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  1. I re-linked my account and still haven't gotten them. Restarted game, re-logged on both Twitch and Warframe, still nothing. I've not had any issue with twitch prime items outside of the usual overload problems, but this particular issue has been extremely annoying as nothing appears to have worked. Been trying to get it for several days and only now it appears without notification (3rd time re-linking btw). For future 'changes' to the twitch-prime link system it would be prudent to unlink all accounts beforehand and tell people to re-link upon the day of changes going active. This would a
  2. You seem to be misunderstanding the word 'Requirement.'
  3. Except they reduced the MR requirement to MR 8. Logically the cost should be reduced to match the requirement.
  4. Scripts take time. Several hours sometimes.
  5. How are you being 'forced' to re-farm anything? If you choose to sell something that's your decision. Even a fully F2P player can trade for platinum to purchase additional slots instead of selling frames.
  6. I'm guessing the script hasn't been run yet. Just have to wait for clarification.
  7. I bought the swarm supporter bundle day 1 and I still don't have the Palla Syandana. Has the script not been launched yet?
  8. Inaros has 550 Rank 0 HP Inaros Prime has 575 Rank 0 HP In any case I hope this is just a bug, because otherwise this makes Elemental ward extremely mediocre for Inaros, or any frame with more base HP than Chroma. This is especially true for the purposes of Cold Ward or Electric Ward. As there are many frames with much better armor values or shield values.
  9. Chroma won't be able to use Roar without replacing Vex Armor. DE already thought of this 'issue'.
  10. You don't need to buff everything up to Roar's level, you just have to make them actually useful. If it isn't possible to fix them they should be replaced with another ability from that Warframe. More damage is a boring option, and in most cases its not even necessary. Utility, mobility, support, these are the kinds of abilities that people want to be able to add to their warframes, the issue is DE chose some of the worst options of those types.
  11. How does it curb power creep? You can still get the same abilities via other squad members. All this does is make the 'best' options a bit worse, ignoring the rest of the abilities, many of which should be getting buffed or reworked. There are two options with these nerfs 1. The nerfs aren't enough to make the abilities not worth using. 2. The nerfs make them all pointless, and people will flock to the next bracket of 'best' abilities. Then one or two weeks post-launch DE will probably nerf those abilities. What it won't do is make people say 'You know what Mesa needs? Mind
  12. Calling stomp an 'ultimate' is rather silly. If anything Roar would fit that bill more for Rhino.
  13. The fact its been nerfed at all is rather silly since DE chose which abilities would be in the system. Could've given us Stomp or Charge, yet they chose Roar.
  14. Airburst - Should properly group enemies together when using the 'pull' effect, and enemies sent flying by the explosion should take %HP damage on impact with the ground or objects, similar to Frost's 3 'push' effect. This would make it more useful for Zephyr herself, and would grant it utility for warframes that like having enemies grouped together for particular abilities, i.e. Gara's 4, Rhino's 1 augment, Harrow's 1, Ember's 4, Hydroid's 3. Decoy - Should honestly be replaced, with Resonator in the game Decoy is literally obsolete in every way, its only niche use-case currently being a
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