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  1. It has inconsistent crit and got shoved up to MR 14 in the last balance pass when its stats place it at MR 8-10 at most. So by the time most people get their hands on it they've already gotten a slew of sniper rifles and a very particular bow called the Lenz. The people who liked the Opticor as it was have been waiting for a Variant that made it better at what it did. Dealing massive single-shot damage to targets, as the issue with the original is that its single-shot potential is marred by a coin-flip crit chance, and the crutch that is hunter munitions. Thus the upgrade path would logically be pretty simple, improved crit consistency and slightly faster charge time. What I'd like to know is why people have an issue with a suggestion that literally would not take anything away from either side of the argument? People who like the Opticor Vandal as-is can mod for the normal fire, and people who liked the original could mod for the alt-fire. In a rare occurrence, everyone would actually win.
  2. That's not likely. Also a Prisma Opticor would probably be years off. To me it seems really odd that people would argue against giving people who loved the original Opticor what they want, without taking away the shiny new toy everyone else seems to like. Especially since the base Opticor is at the wrong MR level in the first place. Its capabilities place it at MR 8-10 at best.
  3. DE have stated that they want MR to be a balancing point this is true. However if you look into the damage outputs of weapons even after the balance pass, you'll see that many of them do not perform at a level which justifies their current MR requirement. The Opticor being one of the most notably over-MR'd weapons in the game. Also in the case of the Prova Vandal, which also share's its MR rank with its original, its a stronger weapon in every aspect. However melee has yet to have its balance pass so I expect this to change. This does not mean that there should not be further balance passes for firearms, as the last pass missed several weapons, and the introduction of kitguns at their current power level makes the balancing decision on others weapons made worse or left to atrophy in the balance pass all the more questionable. In this case the Opticor Vandal is not the same type of weapon as the original, does it have a higher DPS? Certainly, but the people who like the original have been waiting years for an upgrade, not a side-grade. Would you really tell those people to wait several more years to get a better version of the weapon they like? Or would you rather everyone gets the thing they want out of the current one? In my opinion the Opticor would fit neatly into the MR power 'scale' at rank 8-10. With MR 10 being very generous as its crit chance is a complete coin toss. Now of course you could bring up 'rivens' but I'll be quick to remind you that DE have stated themselves that warframe content will not be balanced for rivens, rivens are meant to add more variety to the gameplay as-is, not act as a band-aid to fix everything or as an excuse for poorly balanced weapon stats. 36% Crit is not insane at all. 20% Crit +150% = 50% Crit, 1-1 coin toss [1/2] 24% Crit +150% = 60% Crit, 6-4 coin toss [3/5] 28% Crit +150% = 70% Crit, 7-3 coin toss [7/10] 32% Crit +150% = 80% Crit, 8-2 coin toss [8/10] 36% Crit +150% = 90% Crit, 9-1 coin toss [9/10] I dont think I need to remind you that most charge based weapons (i.e. bows) have higher crit stats when fully charged. For example Charged Critical Chance Values MK1-Paris, Paris: 30% Cernos Prime, Rakta Cernos: 35% Cernos: 36% Paris Prime: 45% Dread, Lenz: 50% Sniper Rifle Critical Chances Vulkar, Vulkar Wraith: 20% Vectis: 25% Snipetron Vandal: 28% Rubico, Snipetron, Vectis Prime: 30% Rubico Prime: 38% Lanka: 25% (+20-50% depending on zoom, 45-75%) Considering the AoE of the Opticor has rapid falloff within its radius, toting it as an 'AoE' weapon is rather disingenuous. Its primarily a pin-point high damage weapon. Similar to Bows and Sniper Rifles in that regard. Mind you even if this alt-fire were added it would still be rightfully outpaced by purpose-built pin-point weapons like sniper rifles, but would offer the massive single-shot damage people who liked the original were looking for in a variant. So what's the problem here?
  4. With the introduction of the Opticor Vandal feedback has been rather mixed. On one hand its overall DPS is increased, but for players who enjoyed the one-shot kill mentality of the original, Its rather underwhelming. Especially since were unlikely to see another variant of it for a very long time. So to solve this quandary I've come up with a simple fix that will neutralize the negativity being thrown out by both sides of the debate. To put it bluntly in this case 'Why not both?' So the change is simple. Add an alternative fire-mode that captures the essence of the original Opticor, but leaves the Opticor Vandal's base firing statistics intact.
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