (+28% Radiation) 200.0 +28.0% = 256.0 (Missing 20.0 base damage) [Kuva Ayanga] Linked Base Damage: 274.0 Kuva Ayanga: 297.0 (+26% Toxin) 274.0 +26.0% = 345.24 = 345.2 or 345.0 (Missing 48.0 base damage) [Kuva Chakkhurr] Linked Base Damage: 366.0 Sitidd Hovekk Kuva Chakkhurr: 484.0 (+46% Radiation) 366 +168.36 = 534.36 = 534.4 (Missing 50.4 base damage) [Kuva Ogris] Linked Base Damage: 454.0 Yavipp Ud't Kuva Ogris: 491.0 (+29% Radiation) 454.0 +29.0% = 454.0 +131.66 = 585.66 = 585.7 (Missing 124.7 base damage) Sidenote: The Kuva Ogris description is inaccurate as its base damage is not superior to the base Ogris it is significantly weaker. [Kuva Tonkor] Linked Base Damage: 733.0 Roo Tadd Kuva Tonkor: 748.0 (+27% Radiation) 733.0 +27.0% = 733.0 +197.91 = 930.91 = 930.9 or 931.0 (Missing 183.0 base damage) Logically speaking one would expect a 'bonus' to apply to the base damage of a weapon. The damage weighting being skewed slightly is fine as long as the base damage is consistent for each specific weapon with the same bonus. Any clarification would be appreciated.
  2. Kuva Weapon RNG & Proposed Solutions Currently you can transfer the damage bonus of a weapon of the same type as long as its bonus is greater than the base weapon. This allows people to 'upgrade' their Kuva Weapon without wasting Forma or an Pexilus but still leaves people with the possibility of several weaker dupes of the same weapon. Simply telling those people to convert those liches is not a very constructive retort. Thus I have some ideas about how the system can be made better for actually everyone. Option A In the case of weaker weapon bonuses you can infuse them into a stronger weapon of the same type and element, granting it 25% of the weaker weapon's bonus. For example: Player A acquires a Kuva Quartakk with 32% Radiation damage. After fighting through a few more liches and spawning the next, they get another Kuva Quartakk but with a +20% Radiation bonus. If they choose to slay that lich and use that weapon for infusion, it would grant their 32% Radiation bonus an additional 5%, raising it to 37%. For uneven numbers percentages being rounded up or down would be fine, as it would still be an appreciable amount of progress. Option B In the case of weaker weapon bonus you can choose to break down a weapon into a 'Kuva Core' which can be used with the addition of Kuva, to increase the bonus of a Kuva Weapon. A Kuva Core is required to increase a bonus to the next level. Each level is 10%, starting from 20-30%, going all the way up to 60% (which AFAIK is the highest possible bonus). For example: Player A acquires a Kuva Chakkhurr with +23% Electricity damage. After fighting through a few more liches they've acquired a number of Kuva Kraken's, but don't actually want those weapons. If they choose to break the Krakens down into Kuva Cores they can then use them to level up the elemental bonus of their Chakkhurr. The first bump would be from 23% up to 30%, with the cost being a Kuva Core and and a set amount of Kuva per percent increase which increases every 10%. [20-30%] 450 Kuva/1% (Max Required 4500) [30-40%] 500 Kuva/1% (Max Required 5000) [40-50%] 600 Kuva/1% (Max Required 6000) [50-60%] 700 Kuva/1% (Max Required 7000) From absolute minimum to absolute maximum it would require 22500 Kuva. Which is approximately 33-41 Kuva Siphons or 17-21 Kuva Floods. Keep in mind relics can be farmed from Kuva Floods and Siphons so there is some incentive and thus reason to run them instead of only fighting thralls/liches. Additionally it would also require 4 Kuva Cores, and thus 4 sacrificed Kuva Weapons meaning you would have to vanquish 4 liches. The idea is that regardless of weapon dupe or its bonus everybody is able to get the desired weapon to its full potential within a certain number of liches, regardless of how terrible your their luck is. Option A Would effectively be a further expansion to the current Valence transfer system. Option B Could be an effective alternative method to upgrading a weapon, as opposed to simply relying on luck. If both were added the Kuva Lich system would be far more palatable to the entire playerbase, as all alternate routes are optional.
  3. The 'bonus' damage is more of a pseudo conversion of the base damage. With the base damage being reduced, and then the bonus is added. Honestly It'd be great if DE revealed what the actual calculation was.
  4. Well to quote what someone told me about the Opticor Vandal when I criticized it not being just an upgrade but a switch up of the original. 'You can just use the original if you like it that much.' Opticor was all about a singular massive hit to an enemy. Opticor Vandal is more about spamming shots, it doesn't even have an alt-fire that deals the damage the original had. On paper its a better weapon, but it doesn't feel the same. I can understand you wanting to be able to swap modes, but if DE weren't keen on changing the Opticor Vandal, they're not keen on changing Kuva Weapons. Good luck I suppose, either way the weapon performs excellently.
  5. The Kuva Quartakk is fine. You can begin in Hipfire and then aim with the fire button held to get aimed full auto. Did you even test it?
  6. Why has the Kuva Ogris received no changes? Its in-game description is completely incorrect. The Kuva Ogris has a base damage of 454. The Normal Ogris has a base damage of 700. On Primetime the Kuva Ogris was shown to have a base damage of 1030, and yet on release it was reduced to well below the normal Ogris. Will the weapon be getting buffed? Or is it destined to remain a weaker alternative to a much easier to acquire weapon?
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