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  1. i saw a bunch of people having similar issues over reddit as well. i only hope they fix that stuff soon.
  2. only if they actually fix more of the optimization issues. its not normal to have a game consume all of my gpu and cpu on lowest settings possible.
  3. ngl this sounds pretty crappy. gl on getting your stuff mate.
  4. first of all, de isnt really the first one to have such an idea. and mr system is actually quite bad cus it really isnt progression. all it does is lock things away from players, which is fine but its nothing special or anything, hell its actually quite bad if you count in the fact that mr farm is one of the most boring things in the game. as long as mastery gain is locked behind this crap it will never cease being meh to bad.
  5. this thread needs a "pc mustardrace" gif right now. and im sorry console players, hopefully you'll get your stuff soon enough.
  6. you can say all this stuff but we all deny the objective truth that hitting people with factual arguments doesnt matter cus pessimism is nihilism and everything is nihilism and not nihilism at the same time. and why would you listen to facts when you can listen to a dude who talked about killing the god? psssssh
  7. except what did i try to pass anything as facts and were just based on emotions? that its humanities nature to seek a purpose? thats is very much a fact for every living thing, not just humanity. the whole goal of life is to survive and thrive by setting itself a purpose, or as biologists call it "ecological niche". thats why evolution does what evolution does. evolution is not "emotion" its very much a fact that its a thing and its reason is being approved by scientists for decades now. and nihilism is not just putting emotions aside at all. thats rationalism, and they are both very distinct ways of thinking. nihilism is claiming that life and existance has no value. thats not "putting emotions aside". you dont even know what philosophy you are claiming to champion.
  8. except its not emotions that claim that theres a reason for things. its facts. and the guy who is considered the biggest definer of nihilism says quite otherwise, so i'd like to hear your authority that overrides his. if you dont care about that, then dont call yourself nihilist.
  9. thats basically the thing that destroys the arguments on nihilism made by niet and kierkegaard(and several other things). niet was misguided in his views about how nihilism is the consequence/trend of the western culture when that same culture(and several others) was the one that kept pushing people to find a meaning for themselves. if that wasnt the case how come the western world did all the stuff they did? and his opinion of nihilism stems from the idea that there can be no facts cus information is always changing, which is kind of ironic consider that idea is also a fact itself. kierkegaard on the other hand claimed that society indirectly forces us to be same, therefore nobody is unique so we might as well not exist. which wasnt even true for his time, let alone today. while yes, society does directly and indirectly forces us to obey to its molds, there are more than plenty of people in all walks of life that defied it and managed to be successful. tbh if it wasnt for hegel, majority of 19-20th century thinkers would be pretty much non existant, and its especially the case for these guys.
  10. you can, but its not exactly optimal for human beings. seeking a goal is our thing.
  11. its not meaningless or pointless if you dont want it to be. people can and often do find a purpose for themselves to keep on going. nihilism is nothing more than edginess for grown ups.
  12. with the attidute op has, now im pretty sure his threads deserved that lock/deletion.
  13. no. we need something that actually requires us to do high end missions.
  14. i kinda would like if they could release one of these every 3 or 4 weeks. it would be a nice enough content for me to do when i got nothing else to do.
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