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  1. @[DE]Rebecca I can foresee some issues with petrify allowing other status procs. Currently Petrify doubles the damage Landslide and Rumbler's do to enemies, the issue is that the explosion proc of Landslide (Uppercut specifically) and Rumbler's thrown explosion proc deal forced blast procs to targets. Typically this sends normal enemies across the map, making it highly inconvenient to deal with high level targets, as Landslide scales poorly against armor. If enemies can be affected by a blast proc while petrified, its going to make Atlas even clunkier to use, and I can't forsee that helping any potential PA sales, since he should be next if you guys are following order of release. Additionally other than the forced blast proc, Atlas and his kit is very bad at dealing elemental damage, other than simply getting a base damage boost on Landslide.
  2. Majority of players also asked for items in Nakak's store to not be exorbitantly overpriced. One kill for a pearl sounds great until you realize how many pearls you actually need. This is bandaid instead of a cure.
  3. So no change to the cost of Nakak items. With all due respect do you guys actually read feedback?
  4. The 'AFK' strategy wouldn't exist if the reward granted for the final mission of the event was enough to get all of the new items in a reasonable time frame. Expecting people to play the event for 4-5 hours when its literally the same exact game-mode that removes 99% of the gameplay is rather silly. Is it a fun new event? Yes, but its hampered by requiring an absurd amount of repetition. No weapon, enemy, or map variety. Well designed, but stretched thin.
  5. Corposant Prime particle effects are no longer showing since this hotfix. As the changes were not noted in the change log I assume this is a bug. I wouldn't expect you to nerf a Prime Accessory in such a manner.
  6. Oh the adjustments to the color channels. I thought you were referring to an unreleased armor set.
  7. Considering the issues caused by aim-glide due to the weapon swap changes, I would make it impossible to switch to a firearm when using Hysteria. Unlike other Exalteds, with the exception of Baruuk's, Valkyr's 4 is meant to be her entering a blind rage. Maintaining that survivability is extremely important. If that change were made I would instead make Hysterical Assault's leap cause a knockdown with a set radius which marks all targets to take increased damage, or slows them like Warcry. From testing Ive found Ash's clones already build combo, so some clarification on what you mean is extremely important. As currently the only thought that comes to mind is that you're going to make this function exclusive to this augment, which would be rather silly. An increase to the combo counter of about 3-5 seconds (unaffected by mods) would be great. In addition I would add a Relentless Combination effect with a set 75% chance for slash procs dealt by the clones to increase combo count. This sounds better, but more needs to be done about the base ability. Remove duration, and have Rumblers remain until killed or despawn. Have Rumbler damage scale with combo multiplier, and equipped melee mods (with a reduction in base damage if need be). For Titanic Rumbler, I would suggest that it be allowed to 'mimmick' Atlas, so if Altas casts Landslide, so does the Rumbler, and if Atlas casts Petrify, so does the Rumbler. When re-cast for the taunt, have the Rumbler do a 'Rhino Stomp' animation that knocks down enemies. Trade-off being Titanic Rumbler cannot be recast for armor like normal Rumblers. When Titanic Rumbler dies have it drop a numer of rubble equal the number of enemies it has killed (up to a max if there's some script that'll cause bugs otherwise). Oh and if Atlas is far away from a Titanic Rumbler and casts Tectonics, have it respawn up out of the ground in front of the wall. A bonus to duration of +200% would be enough. I would also make it so that 75% of HP and Shields of enemies killed within Hallowed Ground is added to the eruption damage. Additionally in the case of Hallowed Reckoning, I believe it would be logical to have the armor bonus granted by Hallowed Reckoning (which is a flat 250) be 'picked up' and added to Iron Renewal if active. This would make ranged Oberon builds less squishy and offer more build variety overall. I believe it would be more wise to fix the base ability so that people have a reason to equip the augment. Reduce base damage to 250, and make it inherit the mods on exalted blade including the status chance bonus of Chromatic Blade if it is also equipped. This would make Radial Javelin worth using as an ability and open the door for people to choose to use the augment. A base duration of about 20 seconds, with each enemy hit granting 7% damage at base would be excellent. Good. This is a good change. I would also add a bonus to headshot damage against enemies blinded by Muzzle Flash. As with Iron Shrapnel, I find it rather silly to exclusively tie an option to recast the ability to it's augment. This should simply be a part of the base ability. A stagger effect sounds good, though I think it would be cool to increase the damage bonus based on the number of enemies hit by the roar, even if its a small amount per enemy. I don't believe Saryn needs even more damage, however the buff activating on DoT related kills would be good QoL. Volt's shield has two modes, static and current. When static its duration based, when picked up and equipped by a player it becomes current and drains energy when moved but the duration continues to countdown, what I would suggest is that when picked up the duration pauses, and the drain is incurred by the player who picks up the shield. If you fix this issue with the base ability it will make it more likely that people think of using the augment when playing Volt. The augment removing the drain on the player equipping the shield would lead to more people using it especially if duration is paused while the shield is equipped. It would be a boon to squad and solo play. Good. This sounds fine as long as the range is generous enough. 15-20m would be perfect.
