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  1. he was far from unkillable, nullifiers and energy drainers exist and there are much better opions for not dying than wukong. his 1 provides quite a significant cc bonus when its augment is used. his taunt armor boost is more than "a bit", and cloud walker is an extremely good mobility ability now. oh and his clone actually adds a lot of damage as well when its using the ranged option and his ult is a lot better too with not needing the combo counter to get a decent reach.
  2. it just wanted to play fetch. corpus are truly evil.
  3. its not really a nerf, he have gotten a lot more than he has given up, more than just a clone.
  4. it can get boring quite fast after you get all the weapons and items you care about. other than that, its alright.
  5. i sure hope they do. de is getting way too complacent with lack of competition in the market.
  6. lenz is a crit weapon that can make use of hunter munitions. no weapon that can make reliable use of hunter munitions have issues with armor, and no other explosive weapon can make use of slash procs like lenz does, and their blast damage gets big penalties against armor, and they also lack the fire rate to proc corrosive constantly enough to deal with armor. but sure, go keep thinking that your flawed list is actually accurate.
  7. where is this list of "top performers" you speak of other than your own imagination? cus explosive weapons are actually garbage save lenz for they cant deal with armor. and shotguns, even the most top tier ones are quite slow in comparison when a sniper can do their job much better than they do (which is high single target damage). so your list must be extremely flawed since you dont have them in that list.
  8. heavens forbid people want their progression to mean something i guess.
  9. a challenge is always welcome to shake things up, which sadly this game doesnt really provide but oh well.
  10. i use most, if not all full autos and i never had ammo issues with them without a carrier or anything. and weapons like tenora, telos boltor, tiberon prime and prisma grakata are extremely good weapons, so i'd disagree on autos being bad.
  11. its not a problem, its game balance. ammo efficiency is often used as a way to balance out weapons other weak/strong points. you wanna fix the weakness of a weapon? use mods.
  12. komorex doesnt have that huge of an aoe, lacks punchthrough on its aoe attack, and is way slower than vectis prime. i can take out more enemies faster with vectis prime than i can with komorex.
  13. arcanes and mods are not on the same level tho. high tier arcanes are far more difficult and expensive to get. and by that approach, i'd just use my vectis prime and get way more slash procs than komorex with that setup. its still gonna be below average of snipers.
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