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  1. only gun thats worth its self damage is bramma and lenz, tho with the latter game basically holds your hand to avoid the damage. so if you wanna remove it, i'd much prefer it if at the very least bramma kept its.
  2. can you guys make it so that when im using wukong with this kavat, game prioritizes the revive of the kavat rather than the passive when i get downed? its a little annoying to lose a passive charge when kavat could revive me without wasting a charge.
  3. if you have these weapons, would you guys share your opinions on this comparison?
  4. its the first time i can actually justify using a weapon with self damage. its the first one that makes it worth using thanks to its ridicilous damage output. if it did not have self damage it would be way too op even for this game.
  5. i mainly use vazarin. i can get energy from other sources if i need it, but healing objectives and insta revives are too handy to not wanna have.
  6. and poe also has the benefit of having seasonals creating constant demand(or so i assume, thats how they worked in d3 and i only played that). wf does not have such a mechanic.
  7. if you want botting to destroy the games already fragile economy, go ahead. but thats what AH's do to the ftp games. and for wf it would be extra deadly because we use premium currency to trade.
  8. explosive weapons are fun, but yeah i dont think they are that great as well.
  9. melee has always been significantly stronger. the "range" is joke of a drawback when you can bulletjump everywhere. and block exists if you think you arent tanky enough. also the people who say stuff like "kuva ogris has a wide area" should be told that long reach melees exist. and more importantly, they dont do self damage of any kind. overall attack aoe of melees are much better than average gun.
  10. as someone who has 3 of the ephemeras and farmed my brains out for them, no. getting them is pure luck and nothing else. it does not deserve that kind of special treatment.
  11. its actually 30, since you need to down them three times. and when you consider that missions take a couple minutes, 30 seconds itself is not exactly a non noticable amount in a mission. this also ignores the time it takes to down it as well, but thats pretty minimal. and if you would bother adding that it prevents other liches from spawning and since liches do not spawn back to back, it easily increases the length of next lich spawning by a lot longer. also, if 30 seconds is absolutely nothing to you, why is it so much bad to level up a lich then if you can actually deal with them? a high level lich takes less than 30 extra seconds to kill compared to a low level one, and thats when you completely ignore the amount of time the 10 extra thralls save you which is two thirds the amount that you can get from a mission. and if you are going to respond with S#&$ like "It Is RnG sO ItS NoT EfFiCiEnt", dont.
  12. since when your gear affects how fast a lich regens health when downed? you realize you need to wait for that right? what a joke this entire conversation is. anyway hf being selfish in pubs slowing the game for everyone else because you are not geared/good enough to deal with a level 5 lich.
  13. it takes quite a bit more than "a couple of seconds" to dismiss a lich, stop lying. and his "adressing" does not make it correct when he is making incorrect claims as well all over the forums.
  14. its almost like you did not read the parts that did not suit your argument. actually no, its not "almost", its exactly like that.
  15. its slowing the game down for the entire squad dude. how am i the one thats not giving a damn to others? you are the one thats slowing it for your entire squad. entitlement is strong with you thats for sure.
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