  8. Still cant skip the opening dialogue with Konzu.
  9. [Target] Corrupted Heavy Gunner (Lv.160) Vectis Prime MR 14 Crit Corrosive build using Target Acquired. Requires 2-6 shots depending on if Hunter Munitions procs. Average 4 shots.The number of shots required lessens with higher shot combo obviously. Rubico Prime MR 12 Crit Corrosive build using Aero Agility to reduce reload time. Requires 3-7 shots depending on if Hunter Munitions and Corrosive status procs. Average 5 shots. The number of shots required lessens with higher shot combo obviously. Komorex MR 7 Crit Corrosive build using Aero Agility to reduce reload time. Requires 3-7 shots depending on if Slash, Viral and Corrosive proc. Average 5 shots. Additionally the AoE strikes enemies within 3 meters, dealing procs to them as well, this can quickly deal with groups of enemies as opposed to simply killing a single target. This is especially clear when used against Corpus, as it can be built for Gas/Viral, which is extremely effective. All-in-all the only really bad thing about it is self-damage, and that absurd reload duration. Other than that its a great weapon for MR 7.
  10. In testing I've done what seems to be happening is the energy conversion 'charge' is taken by the cast, but not applied to the bonus, which is odd. Getting the bonus again after losing the buff and then going over the mote gives the proper amount. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. BTW Pax Bolt also has the same issue with Wisp's motes.
  11. Stratum Syandana is not affected by energy color. Additionally for the skin I think it would've been more visually appealing (and conducive to mixing and matching with other helmets) to have the crystalline sections be affected by energy color, instead of just the energy effects around the floating orbs.
  12. Can we have an actual least of what was PBR'd?
  13. A. & B. & C D. If a new player ended up liking the Hind, for whatever crazy reason and rivens were based on the MR of the weapon That player could continue to enjoy that weapon throughout their play-through. That player could come back to the Hind after grinding through MR and getting a riven for it, and not feel like its a waste of a riven. That player could feel like keeping all weapons is fine as they could get a riven to make those weapons viable in most cases. Player MR has nothing to do with skill, and Warframe is primarily a casual game. However for players who've maxed out in MR, for people who have nothing but time on their hands, rivens were supposed to breath new life into old weapons. With the state that weapon balance and the riven system are currently in this is not the case.
  14. Its not even a matter of powercreep. Its a matter of consistency. If the intent is to balance weapons across MR. Then logically speaking weapons at a higher MR should perform at a higher level than their lower MR counterparts. With the system to bridge the gap being Rivens. However due to how inconsistent weapon balance is, and the fact that riven disposition is shared by each version of a weapon instead of flatly being based on MR (scaling lower as the MR of the weapon increases) only exacerbates this problem. If you actually bothered to pay attention to my points you'd understand this.
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