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  1. 8% is plenty. especially for an item that was supposed to be for endgame players.
  2. im not entirely sure if you actually meant to quote me.
  3. where did i ignore this again? if so please show me. saying that "its not a huge deal like you are claiming to be" is not "your claim is bs". and we dont know if it would actually make a noticable impact on sales and even if it did, im pretty damn sure de can easily survive that. "cant manage your exp" is not a thing, because there is no such a thing called "exp management" in game modes where you cant quit whenever you wish, and i literally told you how much of a difference does it make when leveling your weapons the most efficient way possible so dont try to deflect here. oh and some people rather not go into missions to be carried for affinity. also again, stop putting words in my mouth. i never rejected the fact that affinity boosters help. what i said was its not as helpful in practise. but hey, feel free to make more false claims about what i said and what i did not to defend this worthless system.
  4. i did not dismiss anybodies point, i refuted it. there is a major difference. and where is that data that you say? i'd like to see that. if you are gonna talk about steam achievements then i should tell you that steam achievements also say that most people dont play further than a couple of mr ranks. which isnt exactly reflective of the games situation at all. except it doesnt, not in practise. without affinity boosters i could level up my weapons in 15 waves overall in hydron. with affinity boosters i have to do 10. the reason for that is i have to keep going until extraction time to keep the exp i made so i stay for extra waves and waste time. so it is less efficient than twice the bonus for leveling up weapons.
  5. ok how do i buy affinity for my weapons to level them to the max? cus even with boosters it takes a little bit of time. affinity boosters would still be sold because focus farming.
  6. i sincerely doubt that us having to go through 10 minutes of hydron/eso after each forma is making DE any money.
  7. why use this when i can use my glaive prime? hell, even falcor feels less cancer to use.
  8. that is a very defeatist attidute. im sure they would be able to figure out something useful if they just asked for ideas if they dont have anything.
  9. while its nice that heat is gonna be useful again, it just being another corrosive is both power creep and unimaginative. the mere fact that it can stack with corrosive is gonna make that combo the new "mandatory" on any gun. and to the people who are saying that "heat melts armor irl, so it makes sense", since when realism is the point of balance in anything within this game? or did i miss the science class where they teach that being exposed to radiation will make you hit your friends?
  10. ive checked a few of those CC's who "left". they still make warframe videos as if nothing happened. so yeah. while content creators are definitely important for a game, warframe has plenty enough to ignore a few losses, especially when those content creators are just wf based anyway (their viewership is mostly people who play this game anyway, they werent really adding much to our new player count)
  11. you were blaming the OP cus they claimed that game doesnt have stuff for them and you responded with an arbitrary list and how they were wrong. and now you have been told that list is irrelevant to such complaints, you are changing your goalpost to "some players dont care for progression". deflection at its finest. how about just accepting that lack of content is a valid complaint for the health of the game instead of claiming that its fault/lies of the players for saying that they dont feel they got stuff to do in game?
  12. you really dont get it do you? i'll just leave you to it.
  13. its a looter. progression is the key to any pve game and its even bigger of a case for looters. just because you like repeating same content with never changing enemy patterns "stuff to do" with no progression or even a sense of it, it doesnt make them actual content. so yeah, people are indeed out of stuff to do and thats why warframes player count drops between updates extremely sharply. but hey, if its easier to just keep blaming the players instead of facing facts, be my guest.
  14. not really. if there isnt progression in a game such as warframe, there is indeed nothing to do. if you wanna prove otherwise, feel free to make de add no new things for years and see how long the game will survive.
  15. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. i would do it if i did not have to constantly babysit mr5 players with no motes. ...its not content. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. rewards are meh at best, so yeah. not worth doing anymore. got all rewards. not worth doing anymore. got all the rewards from these as well. done them all. neither of them is content. its a game, not a list of stuff that requires checking boxes. but yeah, i did quite a lot of it as well. so yeah, i got nothing to do.
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