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  1. pointless gimmick at best im not even talking about saryn. any traditional "tank" frame is a better frame than he is. by that logic, no frame can ever be bad and in need of a buff.
  2. im aware what cc means. and grendel simply is a poor frame for cc. kill everything fast has been the meta for way longer than that though. i have been playing long enough to remember when nyx was "useful", and it predates those events by the matter of years.
  3. i did play him, but sure ad hominems definitely prove your case. oh yes, holding enemies in your gut one by one is a great cc and much more efficient than abilities that just kill/cc groups of enemies in one use. especially with its ridicilous energy drain. i did mention those weak buffs in my earlier posts, and i dont mind repeating myself just once more. those buffs are quite meh. inaros is the most selfish tank out there, and even he has more for his team. both of the aoe heal of his 4 and actually strong cc of his 1. since ad hominems came in super fast im just g
  4. not when tons of other frames do it much more efficiently. yes, and thats why good tanks bring more than just being easy to keep alive. its easy to stay alive with most setups anyway. cc? he has no real cc to count as a cc frame. he does not have damage either yes, just good survivability. which makes it pointless to play him when i can play any other tank and still not die while bringing stuff thats actually valuable to my team on top of that.
  5. why play grendel when other tanky frames do what he does but better? his buffs are weak and his damage uses way too much energy for what it does. his survivability is also easily outdone as well. and on top of that he is clunky to use with his ult. other than the "fun" reason. grendel has no reason to be played.
  6. you dont need to finish steel path, nor the game owes you a QoL mod to help you finish it. you dont need need it to do steel path, not even with explosive weapons.
  7. in which game such a thing is okay? as far as i know that is RMT and thats a huge nono in any game that i know of. in any case, it is very much not okay in warframe. game tells you so in the game directly.
  8. octavia does not need any reworks. she is supposed to be warframe version of a dancing game, and she delivers on that just fine. her kit also works and has strong synergies.
  9. anybody who thinks kuva kraken is mr fodder does not know how to build. its a very strong weapon, and just because its lacking aoe of kuva nukor does not mean its a bad gun.
  10. for a frame thats supposed to be decent at spreading status procs, he is really quite meh at it.
  11. bonewidow actually has a relatively decent self heal on her 1. its not really a tiny fraction, ironbride shreds anywhere that you can actually use your mech. not being locked in a specific positions is a massive boon that is clearly visible with the event being a thing. and its not just a small amount either. ironbrides heavy attack is a massive room cleaner. bonewidow is already way more survivable than voidrig. not being mobile is the prime method of keeping mechs balanced compared to warframes, and even without that the sliding exists. bonewidow does not need th
  12. sure, you can deny the reality as much as you want. but those games do have bot problems as shown in the links. warframes RMT scene is way, way smaller to the point of not existing thanks to not having an AH that automates trade.
  13. you can bot like half of the things in this game. only reason its not bot infested is because the trading system currently in place does not allow it to be profitable. the "anti cheat" systems existed in a wide variety of such games and they work in absolutely none of them.
  14. to do what warframe.market is doing, de either needs to make it from scratch or have to go through the legal paperwork to let it directly be linked in the game. both of which is unnecessary when you can do it with two button presses already. adding an ingame auction house like its commonly propsed WILL destroy the economy because there will be huge amounts of sellers and will start botting problems that plagues every single f2p mmo that allows completely free usage of trade broker. and for warframe it would be extra devastating because we trade in the premium currency. warframe.market
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